Teach English in Myanmar on a 3, 6 or 12-Month Paid Position with Greenheart Travel
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Teach English in Myanmar on a 3, 6 or 12-Month Paid Position with Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel’s paid English teaching program in Myanmar is your chance to make an incredible impact in the classroom while getting paid to travel. Most teaching placements are in private international schools or language schools in Yangon, the former capital and largest city in Myanmar.

The positions are full time, meaning that hours will range from 35-40 hours per week, five days per week, and you may teach students who are young children up through high school and even young adults.

Program at-a-glance:
-Paid teaching position in Myanmar
-1 week orientation (+ optional 3 week TESOL certification) in Yangon
-Monthly salary of $750-$1,150 USD
-Business visa sponsorship
-Full background check and screening on school/position
-Assistance in finding accommodation

Program Price:
-Teaching Placement Only: $2,095
-Teaching Placement + TESOL Course: $2,500

*3 month contracts are also only available for the January 27, 2018 start date, as this is when demand is highest.

  • Airport Pickup and One week orientation in Yangon, Myanmar
  • Accommodation during orientation in Yangon
  • Basic language training included in your program
  • International Medical and Accident Insurance provided by Greenheart Travel for the entire duration of your contract
  • Assistance from a personal program manager before, during and after your teaching contract
Asia » Myanmar
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
Paid teaching position in Myanmar
1 week orientation (+ optional 3 week TESOL certification) in Yangon
Monthly salary of $750-$1,150 USD
Business visa sponsorship
Full background check and screening on school/position
Assistance in finding accommodation
Native English Speaker
A degree equivalent to a U.S. 4 year bachelor’s degree
A TEFL/TESOL certification
Ages 20-50
Citizen of the US, CA, UK, Ireland, Au, NZ, South Africa
No criminal record
Weekly Classroom Hours
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
University Students
SIM cards
Some Accommodation
Some Activities
Price Details
What's Included:
--Full time, paid teaching placement in Myanmar
--Contract negotiation on your behalf
--Airport pickup in Yangon
--One week orientation in Yangon
--Accommodation during orientation in Yangon
--TESOL Course Option: accommodation is included for the entire month of your course as well
--Basic language training
--International Medical and Accident Insurance provided by Greenheart Travel for the entire duration of your contract
--Professional local staff provides orientation and assistance when settling in and throughout your program
--24 hour emergency support for duration of the program
--Pre-departure support and orientation from an experienced Greenheart Travel Program Manager
“Culture Smart” Myanmar Customs & Culture Guidebook
Other Locations
Yangon, Tachilek, Pyin Oo Lwin, and Monywa

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Program Reviews (4)

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22 years old
United Kingdom
University of Oxford

Teaching Abroad in Myanmar


I moved to Yangon, Myanmar in January 2017 to take my Teaching English to Speakers of a Other Languages (TESOL) course, and then to work for three months for George English Training Centres (GETC - Yes, there were a lot of acronyms...). I was 21, just graduated from university, and had absolutely no prior teaching experience, so I was quite nervous!

From the moment I arrived at the airport, everyone made me feel at home in a very foreign country and provided me with all the help that I asked for. The TESOL course was excellent and even though I had never taught before, by the time I graduated I felt prepared and confident to begin teaching for real!

Before I left the UK, Greenheart and their partner companies in Myanmar had organised my work contract and provided me with all the documents I needed to get started in my new life. The process in Myanmar was a seamless experience and I never felt let down by the companies that Greenheart partnered with in Myanmar.

Life itself in Myanmar was exciting, challenging, rewarding and never boring. The teaching experience was incredibly rewarding and the salary provided me with everything I needed to live in the country. I taught and lived in Yangon, the commercial capital, and quickly made a whole group of great friends, both Myanmar and foreign.

Living and working in Myanmar threw up its own range of challenges, to live in a country undergoing so much change so quickly would never have been any different! However the Myanmar people were so friendly and welcoming that the challenges never became overwhelming.

My time in Myanmar was a truly wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone with an adventuring spirit. While not perhaps for the fainthearted, the program has helped me grow as a person and I think I grew more as a person in those four months than I had in the previous four years. I had so much fun, so many great moments, and made such great friends that I don't spend a day without thinking how good it would be to be back!

How can this program be improved?

The main issues with the program are that it is based in a country that is rapidly changing and has a very relaxed culture when it comes to timetables and making concrete plans in advance. Greenheart did everything I would have wanted them to do, and could do in the circumstances, so I think the program itself is more or less perfect!

Life lover. World traveler. Teacher. Learner. Biker.
33 years old
Chicago, IL
Waldorf College

A Life-Changing and Magical Experience!


My overall experience in Myanmar was enchanting. It was life changing and downright magical. The people, the food, the beer (Myanmar beer is the best), and the gorgeous historic places to visit—everything made a very profound impact on me.

I taught for a total of three years in Yangon (2013-2016). Two were through Greenheart Travel, and the last year I kind of did my own thing. The incredible transformation I witnessed while there was astounding. And just as the country changed rapidly during that time, I, too, grew both personally and professionally.

Myanmar people are extremely generous, welcoming, and hilarious. The amount of sarcasm and playfulness I experienced and/or observed from my Myanmar friends, neighbors, students and colleagues made me feel right at home.

I was placed at a college with over 200 students at the time. Students ranged in age from 16-22. I helped them prepare to take their IELTS exam—a requirement to study abroad in an English-speaking country. Although my placement differed a bit from the norm, I’d say I had a pretty normal teaching schedule compared to other teachers who go with Greenheart Travel as well.

I went to Myanmar as a Greenheart Travel Teach Abroad Correspondent, which meant I got to share my experience through monthly videos and blog posts for Greenheart Travel since the program was new when I arrived.

Going through Greenheart Travel was such a breeze! Sara Thacker, the program manager for the opportunity in Myanmar, efficiently and easily got me there, checked in on me throughout the time I was there, and continued corresponding with me even after I had ventured off on my own.

Jill Robinson, Greenheart Travel’s marketing director, was so fun to work with while I submitted photos, videos, and blog posts as part of the correspondent program. We got to know each other on a personal level, and she often reached out to me when my content would document particular hardships I was facing at the time.

I always say an experience is what you make of it. Myanmar definitely isn’t the easiest place I’ve lived abroad. Yangon is extremely hot (there are areas of Myanmar that are quite pleasant, though). The power goes out often (at least there is electricity). Resources at schools tend to be a bit limited, but you can find almost everything you’ll need in stores around Yangon. I took a cold shower or bucket bath the entire time I lived there. But, all of these things enhanced my adventure. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything different.

My biggest challenge was my personal finances. I didn’t have enough money saved up, and had a very hard time sending part of my salary home the first year (this has likely become much easier by now), so I got behind on paying off some bills. My recommendation would be to have a cushion of savings before you go, just in case!

As opportunities to teach English increase in Myanmar, I’d definitely say NOW is when you should experience this unique culture—it’s such an exciting time in its history! So many new shops, businesses, restaurants and bars are popping up all over Yangon. And most of what you’ll read online about Myanmar is already outdated. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with how fast the country is advancing! Go find out for yourself!

How can this program be improved?

My experience with Greenheart Travel and in Myanmar couldn't have been better. The only improvement I'd recommend is already in the works—more options to teach English outside of Yangon! Yangon is a fantastic city to be placed in as an English teacher, but there's so much more to the country than this bustling, former capital. I'd love to go back when more placements are available to teach in smaller, rural areas!

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62 years old
Valencia, California
Holy Names University

Teaching in Myanmar for Greeheart Travel


Teaching in Yangon was such a positive experience. I taught both adults (Listening and Speaking) and young learners in a summer school NELC. The ages of the young students ranged from 5 up to 15. What a motivated people the Burmese are!

If anyone wants a first hand experience of how rapidly South East Asia is changing and growing, Greenheart Travel has the program. The scaffolding is there and the personal attention from the staff at Xplore Asia, who manages the program, is first rate.
I highly recommend it.

For me, just having been there to help these people was so rewarding...I hope to return!

How can this program be improved?

A better living experience in the area....

33 years old
Plainwell, Michigan

Teach in the Golden Land


Where to start... to quote the great and infamous Fresh Prince of Bel Air, "My life got flipped-turned upside down!"

I left the United States in May of 2015 with the intentions of teaching in Thailand for 6-12 months. I did my TESOL in Thailand and felt completely at ease as I headed over. Sarah and the entire Greenheart Team were more than helpful and very responsive to all of my panicked inquiries.
About midway through my TESOL training, I was offered the opportunity to come over to Myanmar for a short term contract. At first, I wasn't going to accept the offer. I wanted to be in Thailand because when I googled "Teach ESL Abroad" Thailand is what came up, so that was obviously the best option. And also, where the heck is Myanmar!? Nonetheless, I decided to take the job and head next door to the newly opened country. Compared to my move to Thailand, I was much more hesitant coming over to Myanmar because I had no background knowledge of this country and really didn't know what to expect. But I arrived in the Golden Land and was intrigued. I could tell that this was going to be something totally different.
Long story short...I initially signed a 6 month contract...that was 16 months ago!! I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. Just to clarify, I'm not getting rich, I don't live in a big fancy apartment, I don't have television nor do I have wifi at my home but what I do have is an amazing connection with my students and my community. I hope that my teaching reaches my students and positively impacts their lives in even 1/10th of the way that I've been touched living here. If you want to get rich and party on the beach - go somewhere else. If you want to experience a culture that will enrich your life and leave a lasting impression - COME TO MYANMAR!!! I'll be here :)

How can this program be improved?

Streamline the process for providing documents and travel information among participants, Greenheart & NELC-Xplore.

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Greenheart Travel is excited to provide authentic cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world. Our programs include volunteer opportunities, short and long term teaching contracts and work and internship positions abroad. We also offer TEFL certification, high school study