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Jan 30, 2023
Dec 30, 2022
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The International Business & Humanities Program at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) offers the widest variety of course options and independence. Take courses in English or Spanish that can count towards your major, minor, or general education requirements. With core studies in business and the humanities on a local campus, the UAB is one of the most dynamic universities in all of Spain.

Established in 1960, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has become one of the most dynamic universities in Spain. Made up of more than 25 schools, faculties and associated centers, this semester program offers students a true Barcelona experience. The UAB has been ranked in the top 30 young universities around the world and has received a prestigious award for sustainability.

For more information, please visit the Barcelona SAE website.

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Barcelona Study Abroad Merit & Leadership Scholarship

The Barcelona SAE scholarship awards one scholarship per semester of study, one scholarship per internship, and two scholarships per summer programs to those who have achieved academic excellence, demonstrated community involvement and require extra financial aid. If awarded the funding, they’ll participate in a Barcelona SAE semester, quarter, or summer program, or an internship program of at least four weeks in length.

$250 - $750

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable experience!

My experience with Barcelona SAE during the fall 2022 semester was amazing. Between the awesome activities and the interesting classes I took at UAB, I had one of the most unique experiences of my life. Choosing classes was easy and pretty straightforward, so that eliminated a lot of stress. Meanwhile, the Barcelona SAE staff was always very helpful and a great resource that improved my stay in Barcelona. As I explored the wonderful city, the cultural agendas carefully crafted for each week made me feel like I got the chance to dive deeper into the magic of BCN and experience the city like a local. I attended local festivals and tried local Catalan traditions such as Castellaers, which enriched my stay and understanding of the culture.
The housing I was placed in was in a nice neighborhood, and I felt comfortable walking around at all times. I lived in a student hotel in Poble Sec. The neighborhood was lively because of all the nearby restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, and the metro stops were within a 5 min distance, making transportation easy and comfortable.
I stayed in Barcelona for four months, and of course, there were ups and downs, but overall I am very satisfied because I met a lot of amazing people, and I was part of a program that ensured we got the most out of the city and felt at home away from home. I would recommend this program!

  • support
  • activities
  • friends
  • not a lot of overnight trips
  • not a lot of time slots offered for the same activity
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Yes, I recommend this program

SAE has amazing programs!

My experience with SAE was awesome. I took classes at the UAB and I thought they were challenging but really interesting. All of my professors went above and beyond to make sure we not only learned the material in class but learned all about Catalan traditions and culture. I feel like I learned much more with them than I would have at any other school. The staff at SAE was also amazing. I felt comfortable approaching any member of the staff with any problem I had. The staff always made sure we were well informed about the places we were going and always had the best recommendations for things to do. I cant imagine my experience in Barcelona without all of the resources provided by SAE. If you're considering going to Barcelona, definitely apply for a program with SAE, you will be happy you did.

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing! I loved everything about my experience with SAE
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience of a Lifetime

The world is a book and those who haven’t traveled have only read one page. I believe that studying abroad and traveling is one of the best “teachers” in life and studying in Barcelona is one lesson i'll never forget. Being able to live in another country has given me the chance become immersed in a new culture, language and tradition. Through my experiences I learned what I wanted in life and got a taste of where I wanted to go. The program did a wonderful job putting together cultural agendas for students every single week to ensure they got the most out of their experience. The activities they put together and lead range from cooking classes to overnight excursions. The activities were also the perfect balance of education and fun; they were something that made me WANT to learn. The program itself was also very organized. Every activity and platform I could think of was updated regularly and as a big social media user I appreciated the frequent updates across all platforms. The program staff was also quick to reply to any email question I shot their way (and I always had a lot of questions) and always sent follow-up emails which was a nice touch. They also provided health coverage for students and everything I could ever want to know about anything is on their online student guide. It was nice to be able to have such amazing resources at my finger tips. They have a 24/7 emergency phone as well so anytime you have something bad happen to you, someone is always readily available. My roommates also had issues within the first week of arrival but they were quick to take action and solve the problem. I also loved the free food throughout the semester (go to all of the events, you'll be fed for a week basically)! Lastly, I think the resources and experience they gave me in Barcelona far exceeded what I researched through other programs. The price is also one of the least expensive in the city AND they offer the most for it.

What would you improve about this program?
The program itself is amazing but I wish more people knew about it. It would be nice if it could be partnered with more universities across the United States (I think only one university in my state had it). For me, I wish I had seen it promoted on more study abroad websites but I think that that has more to do with the expansion of the program and coding of specific university websites than any quality aspect.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Barcelona Experience

The best thing about studying abroad is the people you meet. They make traveling fun, classes, and just day to day activities. Being able to meet a lot of people right away was great because you can find people like you that you want to be around. The 3 day weekends were great to travel, and the long spring break. It was a good amount of class time and work load. The professors were all very great. Lifelong memories were made in Barcelona and someday I will be back.

What would you improve about this program?
Nice if the staff reached out to you within the first 2 weeks individually to set up like a coffee date just to check in, or once throughout the semester. I know some mentors did that.
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Yes, I recommend this program

International Business in Barcelona

Great program all around. Some of the best standouts that this program did was the housing that you were put in. I had an up to date apartment with a balcony in Saints Estacio, two blocks from Camp Nou. I was paired up with three other people from the US and we all went to the same school. The school itself was nice, though it was a branch campus which kind of stinks because the main campus is old and beautiful looking. The branch campus was just a regular building that had normal size classroom (average: 20 students). The professors were the best, learning everything from business culture to everyday living in different countries. The professors were well knowledgeable and engaging with every student. Also, my favorite part of being in the city was taking the metro to class every day. Every student basically commuted to school using the Metro unless the program housed you in a different area in the city that was close. Students are spread out through the city. Where I lived there were a group of girls in our program that were two floors below us but learned other people were scattered in different parts of the city. I think that is one thing to keep in mind, the housing is not like dorming at an American school.

The program was also great in the aspect of creating mini-trips throughout your time studying abroad. The program had day trips and weekend trips to different cities that involved tours and little workshops to learn about the culture in that specific city.

With everyday activities and events, Barcelona itself is such a fun city as they are always celebrating holidays and putting on the weekend events. A student will never run out of things to do in Barcelona. As far as safety goes, there are some unsafe parts but that is every city. Watch out for pickpocketers and areas that may not be the safest at night and you will be fine. So many places to see and the nightlife is amazing! people are always out and about and transportation such as the Metro is so easy and fast!

I think the only issue I had was not staying long enough. The summer semester was too short for me (8 weeks) and should have done a fall or spring semester in Barcelona.

What would you improve about this program?
Offer a full summer semester and try to have the students in the whole entire program meet with each other.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Zach’s Barcelona Study Abroad Experience

I studied abroad with Barcelona SAE during my sophomore year at Colorado State University. I was a double major in business and Spanish looking for a way to incorporate both aspects of my studies in my study abroad experience. After discussing what I was looking for with one of their reps, it was an easy choice to study with Barcelona SAE. What I loved the most about BSAE was how honed in they were regarding personalizing my time abroad. They offered cultural activities such as cooking classes, both national and international excursions as well as assistance with enrolling in classes, airport pickup and homestay accommodations. Any fears that I had about studying and living abroad were quickly alleviated by the staff and their willingness to work with their students to ensure their continued happiness and level of comfort.
I don’t have a favorite single moment of my time abroad, because the entire experience was honestly a dream in and of itself. Everyday I would work on my Spanish language skills both in classes and through simply living and studying in a foreign city. My host mom, who was already impressed with my knowledge of Spanish when I arrived, moved me when she commented on how much my speaking abilities had improved in my short, four months abroad. I also took classes related to both of my majors with emphasis on the cultural and linguistic aspects of conducting business in a city such as Barcelona. I made friends from both around the US and Spain whose friendship I will forever cherish.
My time in Barcelona has convinced me that Spain will always have a part of my heart, and I’m sure it will pull me back. I’ve already returned to Barcelona and actually interned with Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (another incredible opportunity), but there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll return to Barcelona again (hopefully permanently next time!).

What would you improve about this program?
The only improvement I can think of would be a stipend for cultural activities. However, not long after I wrapped up my semester abroad, Barcelona SAE added a cultural stipend to their program!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a lifetime

This study abroad opportunity was absolutely amazing. SAE will ensure your safety and coordination with your housing situation and classes as well as excursions around the country. Barcelona is an amazing city particularly for young active students looking to make the most of their time abroad. From a rich historical culture to exiting nightlife and exquisite cuisine there is something in Barcelona for everyone. Do not miss this chance to visit Barcelona with this amazing program, you will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing it was amazing
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