PhD Study Abroad at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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The mission of RCSI's research strategy is to improve human health through translational research: clinical, laboratory-based and health service research informed by bedside problems, and societal and global health challenges. We promote innovative research that leads to improved diagnostics, therapeutics and devices; tackles important healthcare delivery issues; informs policy and clinical practice and enhances the quality of education of healthcare professionals.

As an exclusively health sciences-focused educational and research institution PhD students are given the opportunity with work with world class researchers ensuring that you have access to acute hospitals and other institutions that reflect the wide diversity of healthcare facilities and needs, locally and nationally.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Gained Experiences

Am last year PhD nursing student, going to submit the final thesis within few weeks.
I had my post basic course in Intensive Therapy in Ireland. I decided to continue further study in Ireland, where I had MSc Nursing in RCSI the past 9 years ago. Joined the PhD degree programs 5 years ago and here I am at the end of the journey to complete the doctoral program.
I found RCSI is enjoyable studying environment, where a very excellent academic support the students received. My sincere thanks to the supportive supervisor to my study, was so helpful and patience in providingme structured guidance. I received a human caring during the stressed time to accomplish all study requirements.
During my visits to Dublin, I found Irish Community were social, respecting the Muslim culture people.
Finally, It is my pleasure and honor to be a student in RCSI Dublin part of students at faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. I extent my thankful to the staff at postgraduates school office, they were so guidance and keep communicating with me throughout my study. Appreciate your efforts in student's guidance and excellent environment you provide at the postgraduate school at the university.
I strongly, recommend and advice to join the university to have the holistic study and life experience .

What would you improve about this program?
Part-time students can get theory sessions at the university, that can add more information in the program requirements.
Dublin Nov 2016
Yes, I recommend this program

Rare commodity the Irish Community

I am a second year part time PhD student in RCSI Dublin .I choose RCSI Dublin because I had studded in RCSI Bahrain for my MSc Nursing degree ; during my studying time in RCSI Bahrain , I found that the teachers were so good, helpful, kind and their objective is to pushing you to study not torture you ; and for me that is what made my decision to join RCSI Dublin although I have been accepted by two other universities .
My gratitude to the Nursing school and postgraduate school staff’s as they were very helpful; and to a good, kind and patience supervisor that I was assigned for ,in providing for me the healthy study environment that I needed to accomplish all study requirements.
During my visits to Dublin, I found the Irish Community were Respecting the Muslim women and that is a Rare commodity , I really appreciate it .
Lastly , It is my pleasure and honor to be a student in RCSI Dublin and I advise you all to join the university to have the holistic study and life experience if you can afford it!! .

What would you improve about this program?
More management and leadership workshop and to send for us the times of Dublin's medical and nursing conferences
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Yes, I recommend this program

overwhelmingly supportive!!

I completed my undergraduate pharmacy degree at RCSI. I couldn't think of a better place for me, as an international student, to do my MSc . As the multi-cultural community and the supportive staff made it feel like HOME. It is a small college but it has a great reputation worldwide.
Moreover, the staff constantly seek students feedback to continue improving their courses and services.
I must say my appreciation towards everyone in RCSI from SARA office, students services, students union and each individual lecturer/supervisor who without them i wouldn't be the person i am today with this academic success.

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Yes, I recommend this program

RCSI Ireland

I have to say as a current PhD scholar in the RCSI Ireland, I cannot fault the support and attention I have received.

I completed a masters program here and a certificate in Nurse Prescribing all done in intervals because once I tried the RCSI I just kept coming back for more :)

The facilities are amazing and the location of the university is so central yet the idyllic and tranquil St Stephen's Green is just opposite for a handy escape ti an oasis when necessary.

I would highly recommend the RCSI for Postgraduate studies and will continue to study here as my career progresses.

What would you improve about this program?
I don't think the program can be faulted
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Yes, I recommend this program


RCSI gave me the opportunity to do my PhD from Bahrain as part time student. There is no dental school in Bahrain and working as full time dentist, this would have been impossible to accomplish.
I've been given all required facilities to carry out my research project and with the help of my supervisor Prof. Robin O'Sullivan and the postgraduate office staff in RCS-Bahrain I can say I am very grateful.
I have attended lately a workshop on thesis preparation by video call, which was done in Dublin. I've attended it together with other PhD students in the college in Bahrain, and it was very helpful.

What would you improve about this program?
More preparatory workshops to be carried out either in Bahrain or with video call with RCSI-Dublin
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Yes, I recommend this program

Placement and subsequent PhD

I first came to RCSI in 2014, working as an intern in a small research project in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine, in order to finalise my Master of Science final thesis from a Dutch University. As I got on well with my supervisors, we decided to continue collaborating. I applied for PhD funding, hoping that I would be able to return to Ireland and RCSI - which I did, a year later. I am mid-way through my PhD at RCSI now and do not regret this decision at all. People in Dublin, or wider in Ireland, but also specifically in RCSI are very friendly, helpful and open to foreigners like me (German-Lebanese). The biggest challenge with moving here certainly was the housing condition in Dublin - renting contracts are expensive, housing conditions not always ideal and in particular at the beginning of the academic year, the competition for rooms is high. Looking back at this now, I should ideally have taken a short-term rent somewhere farther out of the city centre until the worst flow of incoming students was over and search from there. Apart from this, however, there is no single reason why I would not recommend studying at RCSI. The city is a bit pricey, but has a lot to offer all the same, the weather is actually not as bad as people always tend to say, and both within and outside the college, people here know how to enjoy their lives and socialise. On top of that, for anyone seeking contact to people from similar backgrounds, RCSI has a lot of international students - sometimes I wonder whether these outnumber the Irish people you get to meet here.
A short note on the research programme, I assume like everywhere this can differ widely depending on supervisors and the actual programme chosen. However, I have not heard bad stories from other postgraduate studies. Speaking for myself, I am enjoying an excellent level of supervision, the well-built research infrastructure offered at RCSI, and I am able to work independently.

What would you improve about this program?
Indeed, it may be helpful if a little more support was offered to students before they move to Ireland. As far as I know, most students stay in hostels or hotel rooms for the first few days or weeks upon their arrival and have difficulties finding long-term accommodation. It may be helpful to them if the college could provide support, e.g. through setting up a central contact point for queries around this issue, or by recruiting voluntary mentors who help incoming students before and in the first few weeks of their programme.