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See the world with Lattitude! In our 45+ years, we have sent over 40,000 young volunteers to Australia and other destinations. With our support, you won't just have a great Gap Year, but possibly your best year ever!

Our Australia program offers both outdoor camp and school placements spread throughout the country. Volunteers for each intake arrive on the same day and attend orientation together as a group before travelling on to their placements. Volunteers are placed in pairs but, often outdoor camp and Indigenous school placements request a small group of volunteers. Activities are diverse and placements have volunteers working one-on-one with students and campers.

We are a passionate team of experienced travelers who feel strongly that a Gap Year abroad is the best way to step outside your comfort zone, become globally-minded and discover who you are.

Program Highlights
  • OUTDOOR CAMP ASSISTANTS - help provide outdoor ed programmes for organised groups such as YMCA. Volunteers will assist/lead group activities such as archery, canoeing, songs, etc. They may also help staff around camp.
  • SCHOOL ASSISTANTS - support pupils in the classroom, a specific department or the school office. Boarding school volunteers provide supervision, help with homework, bedtime and weekend excursions.
  • INDIGENOUS SCHOOL ASSISTANTS - are people looking to learn about Australian culture, gain experience with students, and want to integrate into a community. There is an emphasis on improving literacy, numeracy while incorporating Aboriginal traditions.

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