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We invite people around the globe to join the Vivientes experience withShare and Learn Program. The Internship positions we have are ideal for those concerned with helping children and families with their overall wellbeing, take care of the environment and rescue of ancestral histories and values. The program include an interculturality experience between local members, staff and Vivientes projects and activities.

Areas on Vivientes internship:

– English lessons for children and youth: intercurlurality with community children

– Art & Design :Make art about ancestral tales for community galery.

– Artcraft magnufacturing with bamboo(Rurrana): Developing new and ecofreandly products.

– Family organic Garden (side activity – on progress)Internships applicant must select one area to join and take part of a project (Goal) Interns can participate in other areas activities without neglecting their assigned project.

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About Vivientes

Vivientes (Living) project supports the common good principles and the creation of self-sustaining modules on ancestral and less helped communities, to guarantee access to organic food, house, education and culture/identity.

We have worked in several...