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Study Architecture Abroad

Guide to studying architecture abroad

Because of the demanding course of study and long studio hours, students studying architecture are somewhat hesitant to leave campus and study abroad. However, with careful planning, both studying abroad and graduating on time are possible! Visiting other countries allows students to experience the buildings and designs discussed in class live and up close. What a better way to study architecture than through this sightseeing or "field work"?

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Popular Destinations

Rome, Italy

One of the hub's of old world architecture, Rome is best known for it's numerous monuments and temples modeled after Greek practices. The Romans were also the first to perfect the use of concrete, which allowed them much more ease and flexibility in constructing their structures. Students interested in classical architecture should put this city at the top of their list.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Built up from the riches of it's oil reserves, Dubai has quickly made its mark in the architecture and design work. It is currently home to the tallest sky scraper built by man and an island map of the world built out of sand dredges. Anyone looking to study more recent architecture and engineering feats are highly encouraged to visit.

Beijing, China

Recently given a facelift from the 2008 Olympics, Beijing is also home to many old world structures showcasing its cultural history. Beijing's old buildings are more decorative and pay attention to columns, beams, and brackets while the new style is more asymmetric, meant to catch the viewers attention. Those who want to experience the old and new world simultaneously should definitely consider Beijing.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is home to many renowned Gaudi structures. From the colorfully tiled Parque Guell, to the Sagrada Familia that is still being constructed today, you will not want to look anywhere else. Bridging the old and new worlds of architecture, it is a must stop for those who can't stop thinking about modernism.

Costs & Funding

Taking time off to go abroad can be financially challenging, but fear not, there are a multitude of scholarships that apply to both architecture specific programs and general study abroad. Be sure check if your school offers any scholarships as well.

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