High School Study Abroad Program: Trek Through Europe

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Why Study History & English while Trekking Through Europe?

Imagine studying the French Revolution from the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles or World War II from the trenches of France and Germany. The quick-paced Trek program brings the ghosts of history alive as students are immersed in some of the most exciting locations in Europe, from the Tower of London to Dachau Concentration Camp and the Charles Bridge in Prague.

There is no typical day at MEI as we take great pride in designing each day to be an inspiring and adventurous learning experience. The Trek Through Europe program includes five weeks of overseas travel to London, Paris, Strasbourg, the Swiss Alps, Munich, and Prague.

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Best High School Travel Experience

I went on the 2017 Trek, and it was the highlight of my high school experience. MEI Academy does a phenomenal job of blending academics with experiences, and I wish I could have done the rest of my Grade 12 courses with them. The teachers were exceptionally engaging, enthusiastic and passionate about what they were teaching, and incredibly supportive of each student. They went out of their way to make sure that every student succeeded, and it’s evident how much they care about what they do. The course material was fascinating, and it came alive from the on-sight learning. Contemplating the impacts of the French Revolution while sitting on the steps of Napoleon’s tomb or watching our studied Shakespeare play acted out onstage at the Globe Theatre are the every day experiences found on an MEI trip. In addition, the lessons you learn don’t stop at the course content. MEI gave me the experience and confidence to one day travel solo, and the things you learn aren’t something you can find in a textbook. The program’s design enables students to be vastly independent while still under the guidance and supervision of experienced teachers who are also travellers. Throughout the trip, incredible opportunities are organized for the entire group, and students also have plenty of time to plan and go out on their own adventures. MEI Academy was the best decision I made for my education, and has profoundly inspired me. I would highly recommend this specific program to anyone who likes English and History, and I would absolutely recommend MEI Academy to anyone who loves getting out there and experiencing new adventures.

Yes, I recommend
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10/10 Recommend!

MEI was an incredible experience. I did the trip 'Trek Through Europe', where I took history and english. The teachers were all incredible. Learning history where it actually happened furthered my understanding while providing context and depth to each lesson. All the teachers were very knowledgeable and provided support on every assignment if needed. The places we stayed were incredible and I never felt unsafe. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Yes, I recommend
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MEI is Outstanding for Those who are Both Eager to Learn and Adventurous

MEI was truly the experience of a lifetime. From learning about the French Revolution at the Palace of Versaille, to exploring the Swiss Alps and becoming one massive family with the students and teachers, MEI was an experience I will never forget. Throughout my experience, I managed to gain a whole new appreciation for history and literature, an appreciation I would not have gained if I had not attended this trip. Through MEI, I managed to gain a whole new perspective of the world through exploration and learning with fantastic teaching and wonderful peer support. I highly recommend looking into this trip (and others offered by the academy) to individuals eager to become enlightened through exploring and travelling.

How can this program be improved?
Little can be done to improve this program, however due to the fact that the academy is run through an Ontario based school board, there was some overlap with what students from Alberta learned in grade 11 Social Studies, and what was taught by the academy.
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My MEI Testimonial

"I went into my MEI adventure without knowing anyone else, and very felt nervous about making friends. However, the minute I met the group at the airport my worries left me - everyone had such a welcoming attitude, making it easier for me to feel at home! Once abroad, it did not take long for our group to become one big family, and I was able to share many wonderful relationships with many wonderful people as we explored Europe together. I am forever thankful to MEI for drawing me out of my shell and offering me the best summer of my life."

Yes, I recommend
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If you are considering taking park on the Trek Through Europe MEI program, you should do it. Not only is this program educational and helps fast track you through high school and lighten your year course load, it is an amazing way to have an exceptional summer, make life-long friends and mature as a young adult. I would personally go on this trip 100 more times if I could. Some memories I will carry with me forever include watching and celebrating Germany win the world cup while living in Munich, Germany and visiting Vimmy Ridge on the 100th anniversary. This trip was one of the best months of my life. If you are on the fence about going on this trip, do it!

Yes, I recommend

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