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Situated right on the coast of South Wales in the UK, Swansea is a thriving, forward-thinking city set within a stunning area of outstanding natural beauty. We are the closest university to a beach in the world and one of the most affordable university cities in the UK - all just 3 hours from London!

With more than 30 years' experience in Study Abroad you can trust that Swansea University has the expertise to provide you with a professional programme of study and support. We are a truly multi-cultural university with around 16,000 students from over 120 countries making us
large enough to offer a wide choice of academic, sporting and social activities, yet small enough to provide a safe and welcoming community.

  • Closest university to a beach in the world!
  • Just 3 hours from London by train
  • Close to Cardiff & Bristol International Airports for short cheap flights to most major cities in Europe!
  • Low cost of living/affordable student lifestyle - UK Top 20 most affordable student cities
  • A World Top 200 University for International Students

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  • Academics 7.3
  • Support 8.5
  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 6.6
  • Safety 8.9
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Mumbles Lighthouse

Texas to Wales

I had the most amazing time at Swansea University, in Wales. I was there for the full 17/18 academic year studying Media and Communications. It was a blast. The teachers were so nice and helpful and understanding of the differences between the US and UK school system. I learned more in that one year than I think I did in two years back home. I loved the society I got to be a part of while there, the Christian Union (CU). I had an incredible time with them the whole year and made so many lifelong friendships. Would 10/10 recommend Swansea University and Wales to anyone.

How can this program be improved?
I don't really think the program can be improved. It was really wonderful. If I needed help, I got it, and they always kept up with me and had different activities and events I could go to throughout the year.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Perfect for an Authentic Experience

If you want a true, authentic British experience in a place that is affordable and convenient for travel elsewhere around Europe, Swansea should be your top choice. Firstly, the people make this beach town very inviting and easy to become comfortable in. It's not too big nor too small and has everything you could need in an area for school. Public transportation is great and its easy to get to Cardiff to take on some European trips. Academically, it is well run and not overwhelming with plenty of resources for all students. Lastly, the student social life is top notch. Wind Street and Varsity are just the tip of the iceberg for the great activities and events that students can partake in.

How can this program be improved?
It could be a bit more challenging academically, but with that being said, it is dependent on which classes you're enrolled in. Most every professor is good at their job and help is readily available. Accommodation in the student village is not the best, but seeing as it won't be around much longer, Bay Campus is very modern and goes above and beyond for student living.
Yes, I recommend this program

Don't count it out.

Swansea County is a sprawling area on the southwestern coast of Wales, containing miles and miles of rolling farmland, lush cliffside views, numerous sleepy little villages, and Swansea City. Both Swansea Uni's main campus (Singleton) and newly-built Bay Campus are oceanfront, with easy access to long stretches of calm beach. A semester-long bus pass provides access to the entire county, which includes day trips to Rhossili Bay--one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. A student National Express card (around £10) provides 10-20% discounts on buses that run the entirety of the UK, and the MegaBus is a seriously discounted travel option for travel between Swansea and London. The Student Village (Hendrefoelan), though dated, was a great way to meet new people, and I made lifelong friendships that I wouldn't trade for the world. My professors were both thoughtful and approachable. Because of Swansea's location, international travel is easy, affordable, and encouraged over the spring holidays, and Swansea Uni sponsors several trips throughout the semester to UK hotspots like Bath and Stonehenge, and European hubs like Amsterdam. The opportunities afforded me because of my time in Swansea have been life-changing--from experiencing the often-overlooked-but-vivid-and-rich Welsh culture to contributing to respected travel magazines. The obvious locations for study abroad are a stone's throw from Wales, but the bonds formed in Swansea have changed my life for the better in more ways than I can even express. Don't count it out.

Yes, I recommend this program

Don't Be Another Sheep

Its easy enough to give into the lure of studying abroad at one of Europe's major cities, but I think there is something to be valued in spending a length of time in somewhere you wouldn't think to visit otherwise. Swansea is a place of fantastic contrasts, best exemplified in the existence of the quaint, slightly tired city centre that is a few miles away from some of the most breathtaking coasts and beaches in the world. The people and students are rough and brash on the outside, but some of the most exceptionally kind people in reality. The weather can be brutally rainy for days, but when the sun comes out, the beauty is breathtaking. A lot of people want to go to an idyllic location when they study abroad, but the best memories are made when things aren't perfect. I can honestly say that I made friends for life, both in Swansea and from different universities in the U.S and have been able to keep in touch with all of them. I had the chance to work an 8 week internship, which has been a great asset during my job search. I joined 2 clubs on campus and surfed, hiked, and rock-climbed almost every day. My classes and professors were excellent but not too intrusive or time-consuming. The nightlife is wild and ever-present, and the college kids are a ton of fun. Transportation is accessible (can be slow), but can get you anywhere you really need to, at least at first. Also, there's a Premier League team right down the road. Swansea is a bit of a departure from the norm for a study abroad destination, but I can promise that it won't disappoint.

Yes, I recommend this program

Budget Friendly Alternitive to London with Tons of Natural Beauty

Swansea University is located in Wales, about an hour train ride away from Cardiff the capital city. The campus I spent all of my time one was Singleton Park, which is the older of the two campuses. Singleton Park was about a 15-25 minute bus ride from the Student Village where I lived, while Bay Campus was about a 45- 60 minutes away . Overall the student accommodation where I lived were not the best, but they are being closed soon since newer accommodations on both campus are available. Those that I knew who lived on either campus rather than the Student Village had none of the problems that I faced due to the construction that was occurring on site.
I highly recommend taking the Per-Sessional Class that is offer to incoming exchange student. Not only do you learn about the history and political environment in U.K, but you also get to take fun trips to Bath, the Gower and the Mumbles, and Cardiff! I'll attach a few images of these trips bellow. This course allow me an extra few weeks to transition to Swansea and get important paper work out of the way before classes started. I was more prepared than my soon-to-be friends who showed up a few days before classes started.
Overall the Go Global staff were amazing. They had a nice training day before regular classes started, this is when we registered for classes. There was free food and trivia games. It was a fun activity and I had a bit of a leg up due to the Pre-sessional course. Classes only meet a few times a week and both my grades were based on two papers. Keep in mind that their grading scale is different and what they are looking for is also different from the school in the US. Though you should be fine to pass your class, and do well if you aren't too busy taking in all the natural beauty on the beach just a few second away from both campus! I highly recommend studying at Swansea University, because it will be an amazing experience that you wont forget.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Time of my Life

Studying Abroad in Swansea was one of the better decisions of my life. From an Academic standpoint, it was pretty straight forward. The class sizes were fine and faculty attention was adequate. Overall, they were business courses that didn't vary too much from those in the States. What set Swansea apart for me was the familial vibe from the extra-curriculars and also the housing. It felt like there was always something to do, a Uni-sponsored trip to go on, and I loved that "organized" was not synonymous with "lame." The University, its volunteers and the students all shared a pride and a fun spirit that was irreplaceable. Above all else, the housing at Hendrefoelan Student Village simply made the experience. To live in a house with 10 others, some exchange students, others native to Wales or the UK, it was priceless. Everyone was extremely warm, welcoming and simply a family. Within days I was a part of house dinners, trips to the bars; by the end of the semester, it felt like I was parting ways with family members. I felt closer to the 30 friends (in my corner of the village) than any of my life over that time period. We had "House Football" tournaments every weekend on the local soccer pitch that will ring with echoes of banter lore for decades. I traveled 13 countries while in Europe. No city brought better memories than my days in Swansea-- and it's not even close.

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps an optional 1-on-1 meeting with the professors. Otherwise, it was outstanding.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Swansea University - Exchange/Study Abroad

Coming on exchange from my home university to Swansea was one of the best decisions of my life. I initially arrange a 6 month student exchange but ended up extending my stay for a full year because I was having such a good time.
The university is great with an awesome student union, there's always fun events on and there's a great night life in town and around campus. The classes were interesting with very good lecturers and support staff as well as taking advantages of the unique location (e.g. Marine Science work out in Swansea Bay/Bristol Channel, engineering field work in the surrounding areas, etc.).
Best of all was living in the student village and getting to meet some amazing people from all over the world. I would highly recommend studying at Swansea unversity to anyone considering it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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UNCW at Swansea University

My time at Swansea University was amazing. I was able to go through a partnership program with The University of North Carolina Wilmington. The classes I took were wonderful and I learned a lot, and I was easily able to balance academics and the fun of traveling and experiencing a new country.

My biggest complaint during my time abroad was the housing situation. We were placed in a student village that was actively being torn down. Due to the ongoing construction, bus routes were often interrupted and sometimes buses wouldn't pick up from the village at all, and students were often not informed of these changes and therefore missed classes. Additionally, the water would be shut off for long stretches of time - students would live between 5 and 25 hours without running water. Finally, because of the impending tear-down of each building, maintenance wouldn't be done when it was requested. Overall, the living situation was not what I paid for and was overall disappointing.

That being said, Swansea University was a lovely campus full of attentive staff members and a pre-sessional course that provided ample time to get acclimated to the new environment. I would recommend Swansea University to anybody looking to study abroad; just be careful with where you live.

Yes, I recommend this program

Swansea Study Abroad- 10/10, would recommend

Literally, just commit. Sign-up. Pay the down payment. Whatever it may be, if you have any doubts about this program whatsoever, ignore them and take a leap of faith. This program and Swansea University as a whole was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I originally never planned on studying abroad, but I'm 100% glad I made the decision to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because it's changed who I am as a person in such a great way. I'm so much more of an 'adult' now than I ever was, and I'm loads more knowledgeable with how the world works. With studying abroad experience under my belt, I'm more keen to graduate and move somewhere where I have to start a whole new life- it's given me the courage to do so.
First and foremost, Wales is incredibly beautiful and lush. Studying at Swansea gives you ample time to roam around and take in all the natural beauty like the Gower and Rhossili. As classes are set at your own pace with very minimal deadlines to meet (as there's typically only a final at the end of term), this gives you a massive amount of time to explore and travel. The weather itself isn't dreadful, either. It doesn't rain terribly hard at all and instead only drizzles. I'm from Texas where the temperature is a constant boil, and I managed to adjust really well to the wind and cold.
Secondly, you get to make so many friends abroad. I now have friends all over the world from Australia to Germany to Canada. In this sense, not only do you get to learn about Welsh culture, but you get to learn about so many other countries plus the ones you get to travel around to. After my five months were over, I had visited 10 countries including Iceland and Hungary (my favourites by far).
Tips: pack light (you never even use half your wardrobe, I promise. And more room for souvenirs!), integrate and become a local (I always went to the same coffee shop, met lots of sweet locals who I still keep in contact with), get the National Express discount card and the railcard

How can this program be improved?
The only improvements to this program that I wished for when I studied here is the housing conditions. Originally, I was told that I would be living on Bay Campus which is where my classes were located. Turns out they filled up, and I was instead placed in the Hendrefoelan Student Village. The Student Village itself is a constructions site (which is thankfully being torn down soon so no one else has to suffer). We constantly had to deal with water/power outages, a laundromat that worked 1/5 times, and buses that would or would not run to HSV because of all the construction. Furthermore, our flat itself was wasp infested, and management did very little to help.
Response from Swansea University

Hi Charlene - thanks so much for leaving such great feedback! We're so glad to know you had a great time during your Study Abroad experience here at Swansea University and how highly you recommend it to others.

I wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your comments about the Student Village. We do of course take your feedback seriously and I have followed up on this directly with our Residential Services team.

Swansea University is in a very positive stage of growth currently with new buildings and refurbishments going on across both campuses. It was our understanding that all students had been made aware of the ongoing building works at Hendrefoelan Student Village now that the site has been sold and will be closing down in the next couple of years. We recognise the inconvenience and disturbance this causes but it is generally felt that it was being managed well and extensive redecoration has taken place this year to improve the look and feel of the flats in the meantime.

I confirm that the following notice has been widely circulated this year and every student should receive a copy in their tenancy agreement:

We would like to take this opportunity to advise you in advance that as Swansea University continues to expand and grow, we have on-going construction taking place in and around the residences in order to facilitate our ever increasing demand for academic provision and accommodation. As such there may be
some occasional disruption caused by construction works, which will be closely monitored and hours regulated by the university. There are building works taking place around the residences at Hendrefoelan Student Village which will continue throughout 2017/2018 session.

In response to your comments regarding the launderette: the launderette is owned and run by the Students’ Union so Residential Services do not have any control over it. They confirm they did have an issue getting some parts for machines which had broken down and they issued an apology for this to the students. We're sorry you were inconvenienced by this delay.

As regards the wasps – the Residential Services team have checked with the HSV site staff and confirm they called in the Pest Control team when the issue was reported. They only found a small number of wasps in the flat, however they did return the following day to treat the problem.

Thank you again for raising these concerns with us and very best wishes with the rest of your studies back in Texas.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Semester in Swansea

My Swansea experience was absolutely incredible. I lived in the student village with welsh students and it really helped me feel like I was actually a part of the school and the culture. I took two required chemical engineering classes for my major: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. While I did make the same mistake that many abroad students have before me by underestimating the weight and difficulty of the final, I felt that I did still get a good understanding of the topics, as I would have at my US university. Additionally, I took a philosophy and a history course due to other home requirements. It was very interesting to see how in the UK they do not cross over into disciplines and those teachers seemed intrigued and glad to have engineers in their classes. Additionally, Swansea University was great about organizing weekend trips for the students and I was glad I was able to take advantage of several of them. Overall, my time in Swansea was amazing and I would love to go back and visit my friends.

How can this program be improved?
The main issue with the program that many of us had was the lack of details prior to arrival. While we had courses approved, we had no idea there times or if we would be able to get into them until about 2 weeks into the program. Additionally, it would have been nice to have someone from the program actually in Swansea- our closest connection after the first month was in London.
Yes, I recommend this program


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