Global Student Athlete Semester Abroad in New Zealand

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GSA Rugby
GSA Rugby
GSA Cricket
GSA Cricket
GSA Strength & Conditioning
GSA Strength & Conditioning
GSA Equestrian
GSA Equestrian
GSA Elite Sports Services
GSA Elite Sports Services


GSA offers a variety of top-quality sports and fitness programs for student athletes. GSA enables male and female student-athletes to combine international coaching and training with one or two semesters of overseas study.

The training and conditioning sessions are structured to be available outside your normal classroom hours. This enables you to keep up with your studies.

All GSA options are based in the student city of Palmerston North. You will train with the elite sportspeople of the Manawatu region and have opportunities to engage with both professional athletes and New Zealand representatives of your sport.

-Strength and Conditioning
-Elite Sport Services


Massey University
Massey University Scholarships & Financial Aid

Massey University is committed to providing financial aid and scholarships to those in need. Every year we provide $500,000 in financial aid directly to international students studying abroad.

$5,000 - $20,000

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Global Student Athlete integration

I studied abroad at Massey University spring of 2017. I attended the university as an International Business major as well as a member in the Global Student Athletics program. As a full time soccer player, traveling and cultivating experiences off the field, and outside of the gym, is very difficult. However, my experience at Massey University was not lacking integration between athletics, academics and campus social life. While I was seeing great result in strength and endurance, thanks to my personal trainer James Amon, the flexibility of the training team allowed me to never miss a new adventure with several of the on-campus clubs that I joined. I joined the Equestrian club, Alpine club, and soccer team on campus. When James and I were not increasing weight, reps or doing super sets, I was able to travel and truly experience New Zealand. My mentors at Massey insisted that I travel and learn more about the culture as both of these things promote self growth. I am so happy that I listened to them as I saw so many incredible places and had countless eye opening experiences, whether it was learning about the Maori culture or climbing the dormant volcano Mount Ngauruhoe. Huge thank you to Craig Lyons, Gail Gilbert, James Amon and everyone else in their offices for creating this once in a life-time opportunity that I will never forget.