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Where can you make meaningful contributions through volunteer work, as well as experience a country rich with history and beauty? The most populous member countries of the United Kingdom -- England. England may not be a conventional option for those interested in volunteering abroad, but it will definitely be a rewarding experience for all those who participate. A lot of volunteer work in England will be very hands-on. Volunteers will quickly feel the impact that they are making in local communities.

England offers a diverse landscape, perfect for a varied time abroad, with buzzing cities, peaceful fishing villages, quaint countrysides, and industrial towns. Volunteers will be able to find opportunities that match their interests in places where help is really needed.


Whether you have plenty or limited amounts of medical experience, you will be able to find a volunteer opportunity in England that fits your needs. While volunteering in England, you could be learning about global health issues, shadowing health professionals, providing assistance, administering basic medical procedures, and more depending on your past experiences.

There are volunteer opportunities available in nursing, dentistry, medicine, nutrition, pharmacy, therapy, and general health care. Your time in England will be beneficial for your education, as well as for the patients you will be seeing.


England was once covered with copious amounts of greenery, forests, and creatures. Although there are still parts of England in the countryside that reflect this, there are other parts of the country that suffer from deforestation and intrusions brought on by big city life.

As a volunteer in England, you could find yourself creating suitable habitats for animals, conducting surveys, monitoring species, leading educational programs, or providing general maintenance for forest areas. Conservation volunteer opportunities in England are perfect for those willing to, as the saying goes, “get down and dirty.”

Social Work

As a social work volunteer in England, it will be your job to reach out those groups that are economically, socially, and physically marginalized. You can find volunteer work in childcare, senior citizen centers, orphanages, or youth development organizations.

These volunteer positions are good for those interested in working closely and interacting with other people, impacting personal lives. There are many opportunities for these kinds of volunteer placements, all over England.

In general, there are no specific immunizations needed for those traveling to England. For those traveling during the months of November and April during flu season, it is recommended that you get an Influenza vaccinations. (MD Travel) England has one of the best medical systems in the world, so if in the case that you unfortunately fall ill while abroad, you will be in good hands.

Volunteers should proceed with caution in large cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester. It would be wise to conceal your purse or wallet. Rural towns are generally safe -- despite the supposed prevalence of murders as shown by many British TV shows.

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