Teach English in Vietnam on a Semester Paid Contract

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Announcing $12,000 in Scholarships for First Time Travelers!

In 2019, Greenheart Travel will provide scholarship grants to individuals who are “first time travelers” and have the desire for travel and cultural immersion. Our First Time Traveler Scholarships will be available for our Teach English Abroad, TEFL Course, Work Abroad, Homestay Abroad, High School Study Abroad, Teen Summer Language Camp, and Volunteer programs.


Stunning countryside, fascinating culture and history, and amazing food! Did we mention great teaching salaries and a low cost of living?

Did you know?
We guarantee paid teaching placements upon acceptance to the program
Teaching salaries are higher in Vietnam than in any other Southeast Asian country we offer!
If you choose to work in a private language school for a 9 month contract, we can guarantee that you’ll be placed in a major city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (if you want to be!)
We are one of the few programs that offers teaching placements in the public schools
Our program includes an incredible week long group orientation full of social events, cultural excursions, and lessons about Vietnamese language and history!
We are a non-profit, mission based organization passionate about helping you have the most impactful experience abroad

Program Fee
Teaching Placement: $1,810
Teaching Placement + TESOL Course: $2,560

For the semester Teach in Vietnam program, there will be a 5 day orientation, followed by the option to add on a 3-week TESOL certification course for those who are not yet certified. The Fall semester starts at the beginning of September, Those who are taking the course will arrive in July to complete the certification prior to beginning teaching. Everyone will still have an in-country orientation together before heading off to their teaching placements.
  • Guaranteed paid teaching placement in Vietnam
  • Monthly salary of $1,250 – $2,000 USD (pre-tax, depending on qualifications and number of teaching hours)
  • One semester contracts available, For year long contracts, we can guarantee an urban placement
  • Option to teach in Vietnamese public schools, or private language schools
  • Excellent support from a personal program manager before, during and after your teaching contract

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First relocation experience abroad

The process was very easy for me. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of items to take care of before my departure date, but as long as you create a checklist (with deadlines), take it 1 step at a time, and stick to it, it will go by so fast. Greenheart did a great job in executing this process for me and making it possible for me to be where I am now: very happy, teaching in Vietnam, and with an upcoming opportunity in Myanmar! More adventure awaits, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks again, Greenheart!

How can this program be improved?
Greenheart's participation in this process is top notch. No complaints here.
Yes, I recommend this program


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Greenheart Travel is a 501(c)3 non-profit, mission driven organization based in Chicago, USA. We are passionate about providing immersive cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world.

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