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Bolivia: Embark on an adventure through fascinating landscapes and colonial cities and dedicate your time and skills to a good cause! In the city of Cochabama, we offer volunteer placements and internships in education/teaching, childcare, medicine, nursing, environmental protection, ecology, and others. Our options include:

* Teaching and homework tutoring at local schools
* Childcare for abandoned or neglected children
* Daycare and learning support for children whose parents are in prison
* Internships in biology, ecology, and environmental technology (incl. climate research and environmental education)
* Hospital internships & volunteering: medicine, nursing, therapies
* Support girls and women from disadvantaged social backgrounds

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Bolivia enjoys a very rich indigenous culture. Complement your volunteer placement or internship with a course in Spanish, Quechua or Aymara!

  • Social Work & Teaching: Choose from a variety of projects, including schools, nurseries and day care centers and help to make a difference for children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Climate Research & Environmental Conservation: Gain experience in your field of studies from another cultural perspective
  • Hospitals: Learn more about different health care systems and get hands-on medical experience
  • Psychology: Support women & girls from disadvantaged family backgrounds and improve your Spanish skills
  • Explore Bolivia's rich indigenous culture and travel the country in your free time, together with other participants of our programs.


An internship or volunteer placement in Bolivia not only gives you the opportunity to get to know a new country, but also makes an important contribution to the work of your internship / volunteering organisation. With your stay, you will contribute to more intercultural networking and understanding!

Did you know that we plant 10 indiginous trees at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for each participant in our worldwide progranms, to offset the carbon emissions of your long-haul flight? Yes, traveling and protecting the environment at the same time is possible!

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