SIT Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization & Social Change
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SIT Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization & Social Change

Explore how concepts of development and cultural identity are being creatively re-defined in Bolivia, a country with 36 ethnic groups and the first indigenous president in South America.

This program examines how Bolivia's landscapes and multiethnic population offer remarkable contrasts and challenges to previously held notions of development. Students explore Andean and Amazonian cultures and cosmovision and the layered growth of Bolivia's multiethnic social system under the pressures of globalization.

Students meet with Bolivian intellectuals and activists, artists and artisans, musicians and filmmakers, union members and miners, feminists and indigenous leaders, shamans and environmentalists. Program lecturers are leaders and experts at institutions such as The Democracy Center, Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios, Mujeres Creando, and the Andean Information Network.

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Program Reviews (3)

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22 years old
New York, NY
Columbia University

A Unique Non-Traditional Study Abroad Experience


SIT Bolivia is unlike most other study abroad programs. Although it is a highly structured program (you will take all classes and travel on various excursions with the same group of 15-20 people), there is plenty of opportunity to explore all that Bolivia has to offer, especially during the ISP period, where you can learn more about virtually any aspect of Bolivian culture or society. Another unique aspect of this program is the opportunity to publish your own children's book with the Kids Book Bolivia collection!

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26 years old
Madrid, Spain
Providence College

My Best College Semester


Without a doubt, my time in Bolivia was the most rewarding of my entire college career. I entered the program knowing that it would challenge me, but with this frame of mind I was able to experience new ways of living with an open mind.

My final independent study project, a short documentary about pollution of Lake Titicaca, has been used by a local NGO in their community outreach efforts. I am the more proud of the final result and impact of this project than any other work I did as a college student.

The program directors are fantastic; they will challenge you and engage in thought-provoking debates while still providing support whenever needed.

From our joint excursions to the Potosi mine that bankrolled the Spanish empire to visiting feminist cooperatives in La Paz, my experience with SIT in Bolivia was phenomenal. I recommend it to any passionately curious, sincere, and active global citizen out there.

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23 years old
Boston, MA
Smith College

Spring 2015 Grad: Outside-of-class learning, amazing experiences


SIT does a great job of focusing on student experience, and making classrooms as rigorous as US classes, with the added bonus of incorporating a huge range of outside-of-class learning trips and excursions, which are easily the highlight of the program. The staff are very well-connected in Bolivia, which provides you great access to amazing people and resources wherever you go-- you'll find yourself talking to famous Water War activists like it's no big deal. The ISP (Independent Study Project) is the most academically rewarding part of the program, and can lead to future research in your home institution. Cochabamba was the ideal city, in my opinion, for the type of experience I was looking for. It's not a tourist destination per se, so you have a really good chance of immersion, and you won't get caught up in a community of foreigners that speak your language. If you're looking for a challenge, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, SIT Bolivia is a good fit for you.

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