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I don't believe that the Middle East would be accepting of a South African's teaching experience prior to obtaining the PGCE qualification in Korea or experience from any other country for that matter. Most requirements are 2 years experience post PGCE and have increased that to 3 years. I had more than 5 years of experience from South Africa prior to completing my PGCE which was not taken into...

There's a number of factors to consider like: 1. Will your husband be working 2. Age of your child and whether or not they require tuition. 3. Your qualifications and experience. That said, families move overseas to teach abroad all the time! As a woman in UAE you are able to sponsor dependent visas for your family and most schools do provide either free or discounted tuition for dependents. We'd...

Generally speaking, degrees from fully online colleges are not accepted for work visa approval. However if the school offers both campus based & online programs, the online degree could be accepted.

Hello Callum, we have schools that will hire NQT's however for the experience to count towards your full QTS, you need to be hired by an accredited BSO (British school overseas) and we don't currently have openings at any of those. I suggest to register at www.teachingnomad.com and create a job alert to keep an eye on new openings.

Hi Tamara, looks like all of our UAE clients require at least a 2 year commitment, some even 3 years. The schools really want to support stability. Personally, I think a 2 year commitment to teaching abroad is the way to go. The first year you're really just figuring it out. The second year is even more fun. That said, feel free to register at www.teachingnomad.com and setup a job alert for UAE...

Yes! The generally accepted minimum qualification to teach abroad is a BA degree + either 2 years experience or a TEFL certification.

Depends on where you want to teach. For UAE, you must have a bachelor degree in the subject you want to teach. China and other East Asian countries will be happy to accept the MA TESOL.

As long as your diploma is NQF 7 or above you should qualify to work in Dubai without the two years experience. Some Emirates require 2 years, but Dubai does not. Although you should at least have done student teaching so you have the necessary skills to step into the classroom.

Hey Savannah, Thanks for your query. Even without a degree in education, we’ll still be able to find you a teaching position. Please email your resume to info@teachingnomad.com and we can schedule a call to talk about the different positions open to you.

The requirement to teach Primary school in UAE is having a Bachelors in Education. Hope that helps!