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Included: Personalized Pre-departure Advising; Tuition & Registration; Travel Medical Insurance; Onsite Orientation; Housing; Volunteer Opportunities; On-site Staff Support; Excursions and Cultural Engagement; Host Institution Services & Amenities and more. Scholarships available.
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Jan 02, 2024
May 13, 2024
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About Program

Study or intern in the heart of Al-Andalus culture: Seville. This small city offers a down-to-earth lifestyle and a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to dive into Andalusian culture and still have time to focus on your academic and professional goals in style.

Increase your global competence with a quarter, semester, or academic year spent in Seville! CEA CAPA has a broad range of courses available at partner universities: Pablo de Olavide, University of Seville, and EUSA University Center; or at the CEA CAPA Seville Center, located near the Giralda of Seville Cathedral and the walls of the Moorish Alcazar.

In addition to study abroad, the CEA CAPA Internships Abroad program offers personalized internship placements that give students hands-on, practical experience in a career field of their choosing.

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Diversity & Inclusion

BIPOC Support

CEA CAPA provides, in conjunction with Diversity Abroad, Destination Guides which provide resources and tips for Black/African-American students, Latinx students, Asian American students, and all other students of color.

LGBTQIA+ Support

Through our personalized advising, CEA CAPA takes steps to understand the needs of a diversity of student identities like the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to diversity and identity training, CEA CAPA leadership engage in continuous department level project work to identify and revise policies and practices using the appropriate Justice, Equity, Diversity or Inclusion lens as a frame to reduce bias and barriers that impact students, faculty, and staff. CEA CAPA is intentional in elevating diverse student voices and providing a platform for a broad array of identities to share their experiences abroad. The CEA CAPA World Blog promotes stories and personal experiences from the perspectives of diverse student bloggers and vloggers.

Neurodivergent Support

CEA CAPA is willing and able to assist students with learning disabilities and physical disabilities. Students are requested to disclose disabilities through the application health forms as part of their application and in discussion with their application advisor or program manager. The earlier CEA CAPA is made aware of learning or physical disabilities the better we can work with the student, institution, and overseas team to tailor an Individualized Education Program if necessary to support the student.



CEA CAPA makes a conscious effort to create study abroad experiences that leave a positive impact on host communities. Each location implements a variety of strategies to support the local community and promote sustainability. Examples include:

Use of recycling bins in Study Center locations and in CEA CAPA housing

Signage in CEA CAPA housing urging students to limit water and electricity usage

Students are often given reusable bags and water bottles upon arrival to limit single plastic use

Students are provided with instructions for acquiring transportation passes to promote use of public transportation rather than taxis

Program Highlights

  • Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
  • Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
  • Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
  • Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
  • Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions

Program Reviews

4.95 Rating
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  • Academics 4.25
  • Support 4.95
  • Fun 4.9
  • Housing 4.85
  • Safety 4.95
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Yes, I recommend this program

Cultural Immersion in the Classroom

My study abroad program in Seville, Spain focused on Hospitality & Tourism.In one of my classes we partnered with a local hotel, Hotel Doña Maria, and performed market research for them which deepened my understanding of Seville's hospitality scene. I worked alongside the manager which allowed me to learn from an experienced industry professional ,immersed me in the culture, and improved practical skills. This experience was invaluable to my learning and I'm grateful to have had this opportunity

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
During my study abroad program I took many of the weekends to travel to other cities in Spain or other countries in Europe. Although I loved seeing new places, if I could do the program over again I would spend a couple more of those weekends in Seville. I absolutely loved Seville and got to explore it during the week which was lots of fun but if I could go back I would stay and attend weekend events in the city. Our teachers were always telling us about fun weekend events and I often wished I could attend them.
  • Meeting locals
  • The ability to travel affordably to so many countries
  • Trying new food and drinks
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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hi Lyla! Your study abroad program in Seville sounds very invaluable. So happy you got to experience Spanish Hospitality & Tourism IRL. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sevilla best place to be!

This city is full of great people and food. Very easy to get around and the weather is amazing year round. Would live her if I could. There also was so many activities that were planned in Sevilla. We went on me many excursions and the beach also isn’t to far either. Sevilla had something for everyone which made it easy to get around and find things for everyone to do. I highly recommend watching flamanco dancing and going to a tapas tour. Overall such an amazing place and definitely recommend visiting.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hi Taylor! So happy you found great people and food while navigating Seville. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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Yes, I recommend this program

CEA Capa Seville

The CEA Capa Seville team is truly dedicated to creating a meaningful abroad experience for all students. The program offers classes at CEA Capa's education center in the center of the city while also allowing students to take courses at one of three local universities in the city. This gave us all a "home base" while also letting us engage with our host city in a very meaningful way. This also gives students an incredibly versatile list of courses/tracks to choose from. The program in Sevilla is moldable to any students needs.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Studying Abroad Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

CEA CAPA was a great provider to study abroad with, they offer plenty of locations and types of programs! I got to not only study abroad but do an internship as well! Sevilla could not have been a more perfect city for me! I had never lived in a city so I chose to go with a smaller one compared to Barcelona or Madrid, but Sevilla has a big city feel. I felt super safe as a female too which was one of my favorite parts! The people in Sevilla are all super nice and there are a lot of young people who attend the local university where I got to take courses at! It was also easy to travel around the rest of Spain and Europe on the weekends! The south of Spain is truly an incredible place with an incredible culture and I couldn't recommend it more.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
To spend plenty of time in the city of Sevilla! When overseas it's so easy to plan a bunch of trips and travel on weekends, especially because it is a lot more affordable to get around in Europe, but Sevilla is an amazing city and I wish I got to spend more downtime just exploring and living like a local in the city. I would do anything to go back and spend more afternoons in the park with my friends, or watch one more sunset by the river.
  • Great city for Spanish immersion
  • Big city feeling but not too big, very walkable and easy to navigate
  • I felt super safe in this city
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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hi Lolarose! Loved reviewing your feedback on studying abroad in Seville. So glad you felt safe and got to travel to new places.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing

I have been transformed by this place and studying abroad overall. I have come back with so much knowledge about differing cultures, architecture, cuisine, and more. I believe that I found who I am and who I want to be while studying abroad. It was a long 4 months but, I really got a lot of self-reflection time and motivation to grow into who I am supposed to be. I realized that I care about my friends and family, especially when forced to only communicate in a certain time frame (due to time differences) and only via telephone. I came back with an over appreciation and love for those who I surround myself with.
I was very pleased with the type of living I did: Casa de Sevilla. My host mother was the best person that I could ever ask for. I had many roommates from other places around the United States that showed me the different culture dynamics that I have within my country. I had a wonderful group of teachers who all taught me so much about the topic but also, myself. I believe that all of the second-level staff at this location were amazing; The head of this location should be more globally competent. Especially when it comes down to the United States culture due to having all United States, and majority women, students.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
If I could go abroad again, for this long of a time period, I would change the amount of times that I left my own home-base city.
  • Got to see more of Europe overall (check countries off of my bucket list)
  • Became more self-reliant and confident in my own travel abilities
  • Became more globally competent
  • Did not see as much of my country geographically
  • Did not make as many local connections that would last longer than the program
  • Did not speak as well of Spanish & get as much sleep
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Yes, I recommend this program

Cea Seville Spanish Language

I could not have had a better study abroad experience. CEA Capa's building was in a central location, where everyone could walk to, and had great classrooms and study spaces. The living options were great - I chose to do the residence dorm which was so nice. I had my own bedroom, shared a bathroom with one other person and lived in the dorm building with other Spanish and American students. The partner institution that I had classes at, University of Seville, was walking distance (about 15 min walk) from el porvenir, or the neighborhood I was in. The school was originally a tobacco factory and was such a beautiful building. I am so glad CEA partners with this University and I really enjoyed my classes here, especially the wine and Spain class. Without CEA, I would not have been able to take this fun class, (and many more) learn about the great culture of Seville, and have a comfortable place to live.

What would you improve about this program?
I wish that the partner institution and class schedule part was a bit more clear. I knew some students who were wanting to take classes with the University of Seville but ended up with only CEA classes. I also knew students who went to UPO, and a downside of it is that there is a commute (about 20-30 minutes) as it is outside of Seville.
  • Friendly locals, great culture
  • extremely safe, chill vibes in city
  • CEA Capa center is great, safe location
  • one of the partner institutions has a commute
  • confusion about living situations (specifically casa de Sevilla)
  • lack of guidance with visa
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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer in Seville

I studied in Seville, Spain with the exercise/sport science program. I stayed for a month and took spanish for beginners and sport psychology. Both classes were extremely helpful for my future career and my time in Spain (it was nice to learn typical spanish phrases that I could use daily). I stayed in a casa which is in between a home stay and apartment living and I absolutely loved the couple I stayed with. CEA CAPA also made it easy to attend the excursions they planned for us throughout the city.

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Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hi Julia! So glad you found your Spanish classes helpful and your housing and host family were nice! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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Yes, I recommend this program

CEA CAPA Seville, Spain Study Abroad

I had an incredible experience going abroad with CEA CAPA. In the beginning stages, I was assigned an advisor that helped guide me through getting my Visa and any other questions that I had before going abroad. While I was there, I took classes at a local university as well as the CEA center. If I ever had a question or concern about my classes, their were advisors onsite that would help me with anything I needed. The excursions that we went on with CEA were well planned and very enjoyable. I had a great time going abroad with CEA CAPA and I highly recommend this program!

46 people found this review helpful.
Response from CEA CAPA Education Abroad

Hey Hannah! Thanks for providing your feedback about Seville! So glad you had a great time going abroad with us. :)

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