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Athena has many different time lengths to study abroad. Whether that be for a few weeks in the summer or for an entire semester, we work with students to help them find the best fit for them. Included in our prices are classes, excursions, accommodations, airport pick-up, 24-hour emergency line, online account management, health insurance, official transcript, and the student's contribution to a charity of their choice. Short term prices start at $3,600 and semester prices start at $11,950.
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Excursions, airport pick-up, 24-hour emergency line, online account management, health insurance, official transcript, and contribution to charity.

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Jun 20, 2019
Nov 21, 2019
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About Program

The picturesque island of Paros is considered to be one of Greece's most beautiful island treasures. Paros' traditional villages of white-washed houses, narrow streets, flowered balconies, blue domed churches and hilly, vineyard-covered countrysides create the perfect backdrop for a study abroad experience of historic proportions.

With Greece's artistic history, it is fitting that Athena's partner school on Paros Island is the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts. HISA is strong in the humanities, offering such courses as history, philosophy, literature, painting, and photography, many of which take place on historical sites.

Athena Study Abroad also organizes trips to other Greek islands, like Naxos, Antiparos, Santorini, Mykonos, and Delos, so that exploring them will be easy and fun!

This program is no longer offered. View more programs from Athena Study Abroad.

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Program Highlights

  • The inentionally small nature of the program allows teachers to provide customized academic and developmental guidance to each individual student.
  • Each semester cultimates with a community showcase in which students have the opportunity to exhibit their semester's work to the island community.
  • Explore Paros, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea renowned for its traditional villages and beaches. It is small enough to retain the authentic Greek culture while having an active island community.
  • Go on sightseeing trips to Delos, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini, and other famous destinations in Greece!

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  • Safety 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program

Happiest I’ve ever been!

I just completed the fall semester program, and it was everything i imagined it would be and more! The island of Paros is beautiful. We had hot beach days up until we left in December, and only about 8 days of rain the entire time! Both the school and student apartments are right on the water. I took Painting, Interrelated Media, Creative Writing, Greek, and Cycladic Arts and Culture. The classes were wonderful and gave us so much creative freedom. Every teacher I had took a personal interest in my growth over the semester, and I made lifelong friendships with the other students. I had a lot of free time to spend in the other towns and islands, which i really appreciated. For the midterm break, I decided to go to Switzerland, and it was incredible. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the break! I have a newfound love for Greece and HISA. I never thought i could be so happy. Absolutely loved it.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Definitely take the Greek class! It was so fun to talk to the locals and they really appreciated it the effort!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Summer Ever

I just came back from the most recent summer program and I absolutely had the best time of my life. I studied greek art and history, photography and painting while I was on Paros. I was so happy with how friendly and helpful all the staff were throughout the entire program. They made everything super clear so I never felt confused or nervous being across the world by myself. Paros began to feel like home very fast to me and by the end I had bittersweet feelings of leaving my home away from home. The balance between class time and free time was perfect and I always felt like I had time to explore and get to know the island better. You learn so much by going abroad and I wouldn't have picked a better place to relax, learn and grow as a person. HISA is great and I would recommend to anyone :)

What would you improve about this program?
One thing I would improve about the program is the accommodation that the students stayed at. Overall, it was a decent place but there were a collection of things that occurred and some interactions with the people who ran the hostel that made the living situation rocky at times. Wifi is not very good and air conditioners gave me a sore throat.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Couldn't be more content

I was a spring semester student at HISA, as a sophomore fine arts major, and it was the most productive and fulfilling semester I could have hoped for. We were all encouraged to craft our own expieriences, to be independent yet inclusive and adaptive.
Each professor was supportive and passionate about their subject, group trips around the islands gave us a beautiful perspective on Cyclades history and culture, our environment safe and beautiful. I was lucky enough to stay an extra month following the semester and got to help around with the summer programs as well, so I can vouch wholeheartedly for any HISA term :)
I would definitely recommend this to anyone, to both artists and folks who just need a break from regular school life.
already making plans to come for a second go!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Dont be afraid to explore the island(s) alone! It's an incredibly safe place and going on solo trips around classes gave me so much confidence and wider view of the island life.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Spring Semester in Paros

My time on Paros was one of the best times of my life. There was never a dull moment in the trip and it was full of adventures. Because of the small program size I was able to bond with my classmates and get to know all of them on a more personal level. I made some lifelong friends on the trip and that’s something that makes me very happy. The professors are very chill and want you to do well. They are open to suggestions and are very understanding. They are willing to work with you to make sure you get the most out of the program. Throughout the program you have 24 hour access to the studios and classrooms. This was very helpful when there were late night and early morning work sessions. Greek people are very curious about art and would often stop and watch us as we painted or drew.

The walk to school is right along the water. This gives you a front row seat to the ferries coming and leaving the port. You can watch shops start to open up around Easter and as the summer season comes closer. The island has no shortage of things to do. There are plenty of beaches to walk to and cafes to chill in. The night life on the island is very relaxed and bars are open until late in the night. The local shop owners quickly recognize you as a regular and are incredibly friendly and start conversations. It wasn’t long before my favorite coffee shop knew my order as soon as I walked in the door.

Over a month into the three month program my phone fell off the ferry into the Aegean Sea. Because of this I was able to immerse myself more in the culture and program than I would’ve if I was still connected at the hip with my phone. Instead of taking pictures of everything I saw, I focused on the beauty of what was in front of me. Every time I was waiting for food or coffee I would look out at the sea instead of playing a game of solitaire on my phone or texting. It provided a refreshing detox for me.

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a semester on Paros. My confidence grew and I realized that I am capable of more than I thought. This trip was very inspiring for me and it showed in my artwork and writing. Paros really became a second home to me and I can’t wait to plan my next trip back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Greek Life

The academic program here was exceptional, I received plenty of help and attention from my teachers, in each of my classes. In studio classes I got personalized guidance and meaningful answers, and classrooms topics were easy to get into and understand.
The program leads an excursion to other towns and islands almost every weekend, which is a great way to experience the Cycladic Island life, and a great way to get to know fellow students. We went to museums, explored archaeology sites, and took long hikes through both the countryside and old town streets. All of it was worthwhile.
Personally, I spent a lot of time relaxing on the beaches within walking distance of the apartments, or drinking too many iced cappuccinos in cafes. Between getting coffees there's plenty of options for food (gyros are affordable and delicious). I would definitely recommend the vegetable market (so many different veggies, all easily within anyone's budget). There's plenty of options for eating out, too, at a full price range.
All of these cafes and restaurants are obviously run by greeks, and most speak English much better than I speak Greek, but making an effort goes a long with with getting to know the locals.
The teachers here will work with you on a personal level, and will do all that they can to help you succeed in your own way. The local Greek life is something I hope to return to. The Cyclades have an vast and tangible history, and the sea and mountains are just as beautiful. Paroikia is a wonderful place to grow as an artist and a person, but for me the greatest part is the chance to experience three months in an exciting new place with people from all over the U.S. and beyond. The program is a great academic step to take, but my greatest take-away was the time I spend making friends.

What would you improve about this program?
It would be nice to have a longer program!
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Home Away From Home

The summer after my first year of college, I decided to study abroad on Paros Island in Greece. Many thought I was crazy for going with a third party, not knowing any students on the program. However, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only was the program within my budget, but it was the experience of a lifetime. I was able to travel to several different islands and learn about each unique culture and history that still lived in the structures and the museums of the people. I ate fresh fish, dakos, and baklava by the completely clear, transparent water. I painted, wrote about, and photographed my beautiful island for my photography, creative writing, and art classes. Most importantly, I met the most wonderful people, both in my program and on the islands, who I am glad to still call friends. I cannot imagine how different my life would be if I had not studied with Athena in Paros. I would not have met my best friend Ming, a student on the program whom I studied abroad again with in Hawaii. I would not have met Lane, another student who met me in London while I was an intern and he was backpacking Europe. I would not have met Roxani, a local store owner who recommended that I visit her friend's restaurant on Kos while I was visiting after Paros. The list goes on and on... My life is daily impacted by my 2 months in Greece, and I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is prepared to fall in love with Greece more and more every day.

What would you improve about this program?
I do not know if I was added to the group's Facebook page when I first signed up for the program. It would be good to make this clear to incoming participants and make sure everyone is included!
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Yes, I recommend this program

All About Journey and Destination

When I have gotten the acceptance letter from Athena Study Abroad, my heart and mind was racing fast. I felt so happy, I could not think of anything else that could make me any happier. I was wrong. I have not traveled much for the purpose of adventure, only for work, moving homes, or visiting family. I have traveled many times and not once, I have felt so relieved, carefree and so much self love. I was given the opportunity to expand my understanding of myself and others by being abroad. It forced me to be out of my comfort zone and become more independent. I am always excited to learn new cultures and meet new people so that I could understand how beautiful the world can be, and this trip intensified that. I also traveled all over Asia and have not been to Europe. Culturally and emotionally, this was a life changing experience. This was a great opportunity for me to explore other cultures than those of my own.
In addition, I also learned the ways and values of other cultures. For example, most Greek people was extremely welcoming and caring for my friends and I abroad. They taught us the language, showed how to get home and to other places, and ALWAYS treat us with such great hospitality. Before then, I only thought only family treat each other this lovingly. I guess family was the right word being in Greece.
The people was the best thing, but the place is most definitely second best. I get to travel and witness so many beautiful animals, florals, and lands. The places is so captivating, I have forgotten to take pictures! luckily, I have wonderful instructors and friends who did that for me.
I am also an Art major and my style of art can be enhanced by Greek's art tremendously. Being in a place where Art is Prominent will make me learn and understand more of my strength and weaknesses. I became more open minded in my artwork due to this trip. Being on Paros Island gave me the opportunity to become more creative and innovative in the way I interpret my Artwork. I feel that walking 20 miles is better than reading 20 books, for being in Greece made me learn more and experience more than I did in my hometown. Especially the instructors, when I came to class, I was greeted and treated with such great care and value. Once, I asked my instructor for help on an artwork and she not only taught me how to fix it, but she held my hand that was holding the brush and physically showed me the technique! I was so shocked and overwhelmed by the amount of understanding and care. Those teachers only come once in a lifetime and I felt extremely lucky. Also, I was excited and happy that I get to meet new friends from around the world who are studying the same classes as me. I get to hear about their life their stories and their love. We got to know each other and it felt like I was their friends since birth. It was amazing how we value same ideas yet are not afraid to share our own ideas and become inspired by one another. We cook and ate together most times, travel, and studied together. A place where everyone was my best friend and I was theirs.
By the end of this trip, I could thoroughly say that I have learned more, lived more, and felt more passionate. I wanted to let upcoming and undecided travelers know that this is not something to be missing out. We might leave behind the things we like, but we pick up the things we value. Your heart will change and your mind will bloom. The only time you should feel unsure is when you leave Greece, not enter. Be excited, be hopeful, and be active!

What would you improve about this program?
I believe that this program should have more students. And should be longer. I feel that the longer the program is the more emerged we will become with the culture. I felt like I did learn and understood much but If there was even another month, I could have learned and understood enough. In addition, it would be of more interest if there were more courses offered. However, the courses now are satisfactory.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Paros Truly is Paradise

Studying abroad through Athena was my first major trip over seas- prior, I had been to Jamaica with my family for a few days, but primarily stayed within the resort. That trip left me wanting to truly experience and immerse myself in a new country and culture, so I began to scour the internet for a study abroad program. However, finding the right program proved to be difficult for me. I am a Communications Sciences and Disorders major, which makes it difficult to study abroad and take relevant courses. After a year of meeting with study abroad advisors and googling different programs and the classes they offered, I felt disappointed and thought my dreams of going abroad would never become a reality. That is when my friend mentioned Athena Study Abroad to me. She mentioned their incredibly unique programs and how they offered courses that may not align with my major, but that would prove to be a once in a lifetime experience. She could not have been more right. I ultimately decided to take an introductory painting course through the Paros program as a free elective. I was filled with both excitement and nerves- I had absolutely no painting experience, I had never traveled alone before, and I also applied without knowing other participants going on the trip. The trip was filled with a lot of unknowns and a lot of firsts for me, which is why it was one of the best experiences of my life. What made this program so amazing was that I got to learn while exploring Greece. From learning to paint while sitting on a rock by the ocean, to learning about Greek mythology as we hiked through ancient caves and explored various islands, this program utilizes the outdoors as your classroom. The teachers were also incredibly talented, kind, and patient. In my painting course, there were about six of us with ranging levels of painting skills. Some of the students were studying art at their universities, some painted as a hobby, and some were like me. This fostered an amazing learning environment where the teacher was able to adjust her expectations and lessons for each student's skill level, and the less skilled students (a.k.a. me) were able to learn from the more experienced artists. My favorite memories consist of being in the art studio- I would go alone and work on mixing paints and making slow progress on my pieces. I would spend hours alone there, but the hours merely felt like minutes because I would become so immersed in my art. After I would leave class, the HISA building had stairs that led to the roof with an amazing view of the ocean and island. If I left the studio in the evening, I would climb to the rooftop and watch the sunset over the ocean. I still have never felt as content and at peace as I did in those moments.
For other students like me- who have majors that they cannot take directly take classes abroad for, and who want to be able to enjoy their time abroad rather than spending much of it studying and stressing- I recommend Athena Study Abroad. I also recommend applying to be a blog post writer for the program you apply for. I decided to apply as the blog post writer for the Paros program, and it ended up being an incredible way to capture my time there. I frequently go to the website and read my old posts along with the new adventures of students, and it makes me remember small details I had forgotten from my time there almost a year ago.
These experiences taught me so much about myself and my abilities. I left Greece not only knowing how to paint, but I also felt empowered. It was so liberating knowing I had traveled abroad alone for a month and thrived there. I am still in contact with three incredibly close friends I made while I was there, and painting is now one of my favorite stress relievers. Going abroad through Athena has also inspired me to go abroad again. I not only plan to apply to go to Nicaragua next summer, but I am also looking into applying for graduate school in England. I truly believe if it were not for Athena Study Abroad and the opportunities I had in Paros, I would not have the confidence or the drive to reach for these goals.

What would you improve about this program?
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