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Apr 14, 2016
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A trip of a lifetime. See Haiti up close like never before. Travel to Northern and Southern Haiti. From morning until night you will be dazzled by Haiti's natural beauty and friendly people attitude. It's not nothing you've seen on TV.

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Over the years, Haiti's historical importance has been overshadowed by negative international press depicting only an image of poverty, instability and insecurity. Under its external panorama that has been ravaged by the natural elements of time and neglect lies a country, untouched and unpolluted by the toxins of the modern era, home to a cultural mix that reflects the different shades, patterns and colors of a worldwide ethnic heritage, a land where the deep roots of the greatest intellectual minds on the international circuit are still buried and ready to start a fresh burgeoning process that will propel Haiti in line with the progressive democracies of the 21st century Caribbean region.

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