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Study and live in Verona, a modern, medium-sized city with a larger than life history, located near Venice, Lake Garda, the Dolomite Mountains, and the borders of Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. The city straddles the beautiful Adige River in the Veneto region of Italy and is home to layers of historical palaces, bridges, squares, and churches. Three Shakespearean plays are set in Verona: Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew. While visitors come throughout the year to experience its literary and artistic heritage, annual fairs, shows, operas, and historic sights, the city retains its elegant, authentic atmosphere.

The Verona program is ideal for students looking to study in International Marketing, Business, Communications, Tourism and Italian Studies in a location rich in cultural heritage. As a student here you will have plenty of school and entertainment activities, local and international food, and multiple transportation options.

  • Live in one of Italy’s most beautiful, elegant, and celebrated cities, honored as a UNESCO site in 2000
  • Practice Italian and interact daily with local students on campus and around the city
  • Bask in the glamor and history in the “city of love”; home to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  • Join field trips to local companies, international fashion businesses, and culinary sites to enhance class work, build cultural knowledge, and take advantage of local expertise

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Yes, I recommend this program

USAC Verona

My experience studying abroad in Verona, Italy was more than I could ever hope for. Verona is the perfect city to study abroad in. It has the perfect mix of tourism and quiet. Specific to the program, the best part about it was the program directors. Anna and Irene are the reason this program was so enjoyable. They are available to help you with anything you could possibly need. They were like my second moms away from home! They work so hard to make the program great and make sure you get everything you want out of your study abroad experience. In addition, they helped me find an internship that matched what I was studying for in school.

What would you improve about this program?
The housing arrangements were different for each person. I happened to be in a private apartment with other girls and it worked great. Some other students lived in a dorm style building that was far from campus and the main city center which made it a bit challenging for them and they felt a bit removed.
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United States
Yes, I recommend this program

Living the dream

I had been abroad before, but actually studying abroad was my dream. I chose Italy for several factors. I had the time of my life and would recommend others to study abroad too, in Italy or another country. Schooling was okay. It was a little frustrating because our schedules changed every week. We had the entire schedule ahead of time but it would be nice to have a set schedule to make planning and traveling easier without having to scour the schedule to make sure it worked out. Our housing wasn’t the best. I heard the semester after us had more options, but we felt really unwelcome in our building and lots of things broke and went wrong. Hopefully having more options made the housing experience a little better. Our building was also very very far from school. It was either a 45-60 min walk or a 20 min bus ride with an additional 15 min of walking. A closer building would have been a lot easier. Verona is beautiful and full of history. There’s so much character there, be sure to take advantage of it and get to know your new home city! The traveling experience was also incredible. Verona is a little tougher to get to other places simply because the airport is really small, and to get to bigger cities is time consuming because you have to travel by train or bus to get to the bigger metropolitan area airports. But it’s worth it. Being able to travel to so many different countries for so cheap and just for the weekend is something I’ll never forget. Studying abroad was definitely an experience to remember. I’ll always tell people to make the jump and just do it. You will never regret it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Time in Verona

Before coming to Verona, Italy I had no idea what to expect. I had never traveled outside of the United States and I had no idea what kind of life changing experience I was in for. Verona opened my eyes to so much of the world and has encouraged me to pursue new opportunities and experiences. What I really enjoyed about Verona is that you really feel immersed in the Italian culture, which is different from more of the larger touristy cities in Italy. I was able to meet Italian locals, enjoy the beauty of Verona every day on my walk to class, go to aperitivo in the piazzas, and so much more! This city completely made me feel like I had a home away from home. I was also able to travel quite extensively during my time In Verona to many places in Italy and other countries as well. Verona is a great hub for transportation, but every time I left to go to a new place, I was eager to get back home to Verona. Being in Italy changed me so much as a person and I would recommend it to anyone - no matter where you are at in life! After my departure, I find myself missing Verona every day, and I cannot wait to come back!