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Feb 22, 2024
Feb 22, 2024
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About Program

Uncover the mosaic of Sicilian culture, shaped by millennia of civilizations. From the Phoenicians to the Romans, Normans, Arabs, and more, Sicily's identity is a living, evolving masterpiece. Our Cultural Heritage and Identity course invites you to explore the island's ever-changing history and heritage. Understand how identity is continually created and re-created in this captivating cradle of Western civilization.
Choose one of our tracks, or both!

Archaeology Field School at the Temple of Zeus
- 3 credits | 45 contact hours
- Major Disciplines: History, Classics, Archaeology
- Related Disciplines: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Italian Studies

Environmental Humanities: Storytelling, Art and Ethics
- 3 credits | 45 contact hours
- Major Disciplines: Modern Languages, Italian Studies
- Related Disciplines: Cultural Studies, Global Studies, Food Studies

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Program Highlights

  • Study in a UNESCO World Heritage and participate in Cultural Immersion trips to other important sites of world heritage like the Val di Noto and Pantalica
  • Earn transferrable US College Credit
  • Boutique school in the heart of Syracuse
  • Housing in the package
  • All programs at Syracuse Academy are designed to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030 through the values of Education Abroad

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Yes, I recommend this program

Cultural Heritage and Identity in Sicily

The Cultural Heritage and Identity program at Syracuse Academy caught my attention because of its focus on hands-on learning experiences. The program promised an in-depth exploration of Sicily's rich cultural heritage through a combination of archaeological fieldwork and studies in environmental humanities. This blend of practical and theoretical learning, set in the context of Sicily's landscape, seemed like the perfect way to gain a comprehensive understanding of how cultural heritage shapes and is shaped by societal and environmental factors.
Exploring Sicily's mosaic of cultures was an unforgettable experience. The program's interdisciplinary approach provided a comprehensive understanding of the island's identity. More interactive Italian language sessions would have enhanced the learning experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning about Mediterranean cultures

This course was really great for learning and also for understanding different cultures better. We learned through stories and saw many kinds of art, which was very interesting and fun. We also talked about what is right and wrong in different situations, which made the course more important and interesting. These talks helped us think more deeply about how people live in different places and how they think. I think this course is very good for anyone who wants to learn more about how different cultures around the world work and how they can understand them better. If you like to learn about different ways of living and thinking, you should definitely take this course. It helps you see the world in new ways.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
My favorite aspect of Sicily was its incredible diversity — in landscapes, architecture, and cultural expressions. From the bustling markets of Palermo to the ancient ruins of Agrigento and the baroque cities of the Val di Noto, every place told a different story of Sicily's past and present. The warmth of the Sicilian people, their rich culinary traditions, and the vibrant street life made me feel deeply connected to the island. The program's cultural immersion trips were highlights, offering insights into Sicily's complex heritage and the ongoing efforts to preserve it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A melting pot of ancient cultures

The Cultural Heritage and Identity course was an amazing journey into the heart of Sicily's long and rich history. For someone like me, coming from Spain and not very familiar with Sicily before this, the course was an eye-opener. We went deep into understanding how Sicily has been a melting pot of various cultures throughout the centuries. Each lesson was like peeling back layers of history, revealing the influences of different civilizations that have called Sicily home.

The field trips were a highlight of the course. Seeing the historical sites in person was not just educational but truly enlightening. It's one thing to read about these places or see pictures, but standing there, where history happened, is a completely different experience. Each trip was well organized and informative, adding layers of understanding that classroom learning alone could not provide.

Learning Italian as part of the course was another aspect that I found very valuable. It added a whole new dimension to the experience. Being able to understand and speak even a little Italian helped me connect more with the culture and the people of Sicily. It was challenging at first, but also very rewarding. Speaking another language, even at a basic level, opens up so many doors and helps in appreciating the nuances of a culture in ways that would be difficult otherwise.

By the end of the course, I left with a profound appreciation for Sicily's diverse cultural influences. I realized how much the past has shaped the present, and how understanding this history is crucial in understanding the identity of a place. The mix of classroom learning, field trips, and language study was perfect for a deep and rounded understanding of Sicily's cultural heritage. This course was not just about learning facts; it was about experiencing and understanding the soul of Sicily.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Future participants should know that this program is as challenging as it is rewarding. The interdisciplinary approach engages with complex concepts and diverse perspectives, often pushing you out of your comfort zone. You'll be asked to not only learn about but also critically engage with issues of cultural heritage, sustainability, and identity. This demands an open mind abd active participation. The program's strength lies in its immersive nature, combining academic studies with hands-on experiences. Be prepared for a busy schedule filled with field trips, cultural immersion activities, and collaborative projects that enrich your understanding and appreciation of Sicilian culture and heritage. Embracing this challenge, however, offers opportunities for learning, growth, and making a tangible impact through your studies.
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