How do you rate the quality of education in this institution?

Posted by Joseph Onojah 5 years 7 months ago

How do a deficient graduate student with a PASS in his/her result can make up in your institution.


It really depends what subjects you take. The classes are all taught well and in English, and they vary in difficulty. I took only art classes and it was easy, but I know people who took politics and English and economics classes and they were hard, like they are supposed to be. So it really depends on what level you take and what subject.

I took mostly psychology courses and one art history- which ended up being my most difficult. It sounds like some of the business or finance classes may be a bit tougher, but overall an easier school than american universities.

It depends on the classes. I took it easy for the time I studied abroad and took a lot of art and photography classes, which were relatively easy. Some of my roommates took harder classes such as business classes and said they were quite rigorous.