IFSA: Cardiff University Partnership
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IFSA: Cardiff University Partnership

Come study abroad in the United Kingdom with IFSA! IFSA invites all American and Canadian students that are currently seeking a bachelors degree to apply for the study abroad program in Wales at Cardiff University. Cardiff is a leading research university with outstanding faculty, and offers a variety of course options for international students to choose from. For the duration of the program, students have a number of housing options to choose from, including flats in a housing complex with other students, or student dormitories.

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A Wale[s] of a Time

As a student who had never travelled to Europe before, Wales was the perfect country for me to spend my semester abroad. IFSA-Butler helped me choose a program that would work for me and my studies. Once I had applied and been accepted, they played an active role in keeping me up-to-date and on-track before leaving for the semester. Once I had arrived, IFSA-Butler never stopped showing support, even when they handed me off to Cardiff University, where I studied abroad. Cardiff was a perfect fit for me, having great programs and even greater faculty and staff. The programming for international students was a bit confusing at first, but ended up being exactly what I needed. Throughout my experience, I was able to learn new things that applied to my majors and my own personal growth. Returning from my semester abroad, I only wished I had stayed longer because of the impact the experience had on me. Every person I talk to about it, I recommend that they study abroad because of the incredible opportunity it turned out to be and the amazing opportunities that have presented themselves to me after coming back to my home university.

How can this program be improved?

Some of the initial programming was slightly confusing and vague, but in the end, partly because I am a self-motivated person, I was able to figure it all out. If I weren't the person I am, I fear I would not have had as successful of a time due to the confusion and lack of information I was given when I had first arrived and needed certain pieces of information (i.e. Campus resources, course registration, etc.)

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Experience in a Unique Country

Wales is often overlooked, and even forgotten about in general, so getting to say that you studied abroad there is pretty cool. The culture in Wales is very unique and very fun to get involved in and explore, from castles to learning Welsh, it was a totally unique experience. IFSA provides an incredible support system to help you have the best time possible, including great excursions around England, culminating in a weekend in Northern Wales adventuring in the mountains. Cardiff University is an excellent school so while I was having fun around the UK and Europe, I was also enjoying classes that were both challenging and enjoyable.

How can this program be improved?

I think that there could be better communication between Cardiff University and the international students. There were numerous occasions that I failed to receive information about changes to schedules and things that made things rather confusing.

Yes, I recommend
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Great program, fun opportunities, communication breakdown

IFSA Butler is a great program for those who want freedom while they are abroad, but still have some planned fun. The London staff are very friendly, and want to help you when you are in need of assistance or advice. However, this semester the communication between Cardiff and myself was disrupted by IFSA being the "middle-man". I hardly received any of the emails I was supposed to from Cardiff so I really didn't have a whole lot of information about what I was supposed to do once I got here. Their communication on my behalf to Cardiff at first was great, but right now I am having an issue with the lack of communication to Cardiff about my housing arrangement past Christmas even though my plans were set to stay beyond that all along.

How can this program be improved?

Fixing the communication problems. I understand the program recently went through some major staffing changes, but that should not be an excuse for what has happened in my experience to happen at all.

Yes, I recommend

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