Migration: People and Policy on the U.S – Mexico Border

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Tensions related to migration through or from Mexico are high and policies change frequently. In this summer course based in Tucson, Arizona, students will be introduced to U.S. immigration policy and exposed to the issues and challenges faced by migrants. See grassroots responses on the U.S.-Mexico border and consider policy changes that address the issues of undocumented migration. This program will provide students with a deeper understanding of the structural causes of inequality and migration, as well as the impacts of changes in the global economy and high levels of international undocumented migration on individuals and communities.

You will consider state efforts to restrict human mobility across international boundaries, while learning how these practices violate fundamental human rights. You´ll learn what undocumented migrants face once on U.S. soil and how international economics, labor shortages, war, and immigration policy affect migration patterns.

  • Understand the factors that lead to undocumented migration.
  • Learn what migrants face once on U.S. soil.
  • Consider the complex realities of migration policy in practice.
  • Visit borderland communities and learn about grassroots efforts.

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