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Mar 30, 2023
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Interested in delving into a STEM project or a particular topic that’s of interest to you in a study abroad context? Arcadia’s Summer Research Programs are for you!
Arcadia STEM Summer Research programs are available in cooperation with a number of prestigious universities in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Spain. These allow you to join existing research initiatives under the mentorship and direction of world-renowned scientists, in order to build your understanding of the STEM laboratory environment and academic research techniques, along with completing significant independent research.
Independent research projects in other disciplines are also available at Arcadia Centers in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Sydney. This is the opportunity to complete independent study and research under the guidance of an Arcadia faculty mentor.

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Program Highlights

  • Academic credit
  • Experience with research methodology and laboratory techniques
  • Personalized consultation with program staff on your selected project
  • Program-related activities and excursions
  • An unforgettable semester or summer

Popular Programs

STEM Summer Research - Brisbane

Your STEM Summer Research Project at University of Queensland takes place over six weeks for six credits in the summer. With excellent facilities and laboratories, a range of interdisciplinary projects, and research stations on Heron Island and North Stradbroke Island, this program provides a rigorous and exciting foundation for critical and independent research.
You’ll work with faculty members who will closely mentor your development in your topic area and support your academic progress.

STEM Summer Research - London

Spend six weeks earning six credits, while completing independent biomedical research under the supervision of cutting-edge researchers at Royal Veterinary College, University of London! This is a great way to gain valuable research experience outside of the traditional semester academic calendar. Royal Veterinary College has a vast research commitment that encompasses excellence in biological and veterinary science, dedicated to the improvement of human and animal health and welfare.

STEM Summer Research - Dublin

Your STEM Summer Research project is supported by the University College Dublin O’Brien Center for Science, and takes place over eight weeks in the summer for a total of six credits.
UCD is a research-intensive university and projects are available in a number of STEM fields. Working alongside researchers, you’ll be conducting your own independent research based on your approved, pre-selected project.

STEM Summer Research - Limerick

Concentrate your focus on your studies in engineering this summer while creating your own research in your chosen field! Earn six credits over six weeks as you stay on track for graduation, undertaking significant research.
You’ll work under the guidance of researchers at one of Ireland’s leading engineering schools: University of Limerick which is home to the innovative Bernal Institute, focusing on such areas as Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Process Engineering, and Fluid Dynamics.

STEM Summer Research - Glasgow

Spend six weeks this summer earning six credits while engaged in significant independent research at a world-class research university. This is a great opportunity to receive mentorship from leading researchers while boosting your resume and academic experience - without interrupting your academic schedule at your home school.
Projects are available in the following areas: Life Sciences; Chemistry; Psychology.

STEM Summer Research - Granada

Spend eight weeks earning six credits this summer, while participating in significant environmental research in a distinct region of southern Spain! This STEM summer research program is based at the Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA).
This is a perfect opportunity for STEM students interested in physics, math, meteorology and environmental science to complete independent research, gain impressive experience toward future opportunities, and stay on track for graduation.

STEM Summer Research - Aberdeen

Undertake a STEM research project at University of Aberdeen, earning six credits in six weeks over the summer, and contributing to significant research. You’ll be placed in one of the finest Medical Sciences programs in the UK, The Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) or The Rowett Institute, alongside world-class research groups. During your program, you will be supported by both your project supervisor and a senior member of faculty.

University College London Summer STEM

Looking for a way to study STEM this summer? Look no further than University College London. It’s one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, and one of the top universities in the world, with particular strengths in STEM subjects and an institutional commitment to world-class research. The Summer School features small class sizes for maximum academic focus, and offers study at several academic levels.
You’ll choose one STEM course from an array of subject areas and course offerings.

London, England

This is a unique summer STEM program in cooperation with the prestigious School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences (BMEIS) at King’s College London. This program gives you the chance to explore independent research for six weeks while earning six credits, under the mentorship and supervision of world-class researchers.
BMEIS’ research focus applies engineering techniques to clinical problems. Projects are available in the following areas: Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences


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Arcadia Abroad Offers Need-Based Scholarships
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