One of the biggest challenges students face when making the decision to study abroad is the threat of graduating late as a result of their time abroad. This problem is easily fixed by choosing a study abroad program that is contingent to your major.

Nursing majors have a strenuous workload that spans a range of fields, levels, and specialties. While it may not seem like it at first, studying abroad is actually the perfect way to develop important skills, get hands-on experience in global healthcare, and will ultimately allow you to excel in the nursing world.

Many nursing programs abroad offer courses that can be substituted for those at the home university. Instead of taking a palliative care course in your home institution, you can take it abroad and learn about the differences in healthcare systems. Instead of doing clinical rotations at the local hospital, you can triage patients and shadow doctors in a more rural area overseas.

Here are the most common nursing programs types you'll come across your search:

Travel Programs

Some upper-division and graduate programs offer a unique traveling experience in which nursing students can travel between multiple countries over the duration of the program, gaining a truly international experience and studying at some of the most famous medical institutions in the world. These programs cater to nursing, public health, and health administration students, among others.


Another popular option for nursing students is to study abroad at a medical university or within specialized departments. In many universities, undergraduate study options are available in the biomedical and medical disciplines, along with some specialist programs for nurses and postgraduate studies in a variety of subjects.


Some great options for nursing students to study abroad offer clinical and research programs in a variety of pathways, from Cancer Care to Specialist/Advanced Practice and Generic, ensuring that you will find an area that you are interested in.

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With a lifestyle that is among the best in the world, jobs that give great job satisfaction and a solid healthcare system, Australia is one of the top professional destinations for nurses. The hospitals in Australia are on par with any world-class hospitals and this gives the nurses ample opportunity to learn and work in world-class working environments, with professionally qualified colleagues, state-of-the-art equipment, and medical technology.

Unlike hospitals in other parts of the world, professional stress is low in Australia, mainly due to the kind and friendly nature of the patients and low work hours. Thus, the chances of experiencing career burnout are minimal in the Australian health care industry. Top hospitals include the Prince of Wales teaching hospital in Sydney, a leader in Australia's national health care system. Start your journey Down Under by studying nursing abroad at University of Canberra.


Singapore is considered one of the four “Asian Tigers” and has a flourishing economy and healthcare sector. Singapore’s stable and efficient economy and governance ensure your stability and job security. The Parkway Hospital Group is the dominant healthcare provider, with the Gleneagles Hospital as its flagship hospital. It boasts of multi-disciplinary and state-of-the-art facilities and is renowned for its expertise, quality care, user-friendly services and modern technology.

With Singapore’s commitment to excellence, nursing in Singapore will equip you with high-quality skills and knowledge that will carry you on throughout your nursing career.


Hamburg, Germany, is home to the Asklepios Group, the biggest private operator of hospitals in the entire European continent. It has over 100 facilities, as the company leverages its substantial wealth of experience to provide patients with the right treatment options and excellent service in medicine, nursing, and rehabilitation.

The Hamburg facility is its pride and joy. The hospital utilizes the most modern and cutting-edge medical equipment, serving as a laboratory for innovative medical technology companies that make their products available to Asklepios before it is even released to the rest of the world. Nursing in Hamburg will thus open your eyes and mind, giving you the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of medical innovation.

Best Time to Study Nursing Abroad

If your institution will allow the transfer of academic credit for your nursing courses abroad, you can study abroad during any quarter or semester the relevant classes are offered. If your course load is too full or you don't want to complete a whole semester in a different country, another option is to look into nursing study abroad programs in the summer. Traveling over the summer can also provide you time to explore the country before or after your nursing placement.

Housing for Nursing Students

The type of housing you choose may be dependent on the program you choose or your own personal preferences. Many times nursing students are provided a shared apartment or have options for their own housing. If you are unsure of your options, we have a guide that can help you make your decision.

Nursing Study Abroad Scholarships

As one of the few majors that offers guaranteed job security and stability (especially with the current high demand for nurses), the nursing major is thus extremely sought after. Luckily, there are many scholarships available to help you pursue your nursing major. Check out these scholarships when studying Nursing abroad:

Study Abroad Nursing Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you study abroad for nursing?

    Yes! In fact, studying abroad is a great way to get exposed to global healthcare, learn new nursing skills, and get hands-on experience that will make you stand out from other nursing students.

  • Which country is best for nursing?

    Many countries have excellent universities with stand-out nursing programs, but a few places that stand out, in particular, are Australia, Germany, and Singapore!

  • How many years does it take to study nursing abroad?

    If you want to complete a full nursing degree abroad, it will take about two to three years. However, there are study abroad programs of all lengths for nursing students. Depending on your preference, you can take a fall semester, a whole summer, or a week or two in between terms to study abroad.

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