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Are you a high school student looking for adventure in Germany? Are you a parent looking to provide your child a summer study opportunity with a proven track record? Are you a teacher looking for a three-week immersion program where students connect with German language and culture?

The German Summer Study Program for High School Students provides a three-week homestay and school experience. Students live with a German family, attend classes, visit regional attractions, and experience the German language and culture firsthand. Students return speaking German better—with a greater sense of confidence, maturity, and independence.

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Amazing Experience

When I arrived in Germany for the AATG Summer Study, I wasn’t sure what to think of this exotic, larger-than-life opportunity yet. But, by the time the three weeks had passed of the AATG Summer Study, I’d had the time of my life, and would never forget my trip.

I attended the AATG Summer Study in Leipzig, for 3 weeks, staying with a German host family, and attending school with my host brother most days. My family was very welcoming, and ensured I always felt at comfortable and at ease. All the host parents were caring, responsible adults who did their best to ensure the American exchange students had a good time.

Everyday of the trip was full of new experiences and things to do, all planned and coordinated by AATG and the German host school. Most days, we (Americans on the Summer Study) attended school with our host brother or sister, but also did a variety of amazing excursions. On some days, we went paddling in scenic lakes, we went on trips to beautiful cities like Dresden and Berlin, and visited famous monuments and sights. Overall, we always felt excited about the new adventures and experiences the next days would bring.

The total immersion in the German language worked wonders for all of our speaking/writing skills. I had difficulty understanding both written and spoken German, which, before the trip, seemed difficult to me. However, living with a German family for three weeks, and being in Germany itself, MASSIVELY improved my skills. I now feel like I have a great mastery of the language, and speak with confidence. The need to speak German wherever you go on the trip FORCES you to get good, and boosts your skills tenfold. There's something about being totally immersed in the language that no school textbook can ever match. Putting it simply, the immersion offered by the AATG Summer Study is unmatchable in its ability to hugely improve German skills. If anyone, no matter what their skill level, from beginner to advanced, wants to get better at German, go on the AATG Summer Study, and watch their German skyrocket!

How can this program be improved?
It would be nice if we were required to speak German more during the program.
Yes, I recommend this program

I learned so much!

When I first arrived, my German speaking skills weren't as good as I, and most likely my family, expected. After the three weeks; however, I noticed my comprehension, speaking, and reading skills had greatly improved. My host family was very supportive and tried their hardest to help me improve my skills. One day, I was grocery shopping with my mom and she had me name different foods she pointed to. When we got to one I didn't know, she would tell me and I would repeat it back to her. I'm sure that the effort my family put in to help me is why my German language skills improved so much.

How can this program be improved?
It wasn't enforced that we speak German with our fellow American's, except for in the classroom when a teacher was there. On excursions, we spoke in English, so I really only spoke German with my family. Although my language skills improved, I can't imagine how much better I would be if I had spoken German 100% of the time.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Bratwursts and More

The AATG summer study program is a truly one-of-a-kind experience. It's three weeks of complete immersion: German in school (the Gymnasium), German at home, and German with friends. My stay in Bonn was far better than I had hoped for. My host family was extremely nice, and they showed me real German culture, the kind of everyday culture you won't find at hotels. They took me kayaking on the Rhine and brought me to a cello masterclass (I'm a cellist) at the Beethoven House led by the famous Steven Isserlis!

At school, I experienced a range of classes led in German. That was another avenue for enlightenment, one I wouldn't, and couldn't have experienced without the AATG. There were several excursions, including one to Cologne and one to Burg Eltz. Essentially, I got to do all the tourist-y things in Germany, while still completely immersed in the language and culture.

If that doesn't convince you, then maybe the fact that I was given ample free time to explore the city will. With easy access to public transportation and ten friends, I was able to take in German culture in its most direct form: food. Assortments of sausages, kebabs, and sauerkraut were set forth and promptly consumed. Needless to say, it was amazing.

As an added bonus, my host father noticed I was reading a book about ancient history and took me around Bonn to various Roman ruins, and gave me a book about it at the end of my stay. The program was pretty much the most authentic German experience you can get. It was a boost to my facility in German, but more importantly, further invigorated my spirit for learning German, even back in the States.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The Best Part of My Summer!

The 3 weeks I spent abroad with AATG were some of the best of my summer a few years ago. The program really hit me when we were cruising along the Donau and I saw a monument up on the hill, and told my friends that it would be so cool to go and see it! Soon after me saying that, the boat proceeded to dock and I found out we were headed their all along! It was an amazing trip and I would highly recommend it!

Yes, I recommend this program

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