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Mar 27, 2019
Jan 03, 2017
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Take the volunteer trip of a lifetime in Honduras with Volunteering Solutions! Although Honduras is famous for its beaches and Mayan ruins, there is plenty of development work to be done. Volunteering Solutions offers four different volunteer projects in La Ceiba, Honduras: a health care program for nursing and medical students and professionals, a child care and education program in local orphanages, an education program for disabled children, and a volunteer teaching English program in primary schools. Whatever project suits you best, you are sure to have an amazing time! Visit the Volunteering Solutions website for more details.

This program is currently not being promoted on Go Overseas by its provider. Check with Volunteering Solutions for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Second Grade Volunteer Teacher

I spent 2 months in Camasca as a 2nd grade teacher because the regular teacher quit about the same time I got there. It was quite an experience as I was scheduled to be an English helper to one of the other teachers, not a full time teacher. But God gives you grace to do what He calls you to do. Although there were some discipline problems, I was blessed to have a couple of local women volunteer to help. Both of them were fantastic in teaching the Spanish lessons. The children were adorable and my heart is warmed every time I see pictures of them--even the ones who gave me a fit--lol.
The people in the community showed such hospitality and warmth. I made some wonderful life long friends while I was there who took me in as part of their family. And Kevin was the greatest mototaxi driver.
The living conditions were very comfortable (I was accustomed to sleeping on Army cots or dirt floors when I was on mission) with my own room and bed. The family that I lived with were great! I would recommend staying there to anyone.
My main challenge was the heat (most days were over 104*,) so I would recommend going sometime other than late Feb. to mid May. That challenge may have been partly due to being 67 years old.
In my heart I guard very warm and loving feelings for that precious community of Camasca.

What would you improve about this program?
The organizational skills of the school leadership could have been better even though the director of the school was a very sweet inexperienced girl. I imagine this situation has improved greatly since the the directors of the mission have moved to the area.
Fans both in the school and in the living quarters would help greatly during those almost unbearable months.
I would love to post some photos of my beautiful experiences in Honduras, but I don't know how to do it. :-(
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteer experience in Honduras

I enjoyed my volunteer experience in Honduras very much. I was given an orientation in the beginning of the program and then I was able to go to the daycare the next day. The only downside to this experience in my opinion was that I did not get to spend as much time with the children as I would have liked. We only spent about 3 hours each day at the daycare. The plus side was that I got to do a lot of exploring throughout Honduras in my free time. I went on bike rides up the mountain, visited the beaches, explored the city and the marketplace, went to a nearby pool, did some shopping, visited the park, went on a hike through the rainforest, and more. Dueing my trip I stayed in an apartment with a wonderful young woman who was wonderful to myself and the other volunteer. She offered delicious food each day and took us exploring to beautiful places. Overall the people were extremely welcoming and friendly, and my experience was wonderful.

What would you improve about this program?
I would allow the volunteers to spend more time with the children since that is what the program is all about. Perhaps they could spend a full day at the daycare for 6-6 hours for the full time of their program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteer Honduras

I went to Honduras with Volunteering Solutions. I travelled in August, 2012. All of the arrangements were clear and concise, with easy to follow directions. I went to work at a special education center with children with disabilities. I spent two weeks at the school, situated in La Ceiba. The organization's contact person in Honduras, and his family, were so helpful. And, the host family was like being with people from my own family. I think the best way to see real people is how they treat someone who gets sick (don't eat fruit from street vendors). I became very ill. My contact family and my host family cared for me like I was part of their family. The medical care was first class and the treatment was fast and effective.
The school where I had my volunteer placement was a delight. The staff was helpful to me and fantastic with the children. I never heard an angry word or saw a child pulled or dragged. The teacher with whom I worked has marvelous skills and extreme patience. My impression in one word, gentle. Gentle teaching raises the respect level between adult and child and is most effective in teaching concepts and skills, especially when a teacher is working with children with disabilities.
Honduras is not a financially wealthy country. Its people, however, display wealth in other ways, they are helpful, warm, and gracious with strangers.
This was a novel experience for me. I think that the success of the experience begins with the people at Volunteering Solutions. Their contact in Honduras, and his family, display the best there is to offer as a contact in Honduras, or in any country. The host family with whom I was placed was gracious, warm, and caring. And the placement in the school allowed me to work with really caring educators.
Finally, when I encountered delays because of hurricane Isaac, American Airlines stepped in to give me great assistance with my reservations.
Honduras? I am returning with my wife later this month to celebrate her birthday. I also want her to meet the warm people of Honduras with whom I interacted. Volunteering? I hope to return next year to repeat my experience.
If you plan to volunteer, then Volunteering Solutions is an excellent option. If you are unsure about a country, then consider Honduras. The organizational structure for volunteers is extremely supportive and Honduras has a vast variety of options, from tropical rain forest, Mayan ruins, and working as I did with schools and agencies.

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