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AIFS Abroad is a premier provider of study abroad programs. Program fees cover tuition and housing. Coordinated AIFS Abroad Flight Packages with major airlines are also available.
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Round trip flights, airport transfers and 2-night stopover in London included for students on the optional AIFS Abroad Flight Package.

Feb 16, 2024
Apr 16, 2018
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About Program

Spend a January, summer, semester or academic year in Paris, France with AIFS Abroad! You’ll earn 3-16 credits per term studying at the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS), part of the University of Paris. Courses are taught in English or French with no previous French language study required.

AIFS Abroad can help you arrange local volunteer opportunities with charities and organizations such as Les Restos du Coeur.

You’ll enjoy cultural and social activities including:
• Guided city walks
• Visits to the many museums and cultural sites of Paris
• Opera and ballet performances
• A half-day trip to the famous Château de Versailles.
An optional, 2-day trip to Normandy and Brittany is also available. A 2-night tour of London, England is included for students on the AIFS Abroad Flight Package.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

At AIFS Abroad, we want to support all participants in their study/internship abroad journey, inclusive of gender, race, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a complex identity, and faith, spirituality, and religion are important factors when deciding on a program location.

LGBTQIA+ Support

At AIFS Abroad, we want to support all participants in their study/internship abroad journey, inclusive of gender, race, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a complex identity, and faith, spirituality, and religion are important factors when deciding on a program location.

Accessibility Support

Everyone’s experience is unique. We recognize the location you choose can have an impact on your sense of belonging. We encourage you to use the information below as you review your options to select the program and location that will be the best choice for you. If you do not hold the identities that are amplified here, this information is still a great resource for you as well. It will give you a better understanding of those who have this identity.



In response to the overwhelming global climate crisis, AIFS Abroad is pleased to make Sustainability a key priority when considering organizational, operational, and programming decisions. We understand that the only way to effectively combat this crisis and mitigate the effects of climate change is to drastically reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, AIFS Abroad has committed to reaching carbon neutrality by the year 2025. AIFS Abroad is proud to announce we have signed the CANIE Accord, becoming the first US provider to make this commitment.

Program Highlights

  • Earn up to 16 credits and transcript from Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS)
  • Guided tours of the city, museum visits & day trip to Château de Versailles
  • No previous French language study required
  • On-Site Program Director to help with any questions or advice you may need throughout the program
  • Health & Safety 24/7 emergency support and comprehensive insurance

Popular Programs

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Study abroad for three weeks during January Term in Paris. Earn 3 credits studying at the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS). Take a course on the fascinating history of French fashion. All courses are taught in English and will include visits to relevant sites in Paris to enhance classroom study.

AIFS in Paris, France

Spend the summer in the city of Paris with AIFS Abroad. You’ll earn up to 6 credits studying at the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS). Courses are taught in English and French, with no previous French language study required. French language study programs are available at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced/Superior.

Cultural activities include:
• Guided walking tours
• Visits to museums and cultural sites
• Half-day trips to Giverny and the Château de Versailles.

Program Reviews

4.36 Rating
based on 11 reviews
  • 5 rating 63.64%
  • 4 rating 27.27%
  • 3 rating 0%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 9.09%
  • Academics 4.2
  • Support 4.45
  • Fun 4.3
  • Housing 4.4
  • Safety 4.65
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Yes, I recommend this program

Full French Immersion with AIFS

The courses offered at the CCFS were exactly what I was looking for to increase my fluency in French. The professors were tough but very thorough, and covered both grammar and culture in the courses. I particularly liked the course offered by AIFS about Parisian art and architecture. I found the AIFS staff to be very helpful and accommodating throughout the entire semester. There were many events and excursions planned throughout the program that made it very easy to get involved. One great perk of going in the spring semester was the two week early start program in Cannes that AIFS offers. I really enjoyed having an extended stay in the south of France before heading to Paris for the semester.

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Yes, I recommend this program

AIFS Review

I think AIFS was a great program to study abroad with! One of the best and most convenient things about the program was the fact that there was a flight package. This would include booking the flight ticket for you, picking you up from the airport, and dropping you off where you need to be.The program also included a two-week orientation in Cannes before you got to Paris which was beneficial in helping you make friends in the program. It was also a good way to freshen up your French.

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe there could be more than just one activity a week.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Paris is more than just cheese & baguettes!

Although, cheese and baguettes were two of my favorite parts of my semester in Paris, I loved the chance to study abroad and discover so much more about the city and French culture! My classes were interesting and thought-provoking, but not time-consuming or too challenging. My French language skills improved SO much while I was abroad! I lived with another American student and a Mexican student in a French woman's home, right across the river from the Louvre--SO lucky! I loved being able to hop on the metro for wherever I needed to go, it is the height of convenience! I also found the AIFS support staff SUPER helpful and caring! They really want to make sure everyone has the best possible experience, and they offer great excursions that I highly recommend! The American AIFS staff also are very useful for making sure all of your documentation, etc. are in order before you travel abroad. I have nothing bad to say about AIFS! Vive la France!

What would you improve about this program?
I guess if I had to change one thing, it would be nice to know our housing situation a little sooner. I think my parents also would have appreciated that & it would have set their minds a bit more at ease. However, I realize that it is difficult to find good host families/people in a short time, and it must take a lot of work to arrange all of that.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Semester of My College Career - Thank You AIFS !

I'm so glad I picked AIFS for my study abroad experience!! Danica, Claire and Jane were very helpful in making sure my courses, housing, meal tickets, etc. were all set! They were so friendly and knowledgable making them wonderful resources while in Paris.

They also planned fantastic excursions within the city and within France! We enjoyed shows at the Opera, pastry/cheese/wine tastings, museum visits, walking tours, etc. which were all fantastic. We also had a group dinner at the beginning and end which was really cool to see how people have enjoyed the program and made lifelong friendships!

The biggest reason I would choose AIFS, not only for their quality and all-inclusive prices, but the service was amazing!

Thank you AIFS for making my experience so memorable:)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Paris, France- Spring 2013

My semester abroad in Paris was a blend of breathtaking moments that were surprisingly educational. Some of my favorite memories from abroad was when I was able to gaze at the Eiffel tower while it lit up a dark Paris night, climb to the top of the Notre Dame cathedral to experience a gargoyle’s point of view of Paris, and spend countless days in Montmartre surrounded by artists. Luckily through AIFS, I took weekend trips to Normandy and the Loire Valley. I found myself in complete awe as I walked though the American cemetery that held many soldiers who had laid down their lives for our freedom. Not only did Normandy take my breath away but the Loire Valley did also. I had only dreamed about the beautiful castles I stepped foot in. As you can see I clearly don’t have a single memory from abroad that I treasure the most. What I treasure is the combination of every single moment I lived along the way. All of those memories are what made my experience studying abroad with AIFS the best decision I’ve ever made.

What would you improve about this program?
No program is perfect, but I definitely wouldn't change too much about the Paris program that AIFS offers. One thing that I was a little disappointed about was the fact that there weren't a lot of classes offered in French while I was there. However, my experience was phenomenal and I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone!
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No, I don't recommend this program

AWFUL company

DO NOT TRAVEL WITH AIFS they are incredibly disorganized and unhelpful in times of conflict. They are significantly more expensive and there is NO added benefit to using AIFS. Their staff watches you like preschool children and the glorified dormitory that they stick you in is terrible. Ridiculous rules like no food or drink outside of lobby and they force you to eat in their gross cafeteria. AVOID AIFS at ALL COSTS trust me!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Counting down the days until I go back!

This program was all that I could have hoped for! It started out with three amazing days in London, England. We were given a tour of central London by a wonderful tour guide name Nicki, she showed out group all of the best places to go, the best places to eat, and many historical sites as well. After London, we were off to Cannes, France. It was just stunning, clear water, friendly staff, and excursions to Nice and Monaco. We were housed in dorms for our 2 week language orientation, which helped all of us get closer to each other as well as practice our French skills. This part of our trip was the most essential part! It was hard work getting used to the French educational system, which is a lot like the Socratic method used in Law schools, but you learn so much!

After a 5 hour TGV ride, we were finally in Paris. Breathtaking is the only word that one can use. We explored in our group, and most of us became flaneurs, and found a bunch of great spots to hang out, do homework, or just have a picque-nique.When it came to the Sorbonne's placement tests, I think all of us were scared, but it went off fabulously! The teachers were extremely nice, while their homework was sometimes difficult. They really want their students to learn, so they push them academically. Trust me, it is well worth it! I learned so much and now I am not scared to speak French. By the end of my time abroad, French just rolled off of my tongue. The best part of the experience were the ladies at the AIFS: Paris office! They are just great, they are always there for you and want you to do your best and have the best time possible. When it was time to leave, I cried my eyes out when I had to say good-bye to them. Everyone should go on this trip, it will change you forever. I am now independent and my french language skills have greatly improved. Apply, Apply, Apply!!! You will not regret it!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolutely loved the whole experience

First of all, this program provided The Best Class I've ever taken in my entire academic life,(and i've gone to school in four countries now)Philosophy spring sem. '08... I'll risk sounding overly drammatic, and say it changed my life, in more ways than one. The teacher was brilliantly unconventional, and quite simply awesome. I credit that single class for developing the kind of critical thinking that all colleges claim to foster in our(students) minds, but they don't, not really... it was truly liberating experience, and I'll never forget it, thank you...
Now, everything else: AIFS staff was fantastic, completely supportive and helpful as much as they could with absolutely everything. Computers/internet, books, class/test schedules, etc. welcome to hang out as much as you want, and generally a positive place to be.
The program was very good, it wasn't straight french shcool, more of a cultural education program for foreign students, language, culture, history, architecture(i wasn't there, but they took tours all around paris), but they left more than enough Free time to explore on one's own.
One pleasant surprise were the weekend excursions out of town, which weren't mentioned ahead of time, completely free, busses, hotels when overnight, visited castles, old walled cities, vinyards(caves), parfume factory, Van Gogh's room, etc, etc. Don't miss those...
And Overall everyone was great, I haven't met oe rude person the whole time i was there, the whole french stereotypes we hear in u.s.- that's all they are stereotypes. I've heard some ppl had issues here and there, but my theory is that your attitude is reflected back at you from others, be nice to others and they'll(mostly) do the same.

final and i think the most important advice I could give is to be open to everything new and/or different. Say Ciao to your comfort zone, and live a litte, enjoy your time here, there, everywhere...

91 people found this review helpful.

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