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This scholarship seems too good to be true. Is it?

This scholarship is absolutely, 100% real! Here are the details:

  • One (1) undergraduate applicant will win a full-tuition waiver for a semester or summer program, a $7,000 stipend to cover expenses while studying in Ireland, and assistance with flight expenses up to $800.
  • One (1) postgraduate applicant will receive a full-tuition waiver for a full Masters Degree program, a $14,000 stipend to cover expenses while studying in Ireland, and assistance with flights up to $800.
Who is eligible for this scholarship?

For our two grand prize scholarships (tuition waiver + stipend), you must be a U.S. resident to win.

Can I really study abroad this year?

Absolutely! It's totally possible to study abroad this year, but it does depend on where you want to study abroad as to how "open" any given country might be. Be sure to check on program availability and visa requirements to ensure you'll be able to study abroad. We also have a handy guide specific to studying in Ireland in 2021 to help you out.

Can I still get a visa to study in Ireland? How?

Getting a visa to study abroad is complicated even in normal years. We've got a helpful guide that covers the details about getting a study abroad visa in 2021 that will help. You can also check this page to confirm the visa details for studying abroad in Ireland specifically.

What if I don't win the full scholarship? Can I still study abroad in Ireland?

Yes, and we hope you do! After the scholarship application window closes and the winners are announced, we will send you additional information about Ireland, scholarships, and more.

We also recommend checking out our application guide, which mentions other scholarship opportunities from participating programs and universities.

If I win the scholarship, do I get to study abroad at no cost?

No, but it will be much more affordable! The grand prize winners will win a full-tuition waiver, a stipend (the amount depends on whether you're the undergraduate or postgraduate winner), and flight assistance up to $800. You may still have expenses for studying in Ireland though, including room and board and other travel expenses.

I received the email after completing my application that says I need to apply for a study abroad program. How do I do this?

To apply for the study abroad program you want to attend, head over to our list of Universities & Providers. From that page, you can click on the programs you want to apply to and learn about their application requirements and processes. Note that providers and universities have their own application deadlines, so don't delay!

Will my top 3 program/university choices contact me after I submit my application to this scholarship?

Yes. As soon as you apply, we'll share your information with the 3 providers/universities you have chosen. They will then contact you to help you prepare for your study abroad adventure in Ireland. It's important to remember you will still need to apply either directly to the Irish university or the program provider you chose.

When is the application deadline for the Go Overseas Study Abroad in Ireland scholarship?

The deadline for Ireland Scholarship application is Sunday, December 6th, 2020, at 11:59 pm PST.

Do I have to already be accepted into an undergrad or master's degree program to apply?

No, but we will take your application status into consideration when deciding who to award with the scholarship. It’s recommended that you confirm your spot in the program as soon as possible.

Can the Go Overseas Study Abroad in Ireland Scholarship be applied to a winter, summer, or J-Term study abroad program?

Yes. On the application, you will be asked to specify whether you would prefer to study abroad in Spring 2021, Summer 2021, or Fall 2021 (you can select multiple).

Does applying for the scholarship mean I'll definitely be accepted to a program?

No. Applying for the scholarship and applying for a program are two separate things. Be sure to apply for the program of your choice in addition to applying for the scholarship.

Are there any costs to apply for this scholarship?

Absolutely not! That would go against everything we believe in here at Go Overseas. We're a very mission driven organization and pretty nice people (at least we think so).

I'm a non-traditional student. Can I apply for the Ireland Study Abroad Scholarship?

Yes, most certainly. Education in Ireland and Go Overseas will judge each applicant on the quality of their application. This means having a strong essay and creative, high-quality photo will set you apart.

Do students with particular majors have an advantage in applying for the Ireland Scholarship?

No. Students focusing in all majors are considered equally for the Ireland Scholarship. Applications are judged based on the quality of their application. However, please note that some scholarships only apply to specific programs.

Is there a minimum GPA required in order to apply for the scholarship?

There is no minimum GPA required to apply for the scholarship. However, each university and program has their own academic requirements. When you're conducting your program research be sure to check their individual requirements for program admission as we will be unable to award you a scholarship if you are not accepted into a program.

Do I have to finish my application all at once?

No, you'll be able to log in to your account and finish the application later. Just don't forget to submit before the deadline!

What happens if I get sick while studying abroad?

We've all heard it -- these are unprecedented times. But don't let that stop you from pursuing your study abroad dreams! It's important to plan ahead to help make sure you'll be healthy during your study abroad experience... but in the event something goes wrong, make sure you know the systems in place to help care for students. (It doesn't hurt to save your study abroad contact right into your phone!) It may also be worth checking out insurance for study abroad (more on that below) and brushing up on the COVID-19 policies for the country you're studying abroad in.

Is study abroad insurance worth it?

We think it can be -- even if you just have it for emergencies. We've got a whole guide to insurance for study abroad that's worth checking out to learn more and find a policy that will cover what you need.

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