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8 Best Study Abroad Programs for Indian Students

8 Best Study Abroad Programs for Indian Students

The best study abroad programs for Indian students balance quality education, location, affordability, an accessible visa application, and exceptional post program opportunities. The following study abroad programs ensure participants have optimal marketability, international networking, and options for post graduation work experience. Read on to check out the best 8 programs that our experts here at Go Overseas recommend for Indian students looking to study abroad.

CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad

Location: London, United Kingdom
Duration: Semester, Academic Year
Program highlights: Offering study abroad programs in business, theatre, film, creative arts, and more, CAPA London intertwines the ability to deepen one’s area of studies while gaining practical experience through an internship.

The United Kingdom prides itself on its long tradition of top-notch educational institutions. Across the U.K., internationally-recognized universities are renowned for their quality education, streamlined professional opportunities, abundance of societies, ability to work while studying, lucrative scholarships, and cultural exchange. Nearly 22,000 Indian citizens studied in the U.K. mid-2019. Indians should apply to the Standard Visitor visa for programs lasting less than six months. According to the government, 96% of Indians who applied to a visa were successful.

CAPA London: Study & Intern Abroad is an ideal program to exercise one’s independence abroad; they offer strong student support ranging from shared apartments to homestays, sponsored insurance, and guided excursions to Stonehenge and Bath among others.

9.43 Rating
based on 115 reviews
  • Academics 8
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 9.3

Berkeley Haas Global Access Program

Location: Berkeley, California, United States
Duration: Semester, Academic Year
Program Highlights: Participants in the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program will have the exclusive opportunity to tour top companies in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley; previous organizations have included LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, and Salesforce. Additional benefits, such as career counseling, rich networking opportunities, and cohort lunches permit Haas participants the extensive access of an elite education at U.C. Berkeley.

While the United States is not always the most welcoming to international guests, it is a top destination for quality education. Luckily, obtaining a student visa is easier than gaining citizenship and, accordingly, 1,075,496 international students studied abroad in the U.S. during the 2019-2020 academic year. Indians were the second largest nationality represented. To study in the U.S., Indians will need to apply to an F, M, or J visa.

The Berkeley Haas Global Access Program is the melting pot of ground-breaking research, immense extracurricular activities, and exceptional networking opportunities.

9.59 Rating
based on 17 reviews
  • Academics 9.7
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.6
  • Housing 8.6
  • Safety 8.3

USAC Lüneburg - German Language, European and Sustainability Studies

Location: Leuphana University Luneburg (Luneburg, Germany)
Duration: Semester, Academic Year, Summer
Program Highlights: Nestled in a medieval city with over a thousand years of history, students at USAC Lüneburg can enroll in English or German (beginner, intermediate, advanced) courses ranging in political science, economics, literature, and anthropology among others.

For individuals with a budgetary restraint and a quest for linguistic challenges, Germany is among the best study abroad destinations. Renowned as the “birthplace of research universities,” Germany values quality education, as exhibited by the free tuition for nationals and internationals alike in public universities. Though some universities charge nominal semester fees, these include financial perks across the host city, such as free public transportation, reduced rates at cultural institutions. Though learning German would be crucial in securing internships and work opportunities, it’s not necessary to speak German in order to study abroad.

Germany has a moderately intense visa application process but has a low student visa rejection rate for Indian students. Students studying on programs lasting less than six months will need to apply to the German Student visa; for programs longer than six months, the D. visa is required.

USAC Lüneburg is ideal for a range of students seeking short or long term study abroad opportunities. In addition to the coursework, students are paired with a language partner, provided with a bus pass, and have arranged cultural excursions to neighboring cities. Direct enrollment and internships are available through USAC.

9.21 Rating
based on 24 reviews
  • Academics 8.1
  • Support 8.6
  • Fun 8.2
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 9.8

Business French Summer School

Location: Montreal, Canada
Duration: Four weeks; option to extend into an academic semester
Program Highlights: HEC Montreal’s Business French program intertwines accredited French courses (beginning, intermediate, advanced) in the morning with sociocultural excursions in the afternoon in a city with over 100 ethnocultural communities. Students can acquire professional French business proficiency as well as network with students from all over the world in a friendly metropolis.

Regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, Canada has witnessed a surge in Indian international students over the years. In 2018, 172,625 Indian students studied in Canada; this was a 127% increase from two years earlier. As Indian students who study in Canada have drastically increased over the years, the visa rejections have also increased over time. Those who wish to successfully obtain a student visa must be meticulous in their application and follow instructions verbatim. International students must obtain a study permit prior to arriving in Canada.

Academic excellence, ability to work while studying, illustrious immigration opportunities following graduation, and a high standard of living all make Canada an excellent choice to study abroad in. HEC Montreal’s Business French Summer School is situated in a UNESCO city of design and is acclaimed as North America’s second largest student capital.

10 Rating
based on 1 review
  • Academics 8
  • Support 10
  • Fun 8
  • Housing 10
  • Safety 10

Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre

Location: Singapore
Duration: One day to nine month intensives
Program Highlights: From transforming ideas into textiles within one’s hands, students at will learn how to draft, sew, produce, and market a variety of apparel. The footwear program is a collaboration project with world-renowned Arsutoria.

Singapore is the greenest city in Asia, is notably safe, offers top education, and is a hub of multinationalism. Singapore recognizes four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Though renowned for its stellar business management courses, as it is a financial capital, Singapore can be a creative and unconventional path to study abroad in. In Singapore, the student visa is often referred to as a pass; Indian citizens studying in Singapore will need to acquire a student pass by providing evidence of admission into an educational institution.

The Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre is a unique opportunity for students aspiring to begin or heighten their vogue adventures.

Auckland University of Technology

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Duration: Semester, Academic Year, Summer
Program Highlights: Students at Auckland University of Technology may work while pursuing their degree; those who have completed their degree are eligible to work in the country for three years following graduation.

Offering quality education, a safe environment, adventure sports, and a peaceful blend of city and country life, New Zealand is increasingly a top destination for Indians studying abroad. Students will need to acquire a student visa. Most visas are approved within thirty days, however, it is the best interest of applicants to apply as soon as they receive an offer of admission.

AUT University values its international background; students from 140 countries have studied there and over half of the professors were born overseas. Ranking as top in the nation for international outlook, AUT University also is among the top one percent of universities in the world.

9.19 Rating
based on 231 reviews
  • Academics 7.1
  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 7.7
  • Housing 8.5
  • Safety 9.4

Hutong School

Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, or Zhengzhou -- China
Duration: Two weeks to one year
Program Highlights: Those who may be uncertain about committing a substantial amount of time to studying abroad will benefit by the short duration option of the Hutong School’s programs.

Though controversial due to recent border conflicts and the recent ban of Chinese apps, educational exchange between India and China has endured centuries. In 2019, a total of 23,000 Indian students studied in China, of whom 21,000 pursued medicine. China offers two types of student visas: X1 for study experiences surpassing six months and may have a validity lasting up to five years with multiple entries whereas X2 visas are for study programs shorter than six months and are typically issued on single entry.

Hutong School provides personalized Mandarin lessons, small class sizes (4-8 students), free tutoring, is a certified HSK language center, and offers customizable programs. Students who wish to ride alongside the rise of the dragon and are seeking a linguistic challenge in learning another language may find a second hometown in China.

9 Rating
based on 58 reviews
  • Academics 8.7
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 8.2
  • Housing 8.6
  • Safety 9.2

American University of Sharjah

Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Duration: Semester, Academic Year, Direct Enrollment
Program Highlights: Offering accredited American-style education, the American University of Sharjah is home to international students from 90 countries. On campus, there are 22 sports teams, including a cricket team. Students are a brief distance from both downtown Sharjah as well as Dubai and have the ability to explore both cultural hubs at ease between classes.

Home to the world’s tallest building (the Burj Khalifa), the United Arab Emirates is an excellent selection for students seeking a geographically close albeit rich cultural study abroad experience. Offering elite architectural phenomena, a thriving tourist industry, and ancient anthropological records, the U.A.E. has seen an influx of Indian students over the years. Indian citizens must obtain a student visa; recently, five year visas have been awarded to outstanding students.

American University of Sharjah is twenty minutes away from downtown Sharjah, a city which UNESCO declared as the World Book Capital in 2019. AUS is uniquely sustainable which manifests in a single-use plastic ban and a low carbon campus.

sharjah node
9.6 Rating
based on 10 reviews
  • Academics 7.9
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.6
  • Housing 8.9
  • Safety 9.9

For many, studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will you get to explore a part of the world that is different from your own, but you’ll also get to meet people from around the globe, make connections, learn a new language, and gain a top-notch education. While visa availability is an important consideration for many students, luckily there are many options for Indian students hoping to study abroad.