SIT/IHP: Rethinking Food Security: Agriculture, People

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Study how the dynamics of food production, distribution, and provisioning are affected by population growth, rapid urbanization, and globalization, and which responses offer the most promise for sustainable food futures at local, national, and global levels.

Key Questions:
-How will we feed and nourish nine billion people by 2050 and do so while sustaining the agricultural livelihoods of nearly one billion people?
-How will we conserve our natural environments and the green infrastructure we rely on and empower local communities to determine their own food sustainability futures?
-How will we confront questions about biodiversity and genetically modified crops, land rights and corruption, environmental degradation and conflict, and natural disasters and resilience?
-How do global factors like industrialization, changing agricultural conditions, technological innovation, and rapid urbanization factor into food security challenges and opportunities?

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