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University College Cork
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Oct 04, 2023
Nov 15, 2023
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About Program

The Cork program offers students the opportunity to enroll in a range of courses in a variety of disciplines at the University College Cork (UCC), one of the oldest universities in Ireland. Discipline choices include: Archaeology, Biological Sciences, Celtic Civilization, Chemistry, Commerce and Technology, History, Irish Studies, Nursing, Music, Applied Psychology, Applied Social Sciences, Physics, and Law.

Ireland remains a unique country with its own traditions, values, and views of the world. Time in Ireland will challenge you personally, open your eyes to different ways of looking at the current topics in our world, and enable you to experience Irish culture and history.

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Diversity & Inclusion

LGBTQIA+ Support

There are LGBTQIA+ friends, colleagues, and allies throughout the world. However, cultural understanding of gender identity and sexuality does vary from country to country. USAC has compiled a lot of resources to help you through that learning process.

Accessibility Support

USAC is dedicated to working closely with students with disabilities to ensure the best study abroad experience possible. You may request reasonable accommodations after your initial application is complete. We routinely receive requests for scheduling, material, and environmental accommodations for the classroom setting, which may include assistive technology, scribes and readers, printed material, and interpretation.



Environmentally-conscious students choose USAC because many of our programs are held in some of the most sustainable countries in the world. There are options to take coursework in sustainability and the environment, as well as field trips and studies where students can leave a lasting impact on their host country.

Program Highlights

  • Live in Cork City—one of the Lonely Planet World’s Top 10 Cities to Visit—whose identity is balanced between its charming historical heritage and modern cosmopolitan energy
  • Study at Ireland’s leading university and benefit from an innovative, research-led curriculum taught by world-class academics
  • Explore the Skellig Region and Ring of Kerry in the included Heritage Weekend field trip
  • Enjoy a state-of-the-art sports complex with facilities including: swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, gyms, rugby, soccer and hockey pitches, tennis courts, running tracks, and cafés

About University College Cork

University College Cork
Year Founded:

University College Cork is an institution that combines all the best aspects of research, academic excellence, Irish history and culture, student safety and welfare, and a vibrant campus life to create an exceptional study abroad experience. From our castle-like campus quad, to our dedication to green studies and sustainability, from our active student clubs and societies, to our commitment to student distinction, UCC provides students with a safe, exciting, beautiful, intellectually stimulating environment in which to learn, grow, and make memories.

Students who choose UCC as their abroad destination leave campus with more than just pictures and souvenirs; UCC alumni leave with countless memories, friends from all over the world, a wealth of knowledge, and a newly found sense of independence and self-awareness.


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USAC Scholarships and Financial Aid

USAC awards over $2 million in scholarships and discounts each year to assist students with their study abroad expenses.

$500 - $5,000

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4.93 Rating
based on 14 reviews
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  • Academics 4.15
  • Support 4.8
  • Fun 4.65
  • Housing 4.35
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Such a fun Experience!

This experience was such a fun one for me that I would choose to do over and over again. it was a way of me actually getting out there and going outside my comfort zone. Since I also went to different countries it was so much fun to see all the cultural differences and to experience them all! This experience also gives you the freedom of traveling where you please. I was able to see so many countries I do not think I would have if I would not have gone on the trip. It also gives you good mature skills like budgeting because you are not allowed to work while in a different country being there for only a semester.

  • You get to interact with people you never would if you stayed home.
  • You get to indulge in many different cultures.
  • You will always be amazed by the beautiful views anywhere you go.
  • You will get home sick.
  • Time zones can be difficult to get used to if you aren't there for a period of time.
  • You spend too much money.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Best Decision I've Ever Made

Studying abroad in Cork, Ireland was truly a life-changing experience for me. I had the absolute time of my life and managed to make lifelong friends along the way. It seemed like every week I was experiencing something new, and that was part of the reason why it felt like those five months flew by. I joined multiple clubs at UCC (University College Cork) and picked up new hobbies, such as climbing and olympic lifting. I found plenty of time to travel outside my host country to places like England, Spain, Netherlands, and Italy, while still staying on top of my academics back home in Ireland. It took me some time to adjust to my new surroundings, but I committed myself to putting energy into making friends with the people I traveled to Ireland with and with the Irish students I met through clubs and classes. My move to Cork couldn't have come at a better time, as my family life back home wasn't the best and was causing a lot of stress in my life. Getting away to Ireland for those five months really saved my mental health and gave me a brighter outlook on life. Truly, if I had studied abroad in Cork even a year earlier I would've seriously considered transferring to UCC full-time. I loved my host country and my experience there more than I can put into words. I'll be forever grateful to myself for making the choice to go and to my parents for making it possible.

  • Ireland has an extremely welcoming culture and the people are so nice!
  • Ireland is a relatively inexpensive country to live in compared to the United States.`
  • It is very easy and affordable to travel to other countries in Europe from Ireland.
  • The weather can be dreary for weeks at a time, so if you need to see the sun all the time Ireland isn't for you.
  • Irish accents are sometimes hard to understand, so it takes some time to gain an ear for Irish accents.
  • A lot of social life in Ireland revolves around drinking, so if you don't drink alcohol you may find it off-putting at first.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience of my life!!

I’ll remember the memories I made and the friends I met forever!! The field trips were amazing but I do wish we had some more time in some of the places. The course I took was “Folklore of Cork” with Shane LeHane and it one of my favorite courses and professors I’ve ever had. Cork is an amazing city and I wish I could have spent more time there! The housing was similar to the typical form were used to in the United States but probably could have been cleaned a little more upon arrival. But the location was great and easy to get places.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ireland man…

I had an absolutely incredible time in Ireland! Getting to be immersed in Cork, Ireland’s culture for 6 weeks was one of the best experiences of my life! I go to explore all over Ireland, explore Cork, and take some of the most interesting classes I have ever taken! I don’t regret going but I do regret having to leave after 6 weeks (although that was the program length for me). I wish I could have stayed longer because I had the best time and I miss it everyday… also the people who were in the program with me were the best!!

  • Beautiful
  • Clean
  • Exciting
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience of a Lifetime!

Studying abroad really was a once in a lifetime experience that I would encourage every undergraduate student to do! The new friends I made, cultures, and places I got to experience made me a more well rounded individual. I learned to try everything and be excited to do new things. There are people I met from all around the world during my program that I still keep in contact with today, some even on a day to day basis. If you do decide to study abroad, take advantage of all the opportunities to see new places! So, if you get the chance, study abroad!!

  • Meeting new people
  • Country full of history
  • English Speaking
  • Weather Jan-May is a little rainy
  • Not enough time to do everything
  • Cork does not have a huge airport
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Yes, I recommend this program

Incredible Experience!!

After having to plan and re-plan my study abroad trip several times during the COVID-19 pandemic, finding USAC was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. The advisors and staff made it so streamlined to join the program swiftly. Working with the USAC advisor provided me with so much relief and security that my study abroad experience was going to take off successfully (and it did!!). My USAC advisor provided me not only with so much information but so much confidence in myself to see things through. Every step in the process ensured I was on track with the country's requirements, my own scholarships, etc. I was fortunate to have such a stellar group along for the adventure too, which made me feel so at home in a new place. The academics offered through USAC too were phenomenal, and working alongside some of University College Cork's own instructors was an unforgettable experience of cultural immersion and sharing so many stories. I'm so grateful to have had such a positive experience with USAC's guidance and assistance along every step of the way!!

  • Provides some scholarships and accepts many others
  • Accomodations provided (unless you'd rather find your own!)
  • Group flights that can be tailored to fit your location and ensure you arrive on time
  • More group-oriented
  • You'll have to find most of the host community events and cultural immersion yourself
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Yes, I recommend this program

USAC Cork truly changed my life!

If you're not sure about studying abroad- just do it! I was scared to travel by myself to a strange country without anyone I knew but USAC Cork genuinely changed my life. The professors and classes were amazing, the city (and all of Ireland) is so culturally rich and welcoming, and the experience definitely helped me grow as a person. I met someone I consider one of my best friends, and I am looking at UCC for graduate school because I loved studying there so much. Outstanding program!
Also, if you are concerned about medical issues or a disability hampering your experience; I found the program very accommodating and caring to work with.

  • Walking or taking public transport everywhere you want to go
  • Historic places everywhere
  • Beautiful in both the city and countryside
  • High cost of living
  • Housing was bearable but not fantastic
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Summer Ever

I had a great time in Cork studying at the UCC. My program was short term, I studied there in five weeks in the summer. The program was amazing and the classes they offered during the short period were immersive and interesting. Each class had a mandatory field trip you must attend, the two I attended were interesting. The people I met in the program from other schools I still talk to today. Even with the program being short term and semi-intensive I still had opportunities to enjoy Ireland and travel while also receiving good grades. I highly recommend the summer program for anyone who is interested in a short term program in Ireland.You will experience so many things in the country that you never thought about, you will learn so much more about the country and yourself. I had a great time with great people while I was there.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Don't be afraid to travel alone. If you do the summer program as I did you are there for a short time and the people you travel with make or break the experience. If you go alone you will have a blast and don't feel like you have to leave the country, Ireland has a lot to offer.
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