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Aug 31, 2018
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We are approximately 40 co-workers and their families at any one time. There's always a strong international element with co-workers coming from many different countries. About half of the co-workers live at the Pennine on a permanent basis and half have come for a year or more to help.

We have four separate houses where the co-workers and students live alongside each other and share in all the household duties. There are no separate staff rooms apart from your own room. Co-workers and students take their meals together in the houses. Some will have helped with growing the produce, cooking the meal or perhaps just laying the tables. The meal times can become a focus of social contact, conversation and appreciation of what each one has to offer. Working alongside each other is an important basis of much of our work. We try to make the day to day running of the house communities and the care of the land and grounds part of everyone's responsibility and involvement.

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