Middlebury School in India: Delhi
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Middlebury School in India: Delhi

The School in India is located in Delhi and based at St. Stephen's College and Lady Shri Ram College for Women, both of which are part of the larger University of Delhi. The two colleges are preeminent institutions of higher education in India, with offerings in the humanities, social sciences, and phsyical sciences. The language of instruction at the colleges is English, so there are no language pre-requisites. However, all students study Hindi at the Zabaan Language Institute.

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Program Reviews (3)

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22 years old
Los Angeles
Middlebury College

The most special and memorable experience


I studied abroad at Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi with Middlebury's program in Spring 2017. I studied economics at LSR and Hindi at Zabaan. I lived in Kailash Colony, located in South Delhi and very close to LSR. I felt very safe while I was studying in Delhi, although that was a huge concern for me prior to arriving in India. I had a lot of time to travel throughout India; I visited Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, and the Sundarbans. I also did a lot of exploring in Delhi after my semester at LSR ended. My study abroad experience was absolutely amazing. I learned about Indian culture, economy in a developing country, and a new global outlook. I learned a lot about India by traveling throughout the country and becoming friends with locals. I loved my study abroad experience and am definitely considering on returning in the future to work in Delhi. I highly recommend students study abroad in India. They will have a unique and enriching experience and step out of their comfort zones.

How can this program be improved?

I think exchange students should know how testing styles work prior to starting classes in the college. The testing style in India is vastly different from the style in the US. I was not informed about the testing style after I took my first exam. This ended up hurting my grade for my class, therefore students must be informed about the testing styles. I think exchange program interns should inform the exchange students about the testing styles because they are more familiar with the exams since they are students at the college.

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23 years old
Chapel Hill, NC
Middlebury College

The best


I went abroad to Delhi with Middlebury's program in Spring 2016. The overall program was very well-run and the experience intense, but awesome. I attended Lady Shri Ram College and lived in Greater Kailash I, very close to the school. Safety was not a big deal for us, even though everyone was concerned about this before we left. As long as we followed smart travel strategies and used commonsense about moving about the city, we were comfortable moving around by ourselves. At LSR, I was able to play on the school's volleyball team and took two classes about Indian literature and history, while we took Hindi at Zabaan Institute nearby. The Hindi courses were by far the highlight of this experience - Zabaan is a great partner for Middlebury to be working with. They are very challenging but very willing to adapt to our travel schedule and study needs. The courses at LSR aren't challenging in the same sense that a liberal arts college in the US is, but the courses had a lot of reading that went with them. We were also able to travel a lot on weekends, which allowed us to see some of the many, many diverse areas and subcultures in India.

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23 years old
Brooklyn, New York
Middlebury College

Great Experience


India is such a country of extremes, diversity and in general just so much see. I was lucky enough to travel around a lot as well. It can be a bit of a challenge compared to other places, but its well worth and no matter how long you stay you will just only be scratching the surface in understanding it.

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