SAIIE Athletics Program in Seville, Spain

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Are you a student athlete who's always dreamed of studying abroad but never thought it was possible? SAIIE offers Varsity athletes the chance to study abroad in Seville, Spain during their off-season to earn academic credit while still training at a competitive level in their sport. We offer programs in Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Rowing, Water Polo and Rugby for both men and women. Play in a team alongside native Spanish players, become fully immersed in the Andalusian culture and lifestyle, and improve both your language capabilities and your athletic level. Earn credits in Business, Economics, Management, Marketing, Cultural Studies, Spanish History, Spanish Language and Literature, and Social Sciences at our program center or at La Escuela Universitaria de Sevilla (EUSA). Enjoy cultural and social activities such as volunteering, internship opportunities, language exchanges, and weekend trips to Morocco, Lagos, Granada, Córdoba, and more!

  • Combines complete cultural immersion with academic learning
  • Improves Spanish language skills through interactions with our local students
  • Enables you to discover the rich culture and beautiful sites of Seville
  • Enables you to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a historic and beautiful city
  • Enables you to meet students from Spain as well as from other parts of the world

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About SAIIE- Spanish American Institute of International Education

SAIIE is a study abroad program affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Platteville since 1984. In all our programs we strive for academic excellence, cultural immersion and social integration. In addition to the classes themselves, which...