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We provide housing and a modest living stipend during your stay with us. We do not provide your flight to and from Honduras.
Jun 07, 2018
Feb 22, 2017
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The Good Shepherd Bilingual School in an extremely rural resource challenged area of Southwestern Honduras is the only public, bilingual school in all of Honduras. It provides an accessible, quality education at the primary level where none would be available otherwise. We are looking for individuals to volunteer three months to a school year (February - November) in assisting our teachers. An incredible experience!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteer Assistant Teacher

I could not imagine an experience more fulfilling than my time in Camasca teaching the second grade as a volunteer with Shoulder to Shoulder. Working with the light-hearted children at the Good Shepherd Bilingual School was enjoyable each day, and seeing their long-term progress was uniquely gratifying. The program was an invaluable opportunity for me to work with a low-resource community that shares my enthusiasm for education.

The modest pueblo in rural Honduras features an authentic and friendly Latin American culture in such a way that made me feel completely integrated with the community, despite having no knowledge of Spanish when I arrived. It took no time for me to create memorable relationships with locals, fellow volunteers, and brigades which came through the town. My perspectives were changed by the amazing connections I made with people whom I previously thought I would have little in common. I would highly recommend this position to any adventurous individual who enjoys working with children!
Camasca, Intibucá

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bilingual School Volunteer

Volunteering with Shoulder to Shoulder as a teacher in the bilingual school in Camasca, Intibuca, Honduras was an inimitably rewarding experience. For the volunteer that is seeking complete cultural immersion, it is the perfect fit-- Shoulder to Shoulder stations their volunteers in the heart of rural Intibuca to live as the locals do. While Camasca is a modest village of little "North American luxuries," the community is welcoming and the program is well respected. I never once felt that I was not wanted, and I quickly made friends with a number of the locals that made my time there memorable. The administration does a wonderful job of making sure that their volunteers are well cared for, and the work is great. The children of the bilingual school are sweet and hungry to learn. Moreover, I had a wonderful time connecting with my fellow volunteers and getting to know Honduras. I would highly recommend this program.

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