You may have heard that all the world's a stage, but how do you know unless you get out there and check it out for yourself?! Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for performing arts majors. Whether you are studying acting, dance, music, or another field, there will undoubtedly be differences between your home institution and what is liked and appreciated in this new culture.

Performing arts is definitely culturally influenced. Exposure to a slightly different take on whatever genre you practice, as well as to an audience with different expectations, will make you a more well-rounded and experienced performer. And, don’t forget that you’ll come back with a perfected new accent from whichever country you study in--add that to your resume! Take the opportunity to practice Gamelan music in Indonesia, traditional dance in Japan, or guerrilla theater in South America!

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Popular Destinations

The performing arts are everywhere (even the world's most restrictive country, North Korea, has stand up! Seriously! Google it!). So pack your bag and spin a globe! You can go anywhere to study performing arts abroad!

If you’d like to venture off to the UK, there are lots of great options for performing arts students. Queen Mary University, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance are all fantastic schools in England. Scotland's Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama is also of note. The rest of Europe also boasts some great schools including The Stage School of Hamburg in Germany and Amsterdam School of the Arts in the Netherlands.

Some other great options are Argentina's Metropolitan School of Dramatic Art, The National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia, and The National School of the Arts in South Africa. South Korea's School of Performing Arts offers great courses for wannabe Korean pop stars and regular performers, alike!

Costs & Funding

With all those shows you'll be going to see, you might want some extra money in your pockets. Check with you school's department for any potential scholarships, or use these as a start.

Performing Arts Study Abroad Programs

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