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Teaching Practicum
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$1,500 USD
Apr 23, 2018
Dec 18, 2015

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EIL Ecuador shares our love of language learning with Ecuador and the world!

Since August 2006, we´ve been offering World Learning’s SIT TESOL Certificate. World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute is located in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA and is accredited by the New England Board of Colleges.

This course is intended for participants who wish to learn to teach English as a foreign language or to expand their skills in this area. It is appropriate for both beginning and experienced ESOL teachers interested in developing and improving their abilities through the School for International Training's approach to reflective practice.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Could Have Been Better

The actual program itself was not like I expected but it was worth my money. The SIT teachers were amazing and had lot of experience and I enjoyed learning from them. I think what they taught us a lot of really great reflective techniques and how to teach...but what was lacking was classroom management techniques. But this review is actually for EIL Ecuador itself. It was great until we left the program. They were supposed to help place us in schools or other teaching jobs. Hardly any of us actually got placements through them and a lot of the placements we got were disappointing and we could hardly stay afloat financially. I myself worked for them teaching pilots English and was barely making $600 a month working my butt off and teaching other people privately on the side. Other people who got placed in schools didn't make much more than that either. My second job I was told about through a friend who had been placed there by EIL but when they heard that I was switching to this new school they swooped in and 'helped' me with this process but ended up taking $100 out of each paycheck for their fees-whatever those were. Some were for visa stuff and taxes but $100 seems like a TON of money to take out each month considering the standard of living in Ecuador. Eventually I found another job that freed me from their grasp. I had the least amount of problems with EIL in comparison to a few of my other friends who also graduated from the program. One guy even sued them and won. I would get your SIT TESOL certificate and then find a teaching job on your own if you choose to take this route.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Not to Be Repeated

Working with EIL Ecuador was a big mistake. At first, it seemed like a good opportunity with a lot of help and support, both with the home stay and the job front. However, one I had found my job, there was little to no support.

They were also "recruiters", which meant they were taking a cut of my profit for their "services". Their services that were practically nonexistent. There were various instances where I had problems with the school. For example, they weren't holding up their end of the deal with scheduling, help with class discipline (I worked at a private school and the discipline was horrendous), and help finding housing. When I accepted the job they said they would help me find a place to live, but then they never did. Thankfully I worked with a girl that let me live in her room. Then there were times where we weren't paid for weeks and weeks on end. They told us using the program would ensure on time payment, but it really created more problems.

They also made getting our last paycheck very difficult and had treated many of the other teachers from my group very disrespectfully and unprofessionally. It is not a place I would recommend.


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