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Study in Sweden Flight Contest

Go Overseas & Study in Sweden want to fly out one lucky winner who is ready to embark on their academic adventure in SWEDEN this year. All you need to do is submit a video showcasing what studying in Sweden means to you.

Am I eligible?

  • Must be 18 years or over
  • Must have been accepted to study (undergrad, postgrad, or study abroad) in Sweden in Fall/Autumn of 2024

Submission Prompt

  • Sweden is known for diversity, sustainability, and a myriad of other adjectives, but we want to know what studying in Sweden means for you. Fill in the blank with a word you think describes the Swedish way... “Live and Learn the _______ way.
  • Now that you’ve chosen your word, create a 45 second-3 minute video representing the word you choose.

Contest Prompt & Application

To enter this contest, you must submit an application through the button below. Following the standard application questions, the next step is to choose your word and then create and edit a video you feel represents that word. After that is complete, you should then link the video to the application. Remember to read through the contest terms and conditions to make sure you’re eligible (18+ and accepted to study in Sweden). Best of luck!

Video Requirements

  • Video must be between 45 seconds and 3 minutes
  • Video can take the form of video essay, vlog, clip montage, slideshows, etc.
  • Videos must include a clip of you saying "Live & Learn the __ Way" with the word of your choice
  • Solo picture entries will NOT be considered

Rubric for Submissions

  • Completeness of entry
  • Overall creativity, effort, originality, proof of investment in creating the video
  • Style, flow, and quality of the video
  • Extra points awarded for posting on socials and tagging GO (+1 for Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube)

Deadline to apply: June 15th, 2024

Example of a stellar submission

Sweden x Go

Why Study Abroad in Sweden?

Choosing Sweden isn’t just choosing a country, but a way of life: The Swedish Way. The Swedish Way is bold, inclusive, and progressive; empowering students to create and live in a greener, fairer, and more hopeful world. Sweden offers a variety of unique subjects to study including sustainable technology, gender studies, international business, and design at world-leading universities. In the same weekend, you can find yourself scoping out the Northern lights and enjoying a Fika in Stockholm with friends. Scroll to learn more about what studying abroad in Sweden can mean for you.

Sweden map

Learn About Studying in Sweden

Explore below to learn the ins and outs of studying in Sweden!

Students in Stockholm

All About Studying in Sweden

Learn more about studying abroad in Sweden and review enrollment options to study abroad for a semester or year.

Stockholm Library

How to Study in Sweden

Familiarize yourself with the steps you'll need to take in order to study abroad in Sweden, including important application deadlines.

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Why Study in Sweden

Read all about The Swedish Way and how it influences daily life while studying Sweden.

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Plan Your Budget for Studying in Sweden

Look beyond any sticker shock and learn thrifty tips on how you can live and study in Sweden on a budget -- and explore the countryside too.

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Top Subjects to Study in Sweden

Learn about some of the top disciplines and fields that you can study in Sweden, and what makes Sweden a top destination for each.

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Where to Study in Sweden?

Dive deeper into some of Sweden's amazing cities and towns, compare universities, and narrow down which Swedish city you'd like to study abroad in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to study in Sweden?
Rules for visas and residence permits for international students in Sweden vary depending on country of citizenship. Check out the Study in Sweden website for details and guidelines.
Are there scholarships to study abroad in Sweden?
Yes, there are a number of scholarships available! Many organizations offer scholarships along with various Swedish Universities. To research what is available and if you’re eligible check out the scholarships page on the Study in Sweden website.
Do I need to know Swedish to study abroad in Sweden?
Although Swedish is the official language of Sweden, the vast majority of Swedes speak English and at a high level. A large number of university degree programs are also taught in English. But if you want to learn Swedish, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.
Where do I find accommodation while studying in Sweden?
Many universities offer accommodation services for international students, whether that be providing guaranteed housing or giving advice on how to find your own housing. You can find out more about the various housing types and costs on the Study in Sweden accommodation page.
Can I get a full degree in Sweden?
Yes, you can obtain your full degree while studying in Sweden. Search for bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English at Swedish universities, here.
Can I have a job while I’m studying in Sweden?
International students in Sweden are allowed to work alongside their studies and this provides a great way to prepare for your future career. Most universities also have career services departments that can help you find a part-time job while you’re studying in Sweden. To learn more, check out the Study in Sweden website.
What does social life in Sweden look like?
Social life at Swedish universities varies from place to place, but no matter where in Sweden your studies take you, there’s no shortage of activities. To get a glimpse of what student life in Sweden is like, follow Study in Sweden on Instagram, Youtube, and the blog.
Can I stay in Sweden for work after my studies are over?
Yes, citizens of non-EU countries can apply to stay in Sweden for up to 12 months after their studies to find a job. Once you find a job you can then apply for a work permit to stay in Sweden. Check out Study in Sweden’s tips for launching your career in Sweden.