Ireland Scholarship: FAQ

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This scholarship seems too good to be true. Is it?

This scholarship is absolutely, 100% real! We are awarding 26 full-tuition scholarships to well-deserving students -- 15 undergrad semesters and 11 postgrad programs (full year master's and semester PhD programs). Education in Ireland and Go Overseas are passionate about studying abroad in Ireland and through this scholarship want to encourage more students to consider studying abroad in Ireland. Read more about why we launched this scholarship in our article, Warning: This Article Will Make You Want Study in Ireland.

What if I don't win the full scholarship? Can I still study abroad in Ireland?

Yes, and we hope you do!

If I win the scholarship, do I get to study abroad at no cost?

The scholarships cover tuition only, which means you are still responsible for the costs of food, accommodation, and travel, as well as any program costs that are in addition to tuition.

What about the free flights from Aer Lingus? How do I win one of those?

Two lucky scholarships recipients will also win a free round-trip flight to Ireland, courtesy of Aer Lingus. Once the scholarship winners have been chosen, we will announce the drawing for the free flights.

Will my top 3 program/university choices contact me after I submit my application to this scholarship?

Yes. As soon as you apply, we'll share your information with the 3 providers/universities you have chosen. They will then contact you to help you prepare for your study abroad adventure in Ireland. It's important to remember you will still need to apply either directly to the Irish university or the program provider you chose.

Some study abroad programs have dedicated their scholarships to diversity. Can you tell me more about this?

Universities and colleges that are dedicating scholarships to ensure diversity among students are indicated on the application page. Students who might want to apply for a diversity scholarship include students of color, LGBTQ students, and any other students who feel that they may qualify based on age, race, disability, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other considerations.

When is the application deadline for the Go Overseas Study Abroad in Ireland scholarship?

The deadline for Ireland Scholarship application is Friday, March 17, 2017, at 11:59 pm PST.

Do I have to already be accepted into an undergrad or master's degree program to apply?

No, but we will take your application status into consideration when deciding who to award with the scholarship. It’s recommended that you confirm your spot in the program as soon as possible.

Can the Go Overseas Study Abroad in Ireland Scholarship be applied to a winter, summer, or J-Term study abroad program?

Yes. On the application, you will be asked to specify summer 2017 or fall 2017 or spring, summer, or fall 2018 as your preferred semester (you can select multiple).

Are there any costs to apply for this scholarship?

Absolutely not! That would go against everything we believe in here at Go Overseas. We're a very mission driven organization and pretty nice people (at least we think so).

I'm a non-traditional student. Can I apply for the Ireland Study Abroad Scholarship?

Yes, most certainly. Education in Ireland and Go Overseas will judge each applicant on the quality of their application. This means having a strong essay and creative, high-quality photo will set you apart.

Do students with particular majors have an advantage in applying for the Ireland Scholarship?

No. Students focusing in all majors are considered equally for the Ireland Scholarship. Applications are judged based on the quality of their application. However, please note that some scholarships only apply to specific programs.

Is there a minimum GPA required in order to apply for the scholarship?

There is no minimum GPA required to apply for the scholarship. However, each university and program has their own academic requirements. When you're conducting your program research be sure to check their individual requirements for program admission as we will be unable to award you a scholarship if you are not accepted into a program.