IPSL South Africa: Apartheid, Community Health and Transformation

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The semester curriculum combines COSA (Community Organizing & Social Activism) in South Africa and a Service-Learning Reflections & Practicum course along with exciting electives that frame the history of South Africa, it's challenges and opportunities that help students to understand the South Africa of today. All courses are taught in English.

Students can take up to 15 semester credits. All courses are taught at the 300-level or above. Unless otherwise noted, each course carries 45 contact hours and 3 semester credits or 4.5 quarter credits. Students earn an official transcript for all courses successfully completed.

  • Participate, through volunteer work, in Community-based Health, Social Enterprise, Volunteer Development and the struggle for Social and Racial Justice.
  • Visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
  • Experience Cape Town like a local! Live with and work alongside South Africans for an insider's experience!
  • IPSL, the founder of Service-Learning, is a global education institute within the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM.edu) and they invest over 83% of their revenues directly back into the communities where they serve.
IPSL is a registered Social Benefit Organization that is committed to its mission and dedicated to promoting an ethic of service. We invest over 83% of our revenues directly back into the communities where we serve.

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