Education Abroad at Freie Universtitat in Berlin

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Study abroad in Berlin with the Education Abroad Program at Freie Universtitat. You will study in English and choose from a range of humanities and social science courses that focus on Europe, Germany, and Berlin. The program fee includes field trips and assignments that make use of the incredible historical and cultural resources in Berlin. Get ready to enjoy its renowned museums, its concert halls and opera houses, and its pubs and clubs.

Students attend classes with international students.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Berlin in a nutshell

This was my second time studying abroad, and it had a lot to live up to. Granted the first program was a year and this one was 4 weeks, but it actually impressed me. I figured the short school term would make it easier, but I found myself with more schoolwork than I was used to at home. I actually learned a lot from it and got credit back home which let me graduate a quarter early. Regardless, the program was fun and definitely worth it. It was overwhelmingly UC students at the summer school, and since everyone spoke English it wasn't hard to make friends. Highlights for me included Dönnerkebabs, German beer, peaceful runs (and occasional swims) around busy lakes, and great public transportation. Fun program!

What would you improve about this program?
A little less work so that we have more time for exploring, but overall I loved it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great city, great academics!

Berlin is an amazing city that has a lot to offer students. The University has great networking and support connections. It's a little on the outskirts of Berlin, but near the lakes. Perfectly manageable to arrive by bike.

What would you improve about this program?
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No, I don't recommend this program

Education Abroad Program (EAP) through Freie Universität

To begin with, I should stress what an amazing city Berlin is. Even with an unorganized program I had an amazing time, improved my German and met friends I've stayed in close contact with. Berlin has the best of all worlds, great night life, food, overall laid back vibe, and youth culture not to mention a great music and arts scene.

Nevertheless, the University of California's program, "Education Abroad Program" was a nightmare. Not only was the head of the program dictatorial, but the housing was off the map of Berlin proper, not to mention unsafe and unsanitary. While the classes were interesting and taught by knowledgeable professors, the courses were housed in an off campus, isolated, all-exchange student environment, so we rarely interacted with German students.

While the schedule was well adjusted for students so they could travel and experience the culture of Berlin (no class Friday) it was hard to get into the classes you wanted. The workload was certainly manageable, although some teacher's accents were impossible to understand. The German language courses were also very fast paced and often left most of the learning to outside class.

Although there were field trips, they were clearly focused on the director of the program's interests - none related to art, music or popular culture. Although certain amenities were convenient, such as a museum pass and subway pass, there was very little encouragement to engage with the German public.

Overall, I would recommend Berlin as a site to study abroad over all others, because there is something for everyone, and while it is easy to improve your language skills they are by no means a prerequisite. In addition, it was easy for me to get a job bar tending once a week and to meet interesting people around the city, hence there are many cool things that are easily accessible to foreigners. In that same vein, I would not recommend this program, because while it does enable you to study in an amazing country, there are many more interesting programs that are better run and more interested in making sure you have the best experience ever!

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