SIT Study Abroad Senegal: Hip-Hop & African Diaspora

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Examine how young Africans use hip-hop to critique traditional understandings of the world, imagine African futures, and raise consciousness about globalization and (in)equality.

Explore hip-hop as a philosophical, political, and economic force in Africa. You’ll learn about the way disenfranchised diasporic communities engage critically with the social and political realities of the world since the 1970s. You’ll also trace the development and adaptation of hip-hop, exploring the diasporic exchanges that led to its emergence in Africa and the ways African hip-hop artists question eurocentrism and global capitalism.

  • Understand the history, development and importance of hip-hop in Africa and globally.
  • Go on an excursion to Ghana for three weeks.
  • Experience urban life in two African metropolises.
  • Attend workshops led by major hip-hop artists such as King Mo, Ndongo D, Xeinnix, and Salla Ngary.
  • Do an internship in hip-hop and urban cultural centers.

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