CIEE Central European Studies in Budapest, Hungary

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Come discover the best kept secret in Europe, Hungary.

Through a series of specially designed courses, you’ll develop insight into Hungary’s historic, political, economic, and social development in the wider comparative context within Europe. And with homestays, internships, and cultural activities and excursions, you’ll explore the Hungarian language while immersing yourself a dynamic Central European culture.

Study abroad in Hungary and you will:

- Take CIEE and Corvinus University courses, which provide a rewarding and challenging academic program in one of Europe’s most interesting cities

- Experience a country adjusting to new alliances—NATO and the European Union

- Volunteer with a local organization or government ministry and earn credit through an internship

- Experience rural villages in Transylvania, Romania, and stay with local families on a multi-day excursion

Study Abroad Risk Free!

In the unusual event we have to cancel your study abroad or internship program due to a health, safety, or security concern, you’re covered with our Program Assurance Advantage.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Budapest: A BudaTASTIC Experience

Travelling to Budapest through CIEE for my study abroad experience was the best decision I could have possibly made. CIEE is the most helpful program you can take part in; they even get you your transportation pass for each month and schedule amazing excursions. Together, we went on an all-expenses paid trip to Transylvania, Romania! It was one of my favorite trips. Budapest, itself, is such a beautiful and affordable city. If you are looking for an exciting city, with amazing sites, nightlife, food culture, people, and opportunities, you should definitely come here. The location of the dormitory is on an amazing street and only a five minute walk from the university. Plus, if you want to make the most of your experience on a budget, this is the place to do it! Great opportunities and a great location. CIEE all the way!

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that could truly be improved is maybe updated housing, but honestly, the dormitory was nicer than my own freshman dormitory. You have to just remember that when studying abroad you are going to be challenged in numerous ways, and while the housing was older, it was one hundred percent livable and in the perfect location.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Defies Expectations

Take everything you think you know about Central/Eastern Europe and throw it out the window. This program goes above and beyond to not only teach you about fascinating Hungarian History, but also modern Hungarian culture. Through comprehansive classes taught by experts of their field, and past and present Hungarian politicians and leadership, you really start to understand the workings of the Hungarian spirit, and how the country has only recently started coming into it's own. Among other things, feild trips lead by the program's overseers, Hungarian Language classes (which are both more challenging and way more fun than you would think) and a "Buddy Program" which pairs you with a Hungarian university student, help to integrate you into Hungarian culture. Corvinus University is one of the most well respected universities in Budapest and its location is very central to the heart of Budapest. The dorms are located close to both the University, as well as the famed Central Market. Although the dorms are highly central, they are also located very close to several public transportation systems (the public transportation in Budapest is among the best in the world in my opinion) so you can get anywhere you need to go quickly and easily at almost any hour.

What would you improve about this program?
The dorm building itself takes some getting used to. It doubles as a youth hostel during the summer so for newer travelers that aren't accustomed to hostel life it can be a bit overwhelming. Unfortunately the dorm building is not overseen by CIEE itself so when things break or malfunction it can take some time to get them fixed.
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