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Arcadia University- University of Glasgow

Experience an academic program in a city that is trendy, vibrant and energetic at the University of Glasgow, ranked among the UK's top universities. With close to 17,000 students, Glasgow boasts one of the largest biology departments in the UK, has a large English department with superb offerings in Scottish Literature and Scottish Studies and excels in Medieval History.

Travel to fascinating places of interest that enhance your cultural immersion and give a meaningful context to your academic courses. Excursions may include: Windsor Castle, an adventure weekend in Wales, and Royal Ascot.

Arcadia University opens the doors to new experiences, different academic learning, people, cultures and perspectives so you can build your own lifelong learning and memories. With Arcadia, you can: Enjoy academic success, explore a new world, get to know yourself, rely on us for support, and boost your resume.

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Arcadia was extremely helpful in helping us transition and get comfortable in a new country. They also had many great trip opportunities to exciting places throughout Scotland. The city of Glasgow and the University were beautiful, with an amazing culture, and neverending list of fun things to do. The education system is a little different from what I expected. I was graded pretty much on only one or two exams per class, and it required a lot more independent studying than my US classes. Basically, the teachers don't hold your hand as much. However, the professors were wonderful. The Pre-Medical anatomy class for study abroad students was the best class I've ever taken, incomparable to anything US schools typically offer to undergrads. The social life in the city was great, and I found students to be very welcoming to foreign students. Glasgow University has tons of clubs, and I joined the running club. It was a great way to make new friends in a new place.

How can this program be improved?

Study-abroad students seemed to be randomly placed in housing assignments. For example, my friends studying abroad got placed in a way nicer section, while I (a junior) got placed in the freshman dorms that were a 25 minute walk from the University. Other than that, no complaints.

Yes, I recommend
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How Soon Can I Go Back?

Glasgow was amazing. I wouldn't give up a day there for anything. The Arcadia staff provided a pretty good orientation, as well as opportunities for smaller trips within Scotland on weekends and what not. There was also an opportunity for a weekend homestay, which I would highly recommend because it was a great part of my experience abroad! It can be hard to meet Scottish students because housing generally puts you with other international students but there are so many clubs and societies at the university that it's easy to meet Scottish students that way! All in all, it was a fantastic experience.

How can this program be improved?

Other than wishing I had gone for the year, there isn't too much that could be done. I did wish that we had a better grasp of the format of classes and what to expect from them and from grading, as well as what to expect from exams. That's really it though!

Yes, I recommend
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Glasgow, Scotland: A Home Away From Home

My time in Glasgow was the best 5 months of my life. The housing was apartment style, and the people in my program were great. The nightlife can't be beat, and the Scottish people are like no other!
AI recommend joining a club and getting involved with the university, even though you're only there for a relatively short amount of time. It's a great way to meet people from Scotland, as well as all around the UK, and they can get you better acquainted with the city. I joined the cheerleading team and they were an amazing group of girls.

How can this program be improved?

Besides wishing it was longer? I wish that the Arcadia staff had prepared us for the way they teach in the UK. Most of my classes had only one big essay or test at the end of the semester, and that was 90% of your grade! It worked out okay in the end, but that was startling to find out at the outset.
It was also a little difficult at first to meet Scottish students, because they tend to house international students together.

Yes, I recommend
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Best Semester of My Life

This was the first time I had ever been away from home for longer than a month or two, so I was terrified. I went to Glasgow alone, I knew no one from the program and I didn't know much about Scotland, either. But once I got there, I loved it! I made lifelong friends that I still keep in touch with. I fell in love with Scotland. It is such a beautiful country with the kindest people I have ever met. I can't wait until I can go back! Arcadia provided several opportunities for various excursions around Scotland, but even without those excursions, there is so much to do and so much to explore that I was never truly bored. I highly recommend studying abroad in Glasgow. It was the best decision of my life, and even though I was skeptical at first, I absolutely fell in love with the country and the people!

How can this program be improved?

The only way this program could be improved is if it lasted longer! My only regret is not staying for an entire year.

Yes, I recommend
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Glasgow is the best city in the UK!

Arcadia guided me through the entire application process, which included complicated financial aid portions. The orientation experience was easy and a great way to meet friends, because we were all in a new country and mostly didn't know anyone else. Arcadia also gave us an extensive amount of activities to participate in during our time abroad, so all of us were able to become more familiar with Scotland.

The only difficulty was registering at the beginning of the semester. The university's system is very different from the American system, so we could have used more guidance in that experience.

How can this program be improved?

We could be given more information about the geography of the city to make informed decisions about living location. All of the people in our program were generally located in the same areas, and it took us only a short period of time to become acquainted, but before we arrived it was completely up to us to figure this out.

Yes, I recommend

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