Bachelor of Business Administration with GBSB Global Business School in Spain

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Earn a Dual Bachelor Degree from two leading European Business Schools – GBSB Global Business School and Swiss UMEF University.

BBA students at GBSB Global have a unique opportunity to optionally acquire two higher education degrees after studying only for four years: three years in Barcelona, Spain at GBSB Global and one year in Geneva, Switzerland at Swiss UMEF University.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at GBSB Global Business School is a multicultural program for those international students who are looking to develop a solid understanding of the numerous core business concepts from a global perspective. Students seek to acquire an in-depth knowledge of global markets and industries, as well as understand the business cultures in Europe, Asia, Latin America and other regions around the world. This program prepares students to face the challenges presented by the globalized economy and provides the knowledge and skills required to work across borders.

  • BUILD A CAREER THAT WILL BE IN DEMAND FOR THE LONG TERM Acquire the knowledge and skills in one of the most fundamental, dynamic yet stable fields today.
  • BUSINESS WORLD AND DEVELOP YOUR PROFESSIONAL FLEXIBILITY Learn the fundamental concepts and various interconnected aspects of the business world as a system and develop your analytical skills.
  • FOLLOW YOUR ASPIRATIONS AND EMBRACE NEW EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES One Step Away from an MBA – Choose the path offering personal and professional growth.
  • ACQUIRE A COMBINATION OF HARD & SOFT SKILLS AND BECOME HIGHLY COMPETITIVE Not only will students obtain hard skills like accounting, information technologies, and financial analysis, but they will also develop very valuable soft skills like leadership, pe
  • INCREASE YOUR INNOVATIVE POTENTIAL Take courses on design thinking or creativity and psychology of new product development and get ready to work in innovative companies.

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About GBSB Global Business School

GBSB Global Business School is an international business school located in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Courses are taught in English by an international faculty with extensive work- experience. Our student body is diverse & represents 65+...