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You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE! Our high-quality programs include tuition, housing, on-site airport pick-up, field trips and cultural activities, 24/7 on-site professional staff, and automatic iNext insurance. There are no hidden charges or surprises when you arrive, and scholarships opportunities are available!
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Jan 21, 2022
Oct 24, 2019
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Students are welcomed with open arms in Germany’s capital city, where the cost of living is reasonable, public transportation is excellent, green space is abundant, and businesses – from hip tech start-ups to international conglomerates – thrive.

The thriving global city of Berlin is home to nearly 3.5 million people. Live among the locals and see for yourself why Berlin is ranked among the top for global urban quality-of-life – with excellent public transportation, you’ll have no problem exploring the city’s parks, orchestras, museums, festivals, and historical landmarks.

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Program Highlights

  • CIEE Berlin is conveniently located in the Kreuzberg district – a hub for the arts, music, and digital technology
  • Explore Berlin’s city life along the Spree River, well known for its numerous cafés, street musicians, beach bars, flea markets, boutique shops and pop up stores.
  • Practice your language skills with weekly activities organized in the residence hall and around the neighborhood, including cooking events, film nights, board-game evenings, and other opportunities designed to help you perfect your German while hanging ou
  • Depending on their program of study and availability, students may be able to volunteer or participate in an internship.
  • Do Berlin on your own terms by customizing your experience through the Open Campus program. Take one, two, or three six-week blocks, select your academic track from six options, then choose your courses from a wide range of subject areas.

Popular Programs

CIEE Berlin Summer Programs

Pack your bags and immerse yourself in the rich culture of one of Europe's most dynamic cities this summer. Art, music, and history in a historic backdrop all add to your summer study abroad experience.

CIEE Berlin Semester Programs

Architectural laboratory. Industrial giant. Cultural capital. Germany is the perfect setting to explore your passion – whether it’s art and architecture, business and economics, or German language and culture – or gain professional international experience.

CIEE Berlin January Programs

Berlin is the dynamic and fascinating capital city of a country with a complex history. As a center of German cultural and intellectual life, the influence of Berlin reverberates around the world. It offers an incredibly wide range of cultural offerings and has a moderate cost of living, making it an attractive place for artists and young people.


With CIEE's Open Campus Block Programs, you can design your very own study abroad program to include up to three different locations for 6, 12 or 18 weeks.

Stay in one city the entire time or spend other blocks at our other Open Campus Block locations in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin, Kyoto, London, Madrid, Monteverde, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Singapore, or Sydney.



CIEE Scholarships and Grants

CIEE’s need-based grants offer support to students who face financial barriers to studying abroad. CIEE awards need-based grants based on students’ EFCs and program selection. The Gilman Go Global Grant offers students $750-$2,000 toward airfare, plus $2,500 toward semester program costs, or $1,000 toward summer program costs.

$500 - $2,500

Program Reviews

9.33 Rating
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  • 7-8 rating 20%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
  • 3-4 rating 0%
  • 1-2 rating 0%
  • Academics 7.7
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 9.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

CIEE Open Campus Experience

I always knew I wanted to study abroad. The problem was, how could I pick just one location? Then I heard about CIEE's Design Your Semester Program. With this Open Campus program, I able to switch to three different locations during one semester. For me, six weeks in a city is the perfect amount of time to study in a new city. CIEE also has weekend study tours to nearby cities. The tours always provide a well rounded cultural experience. I would highly recommend the Open Campus program if you want to see and experience more when abroad. They offer many cities around the world, but mainly across Europe. I picked Madrid, Berlin, and London for my semester. Each city, in its own special way, had so much to offer. I would highly recommend the open campus program if you can't decide where you want to study abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
The course schedule includes some Friday classes. I would recommend a more condenses course schedule from Monday to Thursday only.
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Yes, I recommend this program

CIEE Program Review

Hi! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Berlin with CIEE Open Campus. I have enjoyed my classes thus far, especially my Post War Monuments and Memorials Class. Not only did this class challenge my thinking, helped me gain an understanding, touched my emotions, but also provided me with a worldly insight that I didn't think was possible. As for the institute, all of the staff from the RA's to the Faculty/Student Life Team to the Security they have always been great at helping me (and always with a smile). I think it is hard for me because I do wish this program was a bit bigger, but at the same time I like the small community of it. As for Berlin as a whole, this city is one that is so rich in history and also has a melting pot of cultures. There is never not something to explore and experience.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don't be afraid to venture down a street you haven't been down. There is always something new and exciting in this city.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Open Campus Berlin

Berlin is a great city to study in. When comparing places, it won't wow you with beautiful tourist attractions (although those are in Berlin too) but it is a very dynamic city where there is always new stuff going on. I would feel bad when I saw people visiting for the weekend because it's a city that can't be captured in a weekend. In terms of making the transition, I would definitely recommend going in the fall when the weather is still nice, because around November it gets gloomy, cold, and dark very early. So in January and February it would make it tougher to get out and explore, and might make the transition tougher. CIEE is a very solid program to study with. They care a lot about the students and make a large effort to get there students out into the city and community with class excursions and several weekly optional excursions

What would you improve about this program?
The communal kitchens can be a real problem. Most people clean their dishes, but they pile up real quickly from those who don't, and the kitchens get disgusting at times. There is supposed to be a cleaning schedule, but it isn't followed. It's just not an ideal thing to have to deal with. It would also encourage kids to explore more if we were given month passes on the public transportation every month, instead of little booklets of tickets that are just meant for our class excursions.
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Yes, I recommend this program

CIEE Summer Global Internship

I came to CIEE with a lot of expectations and a lot of it was met. I came to love Berlin because of its openness to people of different cultures. I'll describe Berlin as a place where you can do certain things that you may not be able to do in other places of the world haha. The CIEE staff were super supportive and made conscious efforts to reach out to students to listen to them at all times. My internship placement was different from my chosen career field and in the beginning I was unsure how to welcome it but I am glad I did it because I've learnt what I like and what I don't like when it comes to business and career paths.

What would you improve about this program?
With regards with housing, I think CIEE can find innovative ways to make sure the kitchens are kept more neat by students or cleaning staff.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Berlin Spring 2017

My 6-week block with CIEE Berlin was incredible. If you are reading this because you are considering studying abroad here, then DO IT!

I had the most amazing time in Berlin. The city itself has a rich history that you just have to experience in person, the food was undeniably good and the overall atmosphere of Berlin was just incredible. Living in the heart of Kreuzberg was a huge plus, and I loved the trendy, young, hip vibes of the neighborhood.

The CIEE Berlin staff was always there to help me with whatever needs I had- whether it dealt with academics, housing, exploring the local area or just having someone to talk to. From the professors to the security guards, someone is always willing to help.

I am so glad that I chose to study abroad in Berlin with CIEE, and my biggest regret may possibly be not staying longer. I miss my friends, Curry 36 and Mustafa's every single day. Hopefully I will make it back to Berlin in the near future!

Again, if you have to chance to study abroad with CIEE Berlin, then please please please do it!

What would you improve about this program?
More excursions for classes would've been great that way students aren't stuck in the classroom all day and get to explore different areas of Berlin while still learning in the context of the class.

I also would've liked to see more staff members getting hands-on with students and really engaging and forming relationships/connections with everyone there.
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East Side Gallery
Yes, I recommend this program

Okay Joke's Over. When Can I Go Back?

I always knew I wanted to study abroad. However, as the time to fill out applications was quickly approaching I was growing increasingly doubtful about leaving my home university. I transferred to my current school and found my home. I was heartbroken to leave my friends for a semester. I knew that I would enjoy my time in Europe but I was not prepared for how much I enjoyed my experience abroad with CIEE in Berlin.

I already want to go back to Berlin and I hope to live there in the near future. I knew basically zero German (besides the basics) before I chose to go to Berlin and I still thrived. I cannot express enough how much I loved this program and experience. Studying abroad in Berlin truly changed my life (everyone says that but it's true). Berlin is very diverse and it's refreshing to live there. There is always something to do in Berlin and an endless amount of restaurants (I'm a picky eater... this was important to me).

The way the CIEE Global Institute Berlin program was structured allowed me to experience and immerse myself in Berlin culture while learning from a different perspective in my classes. I actually learned more in my classes in Berlin than I ever have in any other course I've ever taken. In these courses we would often go on excursions that would allow us to make connections between class lessons and real life or history in Berlin.

I applaud this program and would recommend this experience to everyone. (I'm serious. I can't praise this program enough).

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Yes, I recommend this program

Berlin in Summer

My summer in Berlin was unbelievable. From seeing President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel speak at Kirchentag to walking the streets at night and watching the city light up to getting döner for lunch, dinner, or just a snack, Berlin in summer is something you have to experience. The city comes alive. Berlin has it all: culture, history, art, diversity of people, festivals, a mix of architecture, excellent public transportation, beautiful parks, and good food. CIEE Berlin makes it easy to explore the city. Its central location and comfortable accommodations only add to your experience. And now it's time for you to go and find out for yourself just how wonderful Berlin in summer really is.

30 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Berlin: The Ideal City for University Students

I would definitely recommend this program to individuals who are interested in traveling abroad and learning more about German culture.

Location: Berlin is the ideal city for university students--everything is relatively cheap or affordable, and there is a lot to do around the city and outside of it. The CIEE Berlin location is in Kreuzberg, which is a neighborhood close to central Berlin that has lots of good eats and cute cafes to explore. While living in the CIEE institute, I felt safe as security was reliable and the area around campus was not incredibly dangerous.
Facilities: The rooms are decently large, and each one has a bathroom inside. I stayed in a double room by myself because there were not too many people on campus at the time of my program. Most program participants do not spend too much time in their rooms either because there is a lot to do outside. Nonetheless, the living accommodations are nice.
Classroom/Global Exposure: Most classes offered by the program include site visits around the city, which I thought made the classroom experience more interesting and immersive. However, being constantly surrounded by other American students in the class and on campus made it somewhat hard to meet local German students. I would say this is definitely one of the drawbacks of the program.

Overall, I had a wonderful time in the city of Berlin. I absolutely love the city of Berlin and see myself going back soon.

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