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Oct 21, 2018
Nov 01, 2014
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Summer study abroad program run by Southern Utah University faculty. During the program students will travel between Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London. The focus of the program is on English Literature and writing. For more information please visit our website.

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Study Abroad Done Right

I've traveled to London and Edinburgh on three separate occasions for study abroad trips. The one experience that stands out above the rest happened in Maymester, 2013. I came to study Harry Potter and Poetry, but left with much more than curricular learning. While my classes were spectacular, what happened outside the classroom actually changed my life.
The study abroad experience is more than an interesting class in an unusual setting. What happens in your free time can be life changing. A few experiences I had on this particular trip that changed my outlook on life and brought the wide world closer to me personally:

I met Tom Baker, Ian McNiece, and Mark Gatiss in a stamp shop. I did an impromptu scene with Danny Devito at the Savoy (from the front row while he took his bows for Sunshine Boys). I managed to snap a picture of the Queen in her carriage as she left Buckingham Palace for Parliament. But the most sublime, perfect experience occurred on the cold streets of Edinburgh.

It was unseasonably cold for May. The street performers had mostly packed it in because of the frigid temperatures, except for a few truly dedicated diehards. Among these was a small, deformed woman in a wheelchair, bundled from head to toe in a purple coat, pink leggings, and several scarves. Her toes, however, remained naked. With those amazing toes, this young woman painted the most exquisite flowers on small canvases for those inclined to buy.

As a poet and artist myself, the true art this woman produced moved me more than evry other paining, sculpture, or literary work I'd ever observed. There on the cold streets of Edinburgh, I experienced beauty beyond Picasso, rhyme more potent than Shakespeare, music more profound than Mozart.

I stood and talked to this wonderful human being for the better part of an hour, leaving the entire contents of my wallet in her collection tin. It wasn't enough, but it was all I had. The experience was utterly priceless. If you are an artist, you understand. If not, there are no words I can string together sufficient to explain the epiphany. I only hope that each of you can someday experience beauty in the way I did that frozen day.

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