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Japan is a fascinating country rich in culture, history, and a diverse environment, the combination of which produces one of the most distinctive societies in the world. The Contemporary Japan Program at Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) aims to promote a better understanding of the cultural, linguistic, social, economic, and political aspects of Japan. You may concentrate your studies on Japanese language or expand your focus to include art and culture, international studies, and business courses taught in English. Classes are small, and a variety of on- and off-campus co-curricular activities are readily available.

  • Immerse yourself in Japanese language studies or explore contemporary Japanese culture, business, and society in English.
  • Join one of more than 150 cultural and sports clubs to enrich your time in Japan and make new friends.
  • Savor the “food capital” of Japan in Osaka, Japan’s third largest city, and the beautiful port city of Kobe, both within an hour of the university's Nishinomiya-Uegahara campus.

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simply AMAZING!

This study abroad program to osaka/kobe was LIFE CHANGING. I had a great time! I lived in an international dorm, and was able to become lifelong friends with many international students. I made many Japanese friends as well. I have met many of my friends in their home countries after the program ended!
The school was AMAZING. I learned so much Japanese in just 5 months. The location is in a good cultural hub of the country; there are many natives and international people there. The school had great facilities: a good gym, pool, cafeterias, stores, and libraries. Everything I needed was within walking distance of the dorm.
This program is great for learning Japanese. The teachers pushed for us to use Japanese in and out of class, and rarely used English.
The location was SUPERB! The city is located in between many tourist areas, such as Himeji Castle, Kyoto, and downtown Osaka. The campus was located at the base of a mountain, the top of which holds amazing views of the city! You could go anywhere in the country by bus, train or plane for a cheap price.
All in all, this program was outstanding! I will never forget it, and it has changed my life!

How can this program be improved?
The school in Japan does not have good support or understanding of people with mental disabilities. My friend and I ran into issues with getting help with anxiety issues, allergies, or mental health issues.
Aside from that, it was great!
Yes, I recommend this program

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