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The 2016 LEAD Cape Town costs include the program fee of $4,900 and tuition for $3,100. The program fee includes housing in beachside apartments, weekly dinners, all service related activities and transportation, 5 days on the Garden Route including a game drive, shark cage diving and visiting an elephant sanctuary. Tuition covers the 6 credit hours from Oglethorpe University. LEAD Cape Town 2017 costs will be released this summer.
Oct 23, 2017
Apr 14, 2016
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Join us on LEAD Cape Town for 5 weeks and you will get to see elephants on safari, serve the local community in the townships and earn take 2 classes through Oglethorpe University. You will also get to meet students from all over the US while your explore the most cosmopolitan city in Africa!

You'll get 6 credits in 2 different classes. During the leadership class, you will learn about yourself as a leader and develop a toolbox to use back on campus and in your community. The civic engagement class allows you to do hands on service and provide after school programs for students in the community. Not to mention shark cage diving, riding elephants, tasting amazing cuisines and hitting the beach!

LEAD Cape Town is a holistic study abroad program where our team takes care of all of the details. Its our job to make sure this is the best 5 weeks of your life!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best 5 Weeks- Facing Fears & Making Friends

I spent 5 weeks in Cape Town with LeadAbroad, making some of the best friends, getting to know the greatest city, and going on all kinds of cool adventures that helped me to grow and learn more about myself. Before leaving, I was excited to go to Cape Town, but had no idea just how incredible the trip would be. I learned about the culture of Cape Town, which gave me a greater appreciation for not only Cape Town, but also for all cultures and has shaped the way I travel. I did things I could have never imagined doing and that friends and family at home could not believe, but bungee jumping or sky diving isn't as scary as it seems when you're surrounded by the best friends and staff who will encourage you. I didn't know anyone when I went to Cape Town, but my roommate was a mutual friend and we got along right away. We signed up to go sky diving, but I was pretty nervous about it. When it was our day to go, we went in groups of 2 so my roommate and I decided to go together. We ended up being the last group and waited for about 4 hours until it was finally our time to go up in the plane and jump out! This time made me both more excited and more anxious. When were next up, someone who worked at the Sky Diving place told us that "good things come to those who wait" and that we would get to watch the sun set as we jumped. My roommate continued to encourage me and helped me to get over my fear, and we went up in the plane. I watched her stand on the edge of the door and disappear into the sky, knowing I was up next. Next thing I knew, I was free falling through the sky until the guy with me pulled the parachute. At that point, I was able to look down and see my roommate heading towards the ground and felt pretty accomplished for getting over my fear, with the help and encouragement of my roommate and friends. I looked around and saw Table Mountain and the beautiful city of Cape Town and the sun setting. This was just one of many experiences where I faced fears, learned more about myself, grew in friendships, and saw the beauty of Cape Town.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

Attending a university where a majority of students go to Europe on the same program with all their friends, I wanted to do something different. LEAD Cape Town was the best decision I could've made. There's not a place in the world more unique or beautiful than Cape Town, South Africa. I miss the sights and experiences (and especially the tastes!) of Cape Town every day. It amazes me that I'm able to say I spent 5 weeks in the location ranked most beautiful in the world!
Lead Abroad brings a staff of bright, motivating, and amazing people to ensure that the students on the trip have the time of their life. After two weeks of planned activities to get our bearings in the amazing city and getting to know our peers, the third and fourth weeks of the trip take you in new directions, both physically and emotionally. Service week in Sir Lowry's Pass village was such a rewarding experience. It's amazing to see what an impact you can have in children's and families' lives in just a few short days. Adventure week on the "Garden Route" along the coast is an exhilarating week of adventures unlike any other in my life. Bungee jumping, shark diving, and riding elephants are the big highlights, but my favorite part about adventure week was getting to know my group during all our long van rides and at the hostel. The last week was bittersweet because we were sad to be leaving, but it's when I truly felt like Cape Town was home. Overall, LEAD Cape Town was the best trip of my life-- I hope others can love my second home as much as I do!

What would you improve about this program?
The classes are often long, but never without an important lesson!
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Yes, I recommend this program


best experience of my life!! if you're into adventure and stepping out of your comfort zone, then this is the study abroad trip for you. while in Cape Town - I got to sky dive, great white shark cage dive, ride elephants, pet cheetahs, bungee jump off the worlds highest bungee, hike table mountain, repel of the side of table mountain, go on an African Safari and so much more!! Also, the staff is amazing and will help you with anything

What would you improve about this program?
the housing you stay in is at a huge condo/hotel and when i say huge I mean HUGE. bring a bike lock to lock the closet and put your valuables in there because there has been tendencies of the cleaning ladies stealing personal belongings (cash, phones, jewelry, etc)
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Yes, I recommend this program

THE BEST EXPERIENCE- and I've studied abroad three times!

My trip to South Africa with Lead Abroad left me feeling empowered and excited to take on the world. The academic side of the program embodies the culture and unique history of the beautiful country to make every class interesting. I especially loved learning about leadership styles and my personal strengths- something I still use in interviews and applications today. But what really sets this program apart in my mind is the adventure and service. Bungee jumping, shark cage diving, sand boarding, abseiling- you name it, I did it! However my favorite activity was working in townships with the sweetest families and children. I cannot explain my love for this country or this program! ABSOLUTELY DO IT!!!!! It has led to so many amazing experiences in my life, and I cannot be more thankful for the people I met on LEAD Cape Town!

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly I cannot think of anything. Wish I could have stayed forever!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing

Studying abroad with LeadAbroad was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I came onto the trip not knowing anyone, but 5 weeks later I left with life long friendships and a new perspective on life. I was able to experience a different culture, learn the importance of serving others, personal growth, and much more. LeadAbroad isn't just some company for students to travel, it's a huge family and their team makes you feel right at home.

What would you improve about this program?
More destinations!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Best of the Best.

By far, the most incredible thing about this program is the staff. These team members work together year-round to create a top-notch program for college students who want more out of their trip than to "just go." Every single detail encompasses a wholesome, safe, insightful, exhilarating travel experience that changes students' lives for the better. They not only serve as directors, teachers, and guides - they serve as mentors. College students who choose to go on LEAD Cape Town will get to explore one of the world's most unique and special cities while building a network of caring and professional staff members and classmates. No one can show you the heart of Cape Town like the staff of LEAD Cape Town. From the most world-renowned tourist attractions to the most perfect hidden gems, from your fellow American classmates to the coolest, most welcoming locals - you'll get a little bit of everything on this program in an organized, fun, and unforgettable way. HIGHLY recommended.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that could make this program better would have been if I could stay longer!
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