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Since 2001, Carden China has used the Carden Method to teach English to Chinese elementary students in Beijing China. Carden China teaches English to over 1000 students each year. We are “child-focused" not “business focused”. We work side by side with Chinese teachers to ensure the student’s learning experience is productive and joyful. This partnership and use of the Carden Method gives our students a proven advantage in learning English over traditional ESL methods.

Carden China provides elementary-age Chinese children access to the most efficient system of learning English. Carden China hires native English speakers and uses the Carden method to ensure that all students reach a high level of excellence in the English language. After starting with 36 students in 2001, Carden China has grown to have 1000 students and 30 foreign teachers in 2015. The majority of those students obtain a PETS1, PETS2, and PETS3 certificate before graduating elementary school.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience at Carden

I taught about 3 years ago at Carden and had a great time in the end. I was able to meet great people and grow as an individual as well. The daily life teaching was structured very well. They gave us flexibility to teach our own style but for the most part the structure was already built. There was a time I just wanted to give up and leave midway through my agreement. I talked with Sonny and he was very open to my struggles and missing my family at home. He helped me open up and I got to know other people and started to fully enjoy my time. I miss my time teaching my second and third graders very much. Along with the teaching assistants. Thanks for the wonderful memories and experiences.

What would you improve about this program?
I don't really know what could be changed. It has been awhile ago and I think it has been addressed. The split shifts with teaching. Last I heard this was taken care of a year or two back.