Volunteer Teaching in Namibia with WorldTeach
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Volunteer Teaching in Namibia with WorldTeach

For over 20 years, WorldTeach has partnered with the Namibian Ministry of Education to provide English, science, math and technology teachers in rural elementary, middle and high schools throughout the country. WorldTeach has been working in Namibia since 1990, only months after the country’s independence, assisting the Ministry of Education in efforts to improve education standards and amend the inequalities of the Apartheid era. Year-long, semester, and summer programs are all offered, with volunteers teaching a variety of subjects from English, math, and science to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and basic computer skills.

With our programs, you can also become TEFL certified to earn credibility and give you an edge in the ESL teaching job market. While certification usually costs about $1,899, with WorldTeach you can become certified for only $350 (year and semester programs) or for FREE (summer programs) all while gaining priceless in-country teaching experience.

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Hello Tamara, There are teaching positions for 6 months or less! We send teachers to Namibia for the summer. We also send volunteers to Brazil, India, Morocco, South Africa and Ecuador for the summer as well. Feel free to visit our website or email us at [email protected] for more information. Thanks for the question, Your friends at WorldTeach
Hi! I was a Namibia 2013 volunteer and currently am serving as a 2016 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Africa. Thanks for your question! As far as I know (as of about 2014), a TEFL/TESOL was not necessary to apply for WorldTeach, BUT obviously that will make your application much stronger. I actually received my TEFL through WT while in Namibia, but perhaps your qualifications could p...

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24 years old
Providence, RI
Ithaca College

Do This Program!


Spending a year teaching abroad was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It won't be easy, you won't feel successful, you'll be uncomfortable, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Namibia is a beautiful, contrasting, contradicting country, and experiencing it will change how you see so many things. It's true that the people are warm and welcoming, curious and often considerate, but the lack of individual creativity and personalized thought among village children can often be very confusing and frustrating for Westerners.

Every day was in no way rainbows and smiles and hand holding. In fact, it was usually the opposite. I felt lost and useless so many times. But, I knew my fellow staff appreciated the effort I was putting in and it made me a much stronger person. Some of the most beautiful people I have ever met came from this experience (both Namibians and fellow volunteers) and traveling around the country is unlike any other.

How can this program be improved?

While my school had a great staff and my host family was amazing, I was placed as a computer teacher in a lab that almost never worked. There was only so much free-styling I could do teaching computers without actual computers for an entire year. I was often angry that WT had placed me at my school after the previous volunteer has terminated early, in part, due to this same issue. I felt like a wasted resource.

My suggestion would be that WT Namibia do a better job in choosing it's placements. However, I know that this year (the one after I left), that has happened. We are putting volunteers in a lot of new regions of the country and experimenting with different types of sites. So, I know this issue is working towards being taken care of.

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24 years old
Chicago, IL
Elmhurst College

Life-changing Experience


As a college undergrad, I hadn't really experienced the world. I knew I wanted to work in education and I had an inkling that Africa would be perfect for me! WorldTeach was the perfect option. I enrolled in the summer program and was placed in a small village to teach ICT (computers). The support on the ground in Namibia was fantastic and I fell in love with the culture. Teaching learners, some of whom were older than me, will have forever altered the course of my life and my passions. I recommend World Teach in every way--great placement, great training, great support. I only warn you, if you go to Namibia you will forever want to go back!

How can this program be improved?

Honestly, WorldTeach was everything I had hoped it would be. I have no critiques.

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42 years old
Boston, MA

I know Namibia like the back of my hand!


It's a statement only one who has been to the country can make and understand. If you look at the geographical shape of Namibia, it does look like the back of a hand with a couple fingers tucked in.
My summer teaching in Namibia was an experience I cherish, one of the proudest and most memorable delights of my life (I've since been married and had a baby, so Namibia competes with a lot of personal accomplishments and life highlights).
Looking at Maddie's pictures and reading her story brought me back to the summer of 2007. The images from her village mirror the images of the learners from my village of Talismanas, on the border of Botswana. I befriended one of the teachers, who introduced me to the livelihood of those in my village, and the students came to my room daily to practice sudoko, play scrabble, or enjoy extra snacks.
No, teaching was not easy, and I am a high school teacher of English. I can say, without question, that I would give up my job in suburban Massachusetts to return to Namibia if I could. Life there is so much simpler. Frustrating, yes, but simple.
What I remember most besides the beautiful smiles of my many learners was the evening sky. Never had I seen so many stars. I had to pause while writing this because I got swept away in the memory of its true awesomeness.
WorldTeach is a wonderful program, and the experience of being able to affect the lives of learners around the world is undoubtedly rewarding, but you will be more impressed by what you learn about yourself and your perception of the world if you have the courage to partake in this journey. Register now! There is no better place to spend your summer, your year, perhaps even a few years (or longer) of your life!

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42 years old
University of New Orleans

I highly recommend WorldTeach Namibia


I was a WorldTeach volunteer in northern Namibia during the 2006 school year. I taught high school biology, physical science, and HIV prevention classes. It was a challenging but wonderful experience. I am still in touch with many of my former students and colleagues from the school. I will never forget my experience in Namibia, and I hope to go back. I highly recommend WorldTeach; their level of support for volunteers is excellent because the number of volunteers in each country is relatively small, so it was easy to stay in touch with the field director and get help whenever I needed it. I felt valued by the community, which was wonderful as a newcomer.

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42 years old
San Francisco

WorldTeach Namibia Changed My Life!


I went to Namibia in 1993, thinking I would have an adventure and help a few people. It turned out that I did all that, plus learned an amazing amount about myself, about a fascinating community, about the world. It completely changed my life goals and set me off on a new career in international development, which I have pursued and stuck with since that time almost 20 years ago. I have had many amazing adventures and experiences, in Africa as well as other parts of the world, and I trace it all back to my experience as a WT volunteer at a rural school in Namibia.

My official role was to be an English teacher for 7th and 8th graders, but I ended up doing much more. I taught an evening class for teachers (the language of instruction had just changed to English, but many of the teachers had very little English skills); taught a literacy class for the dairy workers who were laborers across the street; established the schools first library; started a hiking club with a Namibian teacher so we could get kids out into the surrounding hills and visit and appreciate the ancient rock paintings; and much more. I learned a completely different way of looking at life, of living in the moment, of thinking how to use existing resources creatively.

Plus, I made life-long friends with other volunteers, fellow teachers and students.

I could not recommend WT Namibia more strongly!

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42 years old
Greenfield, MA

A time I will NEVER forget or regret


The time I spent in Namibia was some of the most rewarding and happy times of my life. The students were SO eager to learn. The school I was at was isolated from cities and roads. That just made the school more tightly knit. I felt that I was fully accepted by the Namibians I met. I also felt like I made a real difference during the time I was there.

I still look back fondly on my time there even though a whole decade has passed. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with Namibia as subject line.

I hope you take this opportunity. I am sure that you won't regret it.

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42 years old
Seattle, WA

An outstanding program in a dynamic country that needs and wants support


I had a phenomenal experience as a volunteer teacher in Namibia in 2005. WorldTeach provides pragmatic, context-specific training with a corps of fantastic volunteers and in a truly dynamic country. I also particularly like that they seek out volunteer support and English is the national language and the system is sorely in need of support for English instruction, particularly in the more rural areas. The experience changed my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

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32 years old
Sorrento, Italy

Experience of a Lifetime


Most challenging and rewarding experience of my life, giving me a sense of immense personal fulfillment, perspective and confidence in all future endeavors. The best part was the mutually beneficial relationship with my community. I encourage everyone to have an experience like this one and WorldTeach is the best in cost and in their relationship with the Nambian government.

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WorldTeach was founded in 1986 by a group of Harvard students who were motivated by the desire to promote local education initiatives in places where teachers and resources were lacking. Today, we continue to provide opportunities for individuals to serve as volunteer teachers around the